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Carver X GRLSWIRL: Yang Yin 31″ Surf Skate

Carver X GRLSWIRL: Yang Yin 31″ Surf Skate

Carver and GRLSWIRL have joined forces to release a limited edition surf skate with an attractive design revolving around nature and the “Yin & Yang” theme. Only 300 units of the Yang Yin surf skate are available for sale globally.

The Yang Yin is sized 31″ x 9.75″ with a nice and stable 17″ wheelbase. It comes fitted with Carver’s CX truck set by default, providing a snappy, shortboard surf-style feel focused on urban slashing. The CX surf truck is ideal for driveway and bank, pool, and skatepark riding.

The Yang Yin has a slightly tapered squash tail for extreme turns and radical slash backs.

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For this collector model, “Yin & Yang” refers to the balance achieved between stability and carvy and responsive ride, resulting from the combination of the CX truck and the extensive wheelbase. The surf skate comes with large and soft 69mm, 78a duro quality Carver wheels.

GRLSWIRL is a women-founded skate collective that thrives to unify people globally by building a large community around the authentic values of the skateboarding culture – including empowerment, encouragement, and friendship.

The collective has an ongoing partnership with Carver who has already produced GRLSWIRL-specific models in the past, including the original GRLSWIRL surf skate and the Bailey Board.

GRLSWIRL was created in early 2018 in Venice, CA, and quickly grew from a small group of 9 founding women to hundreds of thousands of members, both online and in real life – with chapters e.g. in NYC, San Diego, and Paris.

Source: Carver Skateboards

GRLSWIRL seeks to help members come together and overcome insecurities by giving skateboarding (particularly surf skate) a try in a welcoming and non-judgemental, non-performance-focused environment.

The Swirl Surfskate Fest surf skating event takes place in Venice every summer. It offers a Carver contest course for showcasing the most progressive and stylish surf skaters worldwide. Contest slots are limited and open to Groms and Adults of all experience levels.

Carver x GRLSWIRL Yang Yin specs

Size31″ x 9.75″
Wheels69mm 78A
Price$270 (CX)

Cover image courtesy of Carver Skateboards

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