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Tige vs Centurion / Supreme Boats: Who Wins For Wake & Surf?

Tige vs Centurion / Supreme Boats: Who Wins For Wake & Surf?

When it comes to surf wave, both Centurion and Tige boats are generally capable of throwing world-class waves.

When choosing between a Tige and a Centurion, there is generally a bit of a tradeoff between the Tige’s fire-and-forget wave setup and the Centurion’s slight extra push and/or length on the wave for more advanced riders.  

The surf wave on the Centurion Fi and the Ri is very good, although it does take a bit of knowledge and tuning to dial it in.

The driving feel on the Ri is also closer to a normal deep hull bow rider than to a wake boat.

Tige’s wave is generally on par with Centurion, but Tige also offers a much better interior and layout compared to the latter. Boaters often feel the interior in Centurion boats isn’t up to Tige levels. Some 2019 models, for example, don’t even have a proper built-in phone holder.

While the Ri is a very large boat that offers a great wave, the interior again is nowhere in the same ballpark as Tige, e.g. when comparing the Tige 25ZX with the Centurion Ri257.

Some people dislike Centurion’s screen layout and the paddles behind the steering wheel. Centurion boats are also a lot harder to set up than Tige for surfing – although once set up, the wave is huge.

The Tige ZX’s screen and GO system are a LOT more intuitive, letting you set up the surf wave with a simple push of a button. Tige’s Taps 3T GO system often sets these boats apart from many others, especially for models up to 2020.

All in all, Tige ZX owners tend to love their boat and surf wave – including for heavier riders.

The Tige RZX (2 and 3) pickle fork bow boats can also be set up well for surfing. However, they require significant extra weight (1500 lbs or more) for the wave to become fun – the stock PnP wave is mediocre and gets boring quickly. Boaters generally find the Centurion wave significantly better.

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Centurion Fi23 vs Z3

The Fi23 is similar to the Ri237 in terms of hull and engine, only more affordable. Compared to the Tige Z3, the Fi23 has a less curly and pocket wave, but it’s wider and further back from the boat.

The Centurion requires more weight than the Tige to obtain an optimal wave. Nonetheless, you can certainly add more weight in the Z3 by replacing the stock ballast with fewer larger bags. This will result in the wave forming further out and back.

Adding more people in the boat (e.g. 7-8 total) also has a very positive effect on the Z3 wave.

As always, most boaters agree the interior fit and finish is much nicer on the Z3 vs the Fi.

Supreme S220 vs Tige Z3

The Z3 is a traditional bow. It’s capable of throwing a really good wave, but achieving it requires significant dialing and extra weight, typically 3500 to 4000 lbs plus 5-6 adults in the boat.

Also, once the wave is dialed in, the Z3 is very sensitive to the displacement of people around the boat. A person quickly moving to the other side often results in the wave changing or washing out.

The Supreme S220’s EZ-Hull is a variation of the Centurion Opti-V hull and is similar to the Supreme ZS hull. The three of them are known to produce excellent surf waves.

Unlike the Z3, the S220 generally doesn’t require extra weight to produce a quality wave. Like the ZS, it throws a great wave with stock ballast (it has more of it than the Z3), so you don’t have to carry around tons of lead even when you’re just cruising or when towing the boat.

The Z3, on the other hand, is 1′ longer than the S220. It also has a much better screen and tech compared to the Supreme and it is very user-friendly. It has a better fit and finish than the Supreme, and deep storage under the seats.

The 2022 Z3 also has more freeboard than the previous versions. With the Z3 however, you’ll generally need to add 500 to 1000 lbs of weight to produce a really good wave.

With the S220, to achieve a great wave, a recommended setup is to fill all ballast, then remove 10% from the subfloor tank, locker bag, and rear tank on the opposite side of the surf. Surf tabs at 70 initially, then reduce progressively for cleaning up. Set the Singer plate at 40-60 for a steeper wave or 80-100 for a mellower, skim-style wave.

Supreme ZS232 vs Tige Z3

The Z3 is 23.5 feet long vs 22′ for the S220. For Supreme boat owners, three of the ZS’s main strengths are:

  • The PCM engine
  • The Wetsounds systems and Champ audio package – superior to many other budget boats
  • Significant stock ballast – Supreme boats generally don’t require adding extra weight

When comparing the surfing behind a 2022 Tige Z3 and a Supreme ZS232, the difference is quite striking, as the Supreme wave has a much better curl and shape and is a lot cleaner than the Z3.

The 2022 S220 comes with 700 lbs more ballast than the 2022 Z3 stock.

The Supreme S220 (see previous section) has a similar shape to the ZS232 albeit smaller due to the smaller size of the former. The main difference between the S and the ZS lines is that the S has less freeboard and less ballast than the ZS. 

Cover image courtesy of Centurion Boats