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Best Hyperlite Wakeboard: Finding Your Perfect HL Fit

Best Hyperlite Wakeboard: Finding Your Perfect HL Fit

Hyperlite is one of the most popular wakeboard brands out there. It is frequently chosen by both beginners and professional riders because of its high quality products and affordable prices. 

Hyperlite has a wide range of wakeboarding gear – boards, bindings, vests and more. The brand uses leading-edge technologies and has often been a game changer in the industry. 

In this post, we look at the best Hyperlite wakeboards and help you choose the right wakeboard for you. 

Here is our selection of the top 6 most popular Hyperlite wakeboards:

Hyperlite wakeboardSizesRocker sizeRocker typeCore FinsPrice
Hyperlite Murray Pro134/139/144
Three StageFiberglass
+ foam
Hyperlite Source139/1432.6/2.65Three Stage Fiberglass
+ foam
Hyperlite State130/135/140
+ foam
Hyperlite Rusty Pro140/143/1462.6/2.6/2.6ContinuousFiberglass
+ foam
Hyperlite Eden130/1352.5/2.6ContinuousFiberglass
+ foam
Hyperlite Motive Jr1192.3ContinuousFiberglass
+ foam
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#1 Hyperlite Murray Pro

  • Available sizes: 134/139/144/150
  • Rocker sizes: 2.42/2.51/2.56/2.64
  • Rocker type: Three Stage
  • Core material: Fiberglass + foam
  • Rails / Edges: Variable Edge Profile
  • Ability level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Fins: 4
  • Boat or park: boat
  • Price: $390

Shaun Murray’s signature board is a great choice for riders with some wakeboarding experience. This board is the newest edition in the long history of pro boards. 

It has a subtle three stage rocker that increases under the foot. The Variable Edge Design and Molded Landing Feature also make this board forgiving for newbies as it allows some mistakes during your ride. 

The Murray Pro has a medium  flex and a good pop that provides a lot of fun behind a boat. 

Its Biolite 3 core and compression molded construction makes this board light and easy to handle during difficult tricks. 

With a price just under $400 it is a good choice  that you will not regret. 

#2 Hyperlite Source

  • Available sizes: 139/143
  • Rocker sizes: 2.6/2.65
  • Rocker type: Three Stage 
  • Core material: Fiberglass + foam
  • Rails / Edges: Standard
  • Ability level: Advanced – Expert
  • Fins: 4
  • Boat or park: Boat
  • Price: $440

The Hyperlite Source is one of the bounciest Hyperlite boards out there. The blended three stage rocker gives it explosiveness and beast like movements on the water. 

Because of these aggressive characteristics, this board is more suited for experienced riders, but it is possible for beginners to ride it as well. 

Hyperlite Source is available only in 2 sizes, which is something to consider if you choose this board. 

Hyperlite’s sized up philosophy has resulted in lightweight boards without increasing swing weight. 

The thinned nose and tail make it easier to perform different spins and other tricks.

The $400 price point shouldn’t stop you from buying this board: once you get on it you won’t be able to get off it.

#3 Hyperlite State 

  • Available sizes: 130/135/140/145
  • Rocker sizes: 2.5/2.6/2.7/2.85
  • Rocker type: Continuous
  • Core material: Fiberglass + foam
  • Rails / Edges: Standard
  • Ability level: Beginner – intermediate
  • Fins: 2
  • Boat or park: Boat
  • Price: $300

Few  wakeboards make a better first board than the Hyperlite State. For just $300 you get an advanced boat board tested and proven to be one of the best options for learning the foundations of wakeboarding. 

The abrupt continuous rocker provides good speed and the molded in fins gives this wakeboard stability and solid edge hold. 

The board’s asymmetrical design helps to enhance toe side edging and overall riding skills for beginners.

The Hyperlite State is made of Biolite 3 core, like most Hyperlite wakeboards. This ensures great durability which is particularly important when learning the basics.

#4 Hyperlite Rusty Pro

  • Available sizes: 140/143/146
  • Rocker sizes: 2.6/2.6/2.6
  • Rocker type: Continuous
  • Core material: Fiberglass + foam
  • Rails / Edges: Variable Edge Profile
  • Ability level: Advanced – Expert
  • Fins: 4
  • Boat or park: Boat
  • Price: $390

This is Rusty Malinoski’s signature wakeboard and he describes it very simply – Light & poppy & snappy. It is a big sized board with a lot of pop that can rail hard on edge. 

The abrupt Continuous rocker combined with an  aggressive nose and tail rocker creates pop without sacrificing speed. 

The Rusty  has molded landing features that helps you land significantly softer than usual.

This board is more suitable for experienced riders who are looking for an upgrade, but beginners can still learn basic skills on it  as the 4 fins provide good stability for first newbies.

#5 Hyperlite Eden

  • Available sizes: 130/135
  • Rocker sizes: 2.5/2.6
  • Rocker type: Continuous
  • Core material: Fiberglass + foam
  • Rails / Edges: Traditional Heelside and Shorter Aggressive Toeside Edges
  • Ability level: Beginner – intermediate
  • Fins: 2
  • Boat or park: Boat
  • Price: $300

The Hyperlite Eden is a top choice for female riders looking to learn the fundamentals of wakeboarding. It has all of the features needed for a smooth learning process – asymmetrical design, molded fins, and thinner profile. 

The short and effective edge helps for learning tricks such as wake jumps, while the molded fins reduce the drag and helps release from the wake more smoothly. 

Satin flex is designed with women’s needs in mind. The specially designed glass layup creates a soft flex that female riders take their wakeboarding to a new level. 

With a price under $300, Hyperlite has made sure that there are beginner boards available for every type of rider.

#6 Hyperlite Motive Jr

  • Available sizes: 119
  • Rocker sizes: 2.3
  • Rocker type: Continuous
  • Core material: Fiberglass + foam
  • Rails / Edges: Forgiving 6-Degree Edge Bevel
  • Ability level: Beginner – intermediate
  • Fins: 6
  • Boat or park: Boat
  • Price: $240

Hyperlite has created a special wakeboard for young enthusiasts. Hyperlite Motive Jr is the best choice for kids’ first ride on the wake. 

Its mellow turn and smooth lift helps to really feel the flow and learn basic wakeboarding moves. The continuous rocker is very predictable and generates similar pop every single time. 

Like most beginner wakeboards, Motive also has molded fins for greater stability and solid edge hold. The molded landing features make for softer landings that are easier on the knees and legs of young riders.

Hyperlite’s Motive Jr costs under $250 and it will likely last years thanks to the Biolite 3 core.   

Buyer’s guide: how to choose your Hyperlite wakeboard

Let’s go over a few key things to consider when choosing the best Hyperlite board for your needs.

Hyperlite wakeboard size

Wakeboard size is the number one thing to keep in mind when choosing your board. Every rider can find the right size board, but not every board is available in a specific size. 

For example, the Hyperlite Source is only available in two sizes, so this board will not be suitable for smaller and bigger riders. 

Before you choose your board, here’s a rule of thumb for determining the right size for you based on your weight:

Rider Weight (lbs)Wakeboard Length (cm)
< 100< 130
200-275+> 144

Hyperlite wakeboard rocker

The rocker is the curvature of the board. Every board has a rocker, but Hyperlite boards usually have a rocker between 2.3 and 2.9 inches. The rocker plays an important part in how the board performs on the water. 

Rocker size should be considered together with rocker type. There are three most common types: continuous, three stage, and Hybrid rocker.

Continuous rocker means that there is one single curve from nose to tail. Boards with continuous rocker provide smooth and slick ride keeping it easy to control. 

Usually, continuous rocker boards (e.g. the Hyperlite State) are better for beginners and riders who like a lot of speed and easy curving abilities.

The three-stage rocker is quite different from a continuous rocker. The middle part is flat, but the nose and tail have an aggressive curve. That is why it is called a 3-stage rocker. 

Its profile consists of three stages: curved – flat – curved. Riding a board with a three-stage rocker is not very different from one with continuous rocker, however,t 

Wakeboards with three-stage rocker are a little slower but provide a lot more pop compared to continuous rocker boards. Thus, these boards are great for riders who like to ride it a bit more aggressively. 

Hybrid rocker is a combination of the above two types. These wakeboards typically offer good speed, agility and pop. They are a good choice if you want to get a bit of everything. 

Hyperlite core

Most new Hyperlite boards come with  a Biolite 3 core. It is the gold standard in the watersport industry. It is light and durable. 

When choosing your next board look for boards with this material.

Hyperlite wakeboard fins

Wakeboards typically have 2 to 6 fins but you may sometimes find 8-fin setups, namely  for kids boards. 

Fins provide traction in water and stability. More fins means that the board will have more traction and will generate more speed, but will affect spinning and turning ability. 

Boards with fewer fins will be slower but easier to execute spins and other tricks on. 

Keep in mind that if fins are mounted on your wakeboard, you will not be able to ride kickers, slides or other wake park obstacles. 

Wakeboard bindings

Wakeboard bindings are another key piece of equipment you need to consider. 

Bindings connect your feet to the wakeboard. Adequate  bindings is just as important as a good board for your wakeboarding experience. 

There are 3 main types of bindings: 

  • Open-toe bindings;
  • Closed-toe bindings;
  • Step-in bindings.

Open-toe bindings are basically a boot that is connected to the wakeboard and covers all your feet except your toes. 

These bindings work well for beginners and advanced riders, they can be used by more than one rider because they allow a relatively large range of foot size. 

This is a good choice for your first bindings because open-toe bindings are generally the cheapest option you get. 

Closed-toe bindings are similar to open-toe ones except they cover and enclose your whole foot. 

This gives better control of the board since you can use your toes for pressure when carving and turning. 

These bindings are specific for each rider and are harder to share as each rider needs a specific size, like for a boot.. 

Step-in bindings are similar to closed-toe bindings but they consist of two separate parts: a closed-toe boot and a frame that is connected with a board. 

Step-ins are generally higher-end products for riders that want the most comfort and the best riding experience. 

With step-in bindings, you don’t need to pull your feet out of the boot when done riding, you simply open the straps that hold the boot down. 

There are many upsides to this construction, for example, you don’t have to walk barefoot around wake park after falling and getting back to the board takes less time.

Try to look for M6 standard mounting hardware and 6” binding plates. Almost all modern wakeboards use this system and all Hyperlite boards have this. 

If you come across a wakeboard or bindings that do not support this system, you’ll probably be better off staying away to avoid future hassles.