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Surfeeling Surf Skateboards: The Hot Brazilian Surfskate

Surfeeling Surf Skateboards: The Hot Brazilian Surfskate

Surfeeling is a newer member of the growing family of surf skateboards on the market – street surf-style cruiser skateboards that let you slash on concrete with an ocean surfboard feel.

Surfeeling is a Brazilian-born family-owned and operated business. The brand has ocean surfing at its core. The surf feel on these skateboards is not an afterthought, the boards and trucks were designed specifically for surf riding on land.

Surfeeling is a nice alternative to established names like Carver, YOW, Swelltech, Slide etc. These boards offer a smooth, flowy, and tight-carving feel suitable for beginner to intermediate riders. Priced at around $200, they are affordable yet with good quality components.

The first thing that strikes you when looking at a Surfeeling skateboard is the great look, the awesome surfboard shape, and the vivid colorful designs.

Click here to jump directly to the individual board reviews, or check out the Surfeeling Bone Breaker (above model) on Amazon

Surfeeling’s Alpine surf skate truck

Surfeeling’s surf skateboards are powered by the Alpine trucks, the company’s own innovative surfskate trucks. They are 7″ bushings-based trucks featuring a kingpin with a patented system to limit its rotation range and prevent wheel-bite.

The Alpine trucks have precision-machined components that are made from quality materials. The baseplate and hanger are lightweight and durable. They’re produced through high-pressure injection with high-quality aluminum alloy (SAE 305). The hanger has a V-shaped, cold-pressed steel shaft at its core.

The kingpin is made from high-tensile steel and is precision-engineered for a predetermined range of movement to eliminate wheelbite when mounted with wheels up to 70mm in diameter.

The bushings used in the Alpine trucks are molded in high-quality urethane with high rebound for a very responsive surf feel. Bushings hardness depends on the version of the trucks you choose – more on this below.

Surfeeling’s Alpine surf truck uses a bearing between the hanger and the lock nut to prevent the nut from loosening – a common issue in surf trucks when placed under heavy pressure in hard surf turns. The Alpine’s nut solves this issue by locking up safely when you tighten it.

Surfeeling’s surfskate trucks are drilled to new school mounting patterns.

Alpine surfskate truck versions

Surfeeling’s truck comes in two different versions, K1 and K2. The two differ in the amount of turn, responsiveness, but also stability.

The K1 version has more turn and less stability and is designed for drawing more aggressive surf lines. The K2, on the other hand, offers wider turns and works best for a more fluid and mellow style, closer to classic or longboard surfing.

Sufeeling Apine trucks K1 vs K2

Surfeeling K1 truck setup

The Alpine K1 truck setup includes a stable rear truck and a very responsive and turny front truck for high-performance, snappy shortboard surf maneuvers – e.g. snapbacks and off-the-lips.

The K1 trucks are taller (4.1″ height) and very sensitive with high torsion power. This means it takes only a subtle body rotation to make the board turn. The K1 also provides very effective pumping, including from a standstill or uphill.

The kingpin in the rear truck has safety limiters to prevent wheelbite in extreme turns. The front truck doesn’t, giving it more torsion power.

Alpine K1 kingpin limiter
K1 kingpin limiter

The K1 setup comes with recommended risers that significantly increase the kingpin angle from its 45º baseline to 75º, adding a lot of leverage and turn to the front truck when pumping and carving while the rear acts like a stable pivot point similar to the fins on a surfboard.

Alpine K1 baseplate angle

The front and rear trucks in the K1 setup also come equipped with bushings of differing durometers, much softer in the front than the rear: a choice of 70A, 75A, or 80A in the front, and 90A or 95A in the back. This results in more responsiveness in the front and stability in the back.

You choose your front truck’s bushing hardness based on your weight and riding preferences. Here’s a quick rule of thumb for the K1 front truck:

Your weightBushings duro
< 70 kg70A
70 to 80 kg75A
> 80 kg80A

Bushing choice for the rear truck depends on your preferences in terms of stability vs turn – the harder the more stable, but the softer the turnier.

Surfeeling Alpine K2 truck setup

Unlike the K1, in the K2 setup, both the front and rear trucks have similar features. Both have the kingpin safety range limiter to prevent the wheels from touching the deck. The K2 offers a riding experience with primarily rounded and open curves, closer to a classic surfing feel.

Alpine K2 kingpin limiter

The K2 trucks are shorter than the K1 (3.4″ height vs 4.1″) and are not wedged – that is, both trucks work at a “normal” 45º angle, with no increased torsion leverage.

Alpine K2 baseplate angle

As a result, the board rides much closer to the ground, is more stable and easier to push on. On the flip side, the K2 setup is a lot less snappy-turning and responsive than the K1.

The bushings in the K2 setup are harder than the K1. Both front and rear truck use the same bushings with a durometer of either 90A or 95A. Which you choose depends on your preference in terms of stability (harder) vs turn (softer) .

Because of the shorter trucks, limited range of motion, and harder bushings config, the K2 setup has a more constrained torsion movement and is more stable compared to the K1, including for riding at higher speeds.

Surfeeling’s surfskate wheels

The Burnout wheels are quite large with 70mm in diameter and on the soft side with a 78A durometer for high traction in tight carves. They are built from high-quality urethane with 85% rebound, leading to fast roll and strong responsiveness.

The Surfeeling wheels offer a nice and grippy feel for surf carving through a wide 42mm width and 38.5″ contact patch. Their core is centerset resulting in a balanced mix of traction and slide in radical surf turns.

The Burnout’s stone finish also gives them good handling in slides and better durability.

In the rest of this post, I’ll go over Surfeeling’s top surfskates and review their main features.

Surfeeling Outline surf skate review

surfeeling Outine surf skate

The Surfeeling Outline has a cool-looking, wide double swallow fish surfboard shape. The deck is 30.9″ long and 10.4″ wide, with a small but functional 5.7″ kicktail and 2.75″ nose.

The Outline has a 16.9″ wheelbase, long enough for stable and smooth down-the-line surf carving. The narrowed down fishtail and tapered nose, on the other hand, keeps this surf skate responsive and snappy, particularly when fitted with the K1 Alpine truck set.

The Outline has a classic shortboard design on the bottom with two stringer-like black lines running along 2/3 of the deck. The kicktail contour (with matching wheel color) comes in a choice of 3 colors (blue, orange, or purple). The deck’s topside is fully covered with elegant dark grip, with the Surfeeling logo showing through.

Outline orange
Outline purple

See the price and reviews for the Surfeeling Outline surf skateboard on Amazon

Surfeeling Diamond surf skate review

Surfeeling diamond surfskate review

The Surfeeling Diamond deck is 30.5″ long x 10.4″ wide with a 17.7″ wheebase. Shaped like a shortboard surfboard, it boasts a short (5.5″), wide, diamond-shaped kicktail. The compact shape and broad tail enable confident and secure foot placement for pulling tight carves and performance snaps and cutbacks.

The Diamond deck features beautiful, blue-toned. ocean and waves-inspired artwork on its bottom side and uniform dark grip with see-through logo on the topside. It ships with 70mm/78A blue Burnout wheels.

Check out the reviews and pricing for the Surfeeling Diamond here on Amazon.

Surfeeling Bone Breaker (Jesse Mendes) review

Surfeeling Bone Breaker Jesse Mendes review

The Surfeeling Bone Breaker is a signature model by Jesse Mendes, a pro surfer from Brazil and a rising star in the World Surf League tour. This is a slightly stubbier shape at 30.7″ long x 10.6 wide with a shorter 16.3″ wheelbase and a longer 6.1″ squared tail.

The relatively short wheelbase, fat outline, and big tail give this board a very snappy and responsive ride. It’s also highly maneuverable in tight city spaces as well as very easy to pump and slide in driveways.

The Surfeel Jesse Mendes signature skateboard has a beautiful, 100% shortboard surfboard look, with turquoise tailpad graphics on a white deck background and a black stringer running along the deck lengthwise.

The Bone Breaker comes in three color versions – orange, blue, and yellow:

Surfeeling Bone Breaker (Jesse Mendes) review

Surfeeling Bone Breaker (Jesse Mendes) review

See the Surfeeling Bone Breaker Jesse Mendes pro model on Amazon

Surfeeling Super Fun surf skate review

Surfeeling super fun review

The Super Fun is the lastest addition to Surfeeling’s awesome surf skateboard lineup. At only 29.5″ in length and 10.2″ in width, this deck is shorter, wider, stubbier even than the Bone Breaker, with a “funboard”, egg-type rounded outline.

The Super Fun has a 16.5″ wheelbase – quite long relative to the deck length, and a decent 5.9″ broad kicktail. The fat rounded shape combined with the kick make this board deserve it’s name!

Like the other models in the Surfboard Series, the Super Fun surfskate boasts an authentic surfboard look and feel, with surf-style artwork on the deck bottom – red and cream with orange wheels, or brown and cream with blue wheels.

Check out the Surfeeling Super Fun surf skateboard on Amazon

Surfeeling Blowfish surf skate review

Surfeeling Blowfish surf skate review

The Surfline Blowfish is a really stubby, round, and compact surf skate. This is a 29.9″ long and 10.8″ wide deck – slightly bigger than the Super Fun – with a shorter 16.3″ wheelbase for more snappiness.

The wide and rounded outline combined with the tight wheelbase makes this board super-comfortable (wide foot platform) and super-turny for fast and tight surf carves – the slightest body move makes the Blowfish turn.

This board owes its shape and name to the awesome blowfish, aka pufferfish or ballonfish:

The Blowfish deck features beautiful orange and turquoise wave-inspired graphics on the bottom.

See the Surfeeling Blowfish on Amazon

Surfeeling Snap surf skate review

Surfeeling Snap surf skate review

The Surfeeling Snap is a longer and narrower deck at 31″ x 9.98″. A long stable 18″ wheelbase makes this board a good choice for faster downhill rides.

The tapered tail, however, still provides the responsiveness and leverage for nice surf carves and some fast turns and cutbacks. This board feels like riding a nice and fast midsize surfboard.

The deck bottom features beautiful and colorful artwork with flashy yellow, green, and blue tones, and cool comic-like graphics.

The Graphics Series version of the Snap boasts awesome graphics with a Neptune-like character on a dark blye background.

See the Surfeeling Snap surf skate on Amazon

Surfeeling Hang Loose surf skate review

Surfeeling Hang Loose surf skate review

The Hang Loose is one of the biggest boards in Surfeeling’s lineup with its 32″ deck . It has a classic swallow fish shape similar to the Outline though with a much wider tail and bigger kick (6.8″ vs 5.7″).

The rounded outline and deck’s width, combined with a relatively short 17.8″ wheelbase (for the length), makes this board quick and snappy. The 32″ length, however, also makes it suitable for bigger riders and allows for smooth and flowy down-the-line carving.

The Surfeeling Hang loose has a classic fishtail surfboard art design with a nice solid color background and the Hang Loose hand sign displayed on both sides of the deck. The boards comes in 3 deck/wheel color version, red + orange, green + yellow, and beige + blue.

Check out the Surfeeling Hang Loose here on Amazon

Surfeeling Sea King surf skate review

Surfeeling Sea King surf skate review

The Sea King is similar in size to the Super Fun, with similar deck length (30″) but a much narrower shape (9.34″ width vs 10.2″). This board has a progressive-type surfboard shape with a tapered tail for effective carves.

The Sea King has a longer wheelbase 17.6″ – significantly longer than the Super Fun’s 16.5″ wheelbase. This makes the Sea King a great stable board for surf commuting longer distances and smooth carving at higher speeds. Its compact shape still makes it easy to carry around.

Surfeeling Sea King surf skate review

The Sea King comes in two graphic versions, an attractive-looking surfboard-style grey and blue deck bottom design, and a stunning graphics version picturing an RV in the great outdoors.

See the Surfeeling Sea King on Amazon

Surfeeling Mr. Pop surf skate review

Surfeeling Mr. Pop surf skate review

The Surfeeling Mr. Pop is 30.5″ long by 9.8″ wide with a modern, geometric-type surfboard outline. It features a super-large and wide kicktail and a 17″ wheelbase, quite long for the length.

The Mr. Pop’s shape results in a very stable ride and nice handling at speed. The large foot platform makes this surf skate a comfortable and secure ride including on moderate hills.

The Mr. Pop features great artwork with a big mythical-like night owl character on a dark background, with the words “Surfeeling for all riders” printed around it.

See the pricing for the Surfeeling Mr Pop on Amazon

Photo credits:
Featured image and product shots courtesy of Surfeeling(TM)

John Oliveira

Wednesday 8th of July 2020

Great Surfskate! It really feels like you are surfing a wave and is very smooth.


Tuesday 2nd of June 2020

Apart from the specs, could you review them? - how do they ride? How do you like them? Are they closer to a Carver or a YOW? More surfy?

Looks like they will be on the more responsive end of things.


Wednesday 8th of July 2020

Steve Surfeeling is just arriving in USA but very well known in Brazil with more than 20 years in the market. Our boards were designed to give you a real surf simulation feeling.

The product is being used by surf schools around Brazil to prepare next generation of Brazilian Storm.

As a manufacture we believe our product can give you better response than other brands.

Let's try it?