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New Globe Surf Skate Releases: The Costa, Zuma, Chromantic

New Globe Surf Skate Releases: The Costa, Zuma, Chromantic

Globe is among the world’s largest and best skateboard and longboard manufacturers and distributors. Their longboard and cruiser lineup is impressive, both in number of boards and in quality and style.

Globe is known for its quality material, craftsmanship, and durability. They have a particular focus on cruisers with a broad range of sizes, shapes, and styles.

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The Globe lineup has been enriched with 3 stunning new surf skate cruisers.

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Globe Costa 31″

The Globe Costa is an atypical surf skate. Although it has a classic surfboard-type cruiser shape, the Costa doesn’t have a kicktail which results in an exceptionally long 20 1/4″ wheelbase for a 31.5″ long deck.

The huge wheelbase, combined with the surf trucks, results in a nice, longboard-surf type of ride with long drawn-out curves. The Costa offers a much more classic surf experience compared to other surf skates out there.

The Costa is quite wide at 9.6″, with a wide tail and nose allowing you to place your feet on top of (or very close to) the trucks This provides high leverage and responsiveness in turns despite the long wheelbase.

The deck has a mellow concave and slightly cambered shape for energetic feedback when carving.

The Costa complete comes with the Slant surf trucks and large 65mm wheels in a medium duro (83a) for a nice balance of grip and slide-ability.

The deck bottom design is stunning with a dominant green background and cool geometric shapes. The green and purple tones show through parts of the grip tape on the top side.

Costa surf skate specs:

Size31.5″ x 9.6″
Construction7-ply hard maple
TrucksSlant Surf Skate
Wheels65mm 83a Conical

Globe Zuma 31″

globe zuma surf skate

The Globe Zuma is also a 31″ surf skate but unlike the Costa, it boasts a nice functional, wide and nicely angled kicktail.

This shortboard-type cruiser shape is wider in the middle (9.7″ wide) with a pointed nose and no nose kick – a well-known and effective shape for radical surf carving and snappy turns, especially combined with the Slant surf truck.

The Zuma comes with 65mm Softside wheels which feature a rounded lip, wide contact patch, and medium hard duro ideal for those extreme turns and surf-type maneuvers when slashing driveways or riding bowl.

The Zuma deck (also named “Coconut Voyager”) is built using a mix of maple and coconut material. The patterned grip tape features a really cool geometric design.

The bottom side of the deck has elegant artwork depicting stylish creatures and plants in soothing brown and cream tones.

Zuma surf skate specs:

Size31.5″ x 9.7″
ConstructionCoconut + hard maple
TrucksSlant Surf Skate
Wheels65mm 83a Softsider

Globe Chromantic 33″ surf skate

The Chromantic Surf Skate is the surf skate version of Globe’s long-running 33″ city cruiser. It’s an attractive surf-inspired swallow-tail cruiser shape.

This board has a small kicktail that nonetheless comes in handy for doing radical surf turns on flats or in the bowl. The deck has slight concave for decent foothold without getting in the way of surf maneuvers.

Like the Costa, the Chromantic offers a longish wheelbase (19″), albeit with a kicktail for rad maneuvers. The added length and wheelbase offer more stability and surf flow compared to shorter surf skates. This makes it an easier surf skate for learners and taller/bigger riders to ride on.

The Chromantic comes with the Slant surf trucks and 65mm 83a Conical wheels. The design on the bottom features attractive artwork laid out on a background of beautiful shades of red. These colors also shine through the grip tape and on the deck rails.

Chromantic surf skate specs:

Size33″ x 9.5″
Construction7-ply hard maple
TrucksSlant Surf Skate
Wheels65mm 83a Conical

Slant Surf Skate trucks

Globe’s Slant surf skate trucks are recognized in the surf skate community. They stand out from other surf skates on the market in a few ways:

  • Lightweight: the magnesium construction and hollow axles makes Slant trucks significantly lighter than Carver, Yow, and other aluminum trucks.
  • Lower height: Slant trucks are shorter than other surf skates, resulting in a lower ride height and center of gravity for the rider
  • Construction & design: Slant trucks have solid surf skate performance and are very durable – Slant has long been a reputable brand within the skateboarding community. Slant trucks guarantee.