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The 6 Best Hyperlite Wakesurf Boards 2022 (All Levels)

The 6 Best Hyperlite Wakesurf Boards 2022 (All Levels)

There are few big players in the wakesurf gear world and Hyperlite is one of them.  Hyperlite is a brand with the longest history and experience in wakesurfing.  The brand produces light and durable boards for enthusiasts with different riding skills. 

When deciding on your next board you need to keep in mind things like size, shape and price so you end up with a board that you can actually ride, that suits your style and is in your price range. 

In this article we’ll provide essential  advice for choosing the best Hyperlite board and discuss some of the top Hyperlite wakesurf boards which have  earned a place in many riders’ hearts. 

Here is the list of the most popular Hyperlite wakesurf boards:

Hyperlite wakesurf boardSizeShapeMaterialFinsPriceFor
Hyperlite Buzz 4’8’’ / 5’2’’Pin Tail shapeFiberglass + EPS3$ 520Mens
Hyperlite Broadcast 4’8’’ / 5’4’’Squash tail shape and mid tail profile Fiberglass + Bio 33$ 380Mens and womens
Hyperlite Wingman4’4’’ / 4’8’’Wide tail and winged outlineEpoxy resin + EPS and carbon stringer4$ 630Mens
Hyperlite Shim3’9’’/ 4’7’’ / 5’3’’Pin Tail shape and single concave base contourFiberglass + EPS3$ 480 – $ 540Mens
Hyperlite Landlock5’9’’Mid tail profile and winged outlineFiberglass + EPS3$ 410Mens and womens
Hyperlite Gromcast3’9’’Wide tail profile and squash tail shapeFiberglass + Bio 33$ 300Kids
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What to look for when choosing a Hyperlite wakesurf


A surfer’s body type and riding style determine what size board will be most suitable. A board that is too big or too small will significantly complicate both the learning process and perfecting tricks. 

Bigger riders will need a bigger board with more float. The opposite is true for lighter and smaller riders. 

Hyperlite  a wide range of sizes and every rider can find a good match.Here is a rough guideline for choosing the most suitable board size for you:

WeightSurf style wakesurf boardSkim style wakesurf boardHybrid style wakesurf board
Up to 110lb (50 kg)Up to 4’Up to 4’Up to 4’
100-170lb  (45 – 77 kg)4’ – 4’84’ – 4’43’9 – 4’8
150 – 200 lbs (68 – 90 kg)4’8-5’4’4 – 4’104’8 – 5’3
190 – 250+ lbs (86 – 115+ kg)5’+4’10+5’+


Hyperlite wakesurf boards come in many different shapes. The nose and tail are key elements of a board shape.

A pointy nose will be better for windy weather that makes  a lot of small waves on the surface, but it can make it harder to  do spins and fast turns. 

On the other hand, a squared nose will be better for spins and will provide a more stable ride. 

Tails come in many different shapes and sizes. To keep it simple – wider tails are faster, whie narrower tails provide better stability.

Here are some common shapes to consider when choosing your Hyperlite board.

  • Squash tail shape: gives a nimble feel and increased hold in the wave
  • Pin tail shape: super fast and spins easily.
  • Mid tail profile: great for  quick carving and maneuverability.
  • Winged outline: increased edge control and ollie power.


When it comes to material, the two most common types of Hyperlite boards are  compression-molded boards and composite boards

Compression-molded boards are built from a fiberglass shell with polyurethane foam or wood filling. These boards are relatively heavy but durable and tend to be cheaper. 

Composite boards are made of fiberglass or carbon shell with EPS filling. These boards are lighter but also more fragile. 

Foam core boards are lighter, more durable and usually cheaper. However boards with wood cores have more flex.

Hyperlite also uses a superb BioLite 3 core –  a secret formula for lightest and most durable boards.


Rocker is the curvature of your board. Put it against a flat surface and you will notice that the nose and tail are upwards. Hyperlite wakesurf boards come with 2 types of rockers – relaxed and aggressive. 

Relaxed rocker (less curve) are good for fast and steady ride. Also good for smaller boat wakes. 

Aggressive rocker (more curve) are better for tricks and carving. You can handle taller waves better with an aggressive rocker.


More fins on your Hyperlite wakesurf board will mean more traction, more speed and stability. 

With fewer fins you will produce less traction and  less speed, but you will be able to throw  more extreme tricks and turns. 

Hyperlite boards usually come with 1-4 fins:

  • 1 fin – great for tricks, bad for speed
  • 2 fins – good for straight line speed and turns
  • 3 fins – good for speed and good stability
  • 4 fins – Great for speed, bad for tricks.

If you have a choice, look for FCS II systems on a Hyperlite wakesurf board. This system allows you to add or remove fins in seconds without using any tools.

Next, let’s take a close up look are are top 6 Hyperlite wakesurfers.

#1 best Hyperlite wakesurf board: Buzz

The Hyperlite Buzz combines fast ride and stability but you will be able to make some twists and turns without too much effort. 

Thanks to its EPS core, this board is light and durable enough to serve many seasons. 

The pintail shape gives you a good boost to buzz on top of each wake and 3 fins will keep you straight and stable., 

That said, you can choose to remove 2 side fins and stick with just a center one if you want more fun for tricks. 

While the Buzz is a fast board that carves well, if you have an aggressive riding style, it may not be your first choice.

If you’re still learning or improving however, the Buzz’s  low budget of around $500 makes it no brainer. 

Check out the Buzz here on Evo

#2 best Hyperlite wakesurf board: Broadcast

If you have a tight budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality, the Hyperlite Broadcast wakesurfer may be a great option. . Under $400 you will get all the fun you need. 

The Broadcast’s  squashed tail and mid tail profile provide maneuverability and good carving, while the rolled edge profile offers  good stability for beginners and intermediate riders.

This board is a  top choice if you are looking for your first easy wakesurf board for your first few seasons., 

Despite the low price, the Broadcast  features Hyperlite’s special Bio3 core, which is the lightest and most durable core out there. 

See the Broadcast on Evo

#3 best Hyperlite wakesurf board: Wingman

hyperlite wingman

If you are looking for a serious upgrade and you are ready to take your next steps into the wakesurf world, the Hyperlite Wingman is for you. 

This beast of a board will deliver unseen speed and control thanks to its wide tail and 4-fin system. 

The Wingmea has an FCS II system allowing you to add or remove fins in seconds without any tools. 

The EPS core has carbon stringers that makes this board even more durable without sacrificing on weight. 

All this for slightly over $600 , probably the smartest upgrade out there. 

See the price for the Hyperlite Wingman.

#4 best Hyperlite wakesurf board: Shim

Hyperlite once again offers a game changer in the market with its 2022 Shim wakesurfer

The Shim’s hybrid deck and fast rocker together with its single concave base allows you to attempt almost impossible tricks. 

With decent speed and super sharp maneuverability, you will rip and slash on pretty much any boat wave . The Shim’s short form allows super sharp turns and carves. 

This board is meant for more advanced riders, but could also make a great  first board if you’re the daring type. Regardless of your skills, you will be able to stand on Shim and control it after the first few tries.  

With a layered glass deck and fiberglass laminates overlapping at the rail, Shim is a super durable and strong board that will keep great pop even after many years. 

Check out the Shim here on Evo

#5 best Hyperlite wakesurf board: Landlock

The Landlock is a good option board for any rider, men or women, beginner or advanced – everyone will have their load of fun with this board.  

The traditional surfboard shape of the Landlock provides sharp carving and turning options. The winged outline shape gives you great edge control and ollie power.

The popular 3-fin setup typically works well for all types of riders  As it’s the best compromise between speed, stability and tricks. 

The Landlock has a unique Bio3 core that provides superb durability and is lightweight at the same time.  

To top it all of, the Landlock is priced slightly over $400, making it a very affordable board.

Hyperlite Landlock (Evo)

#6 best Hyperlite wakesurf board: Gromcast

Looking for a wakesurf board for your kid? What sets the Hyperlite Gromcast apart is its durability, fun factor, and affordable price,  a perfect combination for your kid’s first board. 

Only $300 will get young riders a fast and nimble board with a lot of pop. The super strong Bio3 core ensures that the board will not give up after the first few seasons. 

Plus this 3’9’’ board combined with the Bio3 core is truly a feather weight.

In terms of design, the Gromcast’s   bright colors and fun shape really stand out from a crowd. 

Hyperlite Gromcast (Evo)


As confusing as it can be choosing your next board, Hyperlite will never disappoint you. If you keep in mind basic things- size and shape, it is impossible to make a mistake. 

Your riding style will adapt to the board and soon you won’t even be able to imagine yourself riding anything else. 

Experienced riders will enjoy the huge range of Hyperlite wakesurf boards and will likely easily find a perfect fit, with good durability and  performance.