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Jucker Hawaii Longboards Review: Boards With A Tropical Vibe

Jucker Hawaii Longboards Review: Boards With A Tropical Vibe

If you’re a surfer or a landlocked skater dreaming of tropical vibes and perfect waves, Jucker Hawaii longboards will likely appeal to you.

Jucker Hawaii Longboards was started in Hawaii by Mike Jucker, a long-time traveler and avid surfer who now lives on the island of Maui. Hawaii is synonymous with ocean and boardsport. Surfers there continue to surf on flat days by riding their longboards on the island’s stunning mountain roads.

Jucker incarnates the Hawaiian lifestyle with tropical-inspired designs. This, combined the boards’ quality, has made Jucker Hawaii a popular longboard brand in Europe.

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Jucker Hawaii Mini Makaha review

Jucker Hawaii Mini Makaha review

The Makaha Mini is a beautiful, named after a well-known surf spot on the island of O’ahu. It’s a quality mini-cruiser, 33.4″ long by 8.46″ wide.

The deck is made of a 5-layer Canadian maple core sandwiched in 2 bamboo outer layers for looks and a bit of flex. On the bottom are gorgeous graphics depicting a Hawaiian Tiki, Hawaii’s traditional carved wooden sculptures representing gods. The top side is covered with clear grip tape.

Riding experience: the Makaha Mini’s relatively long 20″ wheelbase for its length gives it a longboard type feel, even though it’s very compact and portable.

This cruiser is short enough for tight turns and smooth carving, yet stable enough for a bit of speed on small hills.

The Makaha Mini is a good all-around board for city cruising and commuting. The functional kicktail lets you do quick turns and easy ollies for curb and crack hopping.

The wide (7″/180mm) Jucker Hawaii trucks give stability to the cruiser – just beware of foot bite in tight turns as the wheels stick out quite a bit.

The Makaha Mini comes with larger and grippy 69mm quality wheels (52mm contact patch) with a soft 78A duro for good grip and a smooth ride including on uneven terrain. The wheels come with decent ABEC7 bearings.

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Jucker Hawaii New Hoku review

Jucker Hawaii New Hoku review

The New Hoku is a classic symmetrical twintip shape with large wheel cutouts and drop-through construction. At 39″ by 9.5″, this midsize longboard is suitable for freeriding, carving, cruising, and downhill.

The deck has quality hybrid construction with a mix of fiberglass, bamboo, and hardwood maple layers. This results in a very durable, impact-resistant board with great flex for carving and cruising – there are 3 flex options.

This board’s drop-through design makes it low-riding and thus very comfortable for cruising and long-distance pushing.

The low center of gravity also gives it a stable and secure feel at higher speeds. The symmetrical shape large double kicks are well-suited for freeride tricks and confident sliding.

Overall, the New Hoku is a good all-around midsized option for riders any level and size looking to cruise, commute, carve and freeride. It comes with the 7″ Jucker Hawaii trucks, and the fast and grippy 69mm/78A Kaku wheels.

Which flex level you choose depends on your size and weight, and your riding preferences. Flex1 is the stiffest (for heavier riders, more stable at speed) while Flex3 is the flexiest (for lighter riders, good for carving).

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Jucker Hawaii Pau Hana cruiser review

Jucker Hawaii Pau Hana cruiser review

The Pau Hana is Jucker Hawaii’s super-short streetsurfer cruiser. 31″ long by 10″ wide, it boasts a fishtail surfboard shape and stunning surf graphics, with a classic surfboard stringer on the top side and attractive wave-riding art on the bottom. The graphics on both sides are laid out on the beautiful bamboo outer layers surrounding the Canadian Maple core.

The Pau Hana’s compact surf shape combines with the Jucker Hawaii’s Precision 1 special surf carving trucks (with medium-soft bushings) to make it a very surfy and turny board to surf on:

The wheels that come with this board are 65mm – quite large relative to the deck size, quite soft and gippy (80A duro) with quality ABEC 9 bearings.

Not quite a surfskate, the Pau Hana is nonetheless a very nice board to practice surf carving on, while still enjoying good stability thanks to the 20.5″ wheelbase.

See the price and great reviews for the Jucker Hawaii Pau Hana on Amazon

Jucker Hawaii Pueo review

Jucker Hawaii Pueo review

The PUEO deck is a 40″ x 9.33″ symmetrical twintip deck, similar in shape and size to the New Hoku. The PUEO, however, is primarily designed for speed with a stiff deck for stability, a pronounced concave for secure foot lock-in, and harder wheels for tighter speed lines and easy sliding.

8 cold-pressed layers of hard Canadian maples are what gives this deck the strong stiffness hardcore freeriders need – The PUEO is battle-tested on the mountain roads of Maui.


The PUEO is equipped with 6.8″ trucks with 50º baseplate angle and bushings on the hard side. The drop-through mount keeps the board low to the ground for stability at speed. The 70mm wheels are big with wide contact patch and 83A duro, ideal for downhill and sliding.

The deck is laser-printed on black stained wood with beautiful dark graphics on the bottom. This is Jucker Hawaii’s serious freerider board.

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Jucker Hawaii Makaha review

Jucker Hawaii Makaha review

The Makaha (as opposed to the compact Makaha Mini) is Jucker’s full-size cruiser, a stylish bamboo-covered 42″ pintail shape. This is a smooth-riding longboard primarily designed for mellow cruising and carving.

The Makaha deck construction uses 5 layers of hardwood maple sandwiched in two beautiful bamboo outer layers. The clear-colored graphic stripes on the bottom and the Jucker logo showing through the grip tape add to the board’s stunning look.

The Makaha quality pintail-style cruiser comes with Jucker’s 7″ trucks and 69mm soft Kaku wheels for smooth riding and carving. The deck’s wheelwells on the bottom help prevent wheelbite during tight turns.

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Jucker Hawaii Kahuna review

Jucker Hawaii Kahuna review

The Kahuna is the Makaha’s green brother. It has the same pintail cruiser shape and the same 42″ x 9″ size. The difference, besides the graphics, is that the Kahuna doesn’t have the outer bamboo layers the Makaha, it’s a 7-ply 100% maple construction.

The Kahuna sets itself apart through it’s green-colored artwork on both sides of the deck, including a Tiki God on the bottom.

The deck features a beginner-friendly medium flex ideal for smooth cruising and carving, as well as wheel wells for wheel clearance in sharp turns.

The Kahuna comes with the same trucks and wheels as the Makaha. It’s a competitively-priced quality pintail also suitable for newer riders.

Check out the customer ratings and pricing for the Jucker Hawaii Kahuna pintail longboard on Amazon