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powell peralta classic 80s deck reissues

New Powell Peralta Classic 1980s Deck Reissues

Powell-Peralta has released several deck reissues from the 80s with original top and bottom graphics, shape, and concave. True classic skateboarding time travel! While the graphics were crafted in California …

Carver skateboards artist series

New Carver Skateboards Female Artist Series

Carver Skateboards introduced a new latest Artist Series featuring the creative talents of three amazing female artists. This series includes: Carver Trippy Hippy 30.25″ Size 30.25″ x 9.875″ Wheelbase 16.5″ …

Carver X GRLSWIRL: Yang Yin 31″ Surf Skate

Carver X GRLSWIRL: Yang Yin 31″ Surf Skate

Carver and GRLSWIRL have joined forces to release a limited edition surf skate with an attractive design revolving around nature and the “Yin & Yang” theme. Only 300 units of …

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Surf Skate

Carving & pumping

best longboard for carving

Best Longboard For Carving

Carving is probably the top skill a longboarder should learn after foot pushing to really feel the rush of longboard riding! While carving as a technique is used in various longboard …

Surf / SUP / Wake

Longboard gear

blind skateboards review

Blind Skateboards Review: The Legend Lives On

Blind Skateboards is a renowned brand and a skateboard industry pioneer created in 1989 by Mark Gonzales under the ownership of World Industries, Steve Rocco’s distribution company. In the late …

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Cruising & commuting

longboarding uphill

Longboarding Uphill: How To Do It

As longboarders, we enjoy cruising and pushing on flat ground or carving down milder or steeper hills. However, most riders come across some uphill sections during their longboard commutes or …

Beginner longboarding

longboard stance

What Is A Longboard Stance ?

A fundamental aspect of learning how to longboard is your stance.  That is, how you stand on your board. Stance refers not only to the way you place your feet …

Dancing & freestyle

Freestyle longboarding

What is Freestyle Longboarding ? Tips for Beginners

Freestyle longboarding is the most acrobatic, “stunty” of longboard riding styles, with constant board flipping and spinning tricks.  It’s the closest to traditional street skateboarding, although freestyle longboarding has a …