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Sector 9 Longboards Review: The Coolest Longboards On Earth?

Sector 9 Longboards Review: The Coolest Longboards On Earth?

Sector 9 is no doubt one of the most popular longboard brands out there. Their lineup has a very strong focus on carving, but also includes some really stunning freeride and cruiser models.

What sets Sector 9 apart from other brands is the impressive variety of their decks, the quality and performance of their trucks (Gullwing) and wheels, and the gorgeous surf-inspired designs and artwork.

In this post, I’ve selected a few of my favorite Sector 9 longboards, ranging from mid-sized twin shapes to short and snappy street slashers.

UPDATE: check out my brand new Sector 9 in-depth longboard comparison guide HERE

Sector 9 Mini Lookout review

Sector 9 flow Mini Lookout

A compact version of the best-selling full-size Lookout, the Mini Lookout is 37.5″ long by 9.25″ wide with a much shorter 28″ wheelbase.

Like its big brother, the mini is a directional shape with large wheel cutouts. The drop-through design makes it a low rider and the compact length makes the board more responsive and faster turning.

This Mini Lookout is primarily designed for flowy, wheelbite-free carving. It also offers comfortable cruising and pushing (being low to the ground) and even freeriding down mild hills.

The Sector 9 Mini Lookout has a beautiful bamboo & maple construction with gorgeous vintage-looking artwork. It comes with the super carvy 10.0” Gullwing Charger Trucks and large and soft 69mm/78A Nineballs.

Check out the Flow Mini Lookout here on Sector 9’s website

Sector 9 Meridian 40″ review

The Sector 9 Meridian is a solid 40″ x 9.75″ symmetrical twin-kick freeride shape with topmount design and huge wheel cutouts. This sturdy 8-ply deck has a very large foot platform with a drop, elaborate concave, and decent double kicks. It has a 30.5″ wheelbase.

The dropped deck and concave create deep foot pockets for a very secure and controlled feel when riding downhill and when sliding. They also bring the platform lower to the ground, leading to comfortable pushing and distance commutes. The sharp rails also provide strong leverage for responsive turns.

The Meridian comes fitted with large, soft, grippy 70mm high-quality Butterball wheels (75A duro), and stable but responsive Gullwing Reverse trucks designed for fast freeride and downhill.

Check out the Meridian here on Sector 9’s website.

Sector 9 Stranded Strand Cruiser review

The Sector 9 Stranded Strand is a 34″, relatively narrow (8.7″) city cruiser with a 20.5″ wheelbase. It has a small but well-angled kick making it easy to pop this board off the ground on and off curbs and over small obstacles.

The bamboo + maple deck features very cool island with skull graphics on the bottom and attractive color stripes on a bamboo veneer background on the top side.

the 8.375″ Gullwing Mission trucks are sharp turning for tight city cruising, while the 61mm soft Nineball wheels offer good roll speed for commuting and reliable grip for carving.

See the Stranded Strand cruiser here on Sector 9’s website

Sector 9 Sentinel review

The Sector 9 Sentinel is a 37.5″ by 9.25″ (28″ wheelbase) directional deck with ample wheel cutouts and drop-through truck mount. This deck has a 5-ply bamboo construction resulting in great flex for carving and pumping. It’s similar in shape to the Mini Lookout (see above).

The Sentinel’s deck flex combines with the extra-sharp turning double-kingpin Gullwing Sidewinder trucks for an exceptional carving and shredding ride.

The large and highly grippy 69mm Top Shelf wheels also participate in this board’s outstanding carving abilities. The Sentinel is very smooth (Greaseball bearings) and has very good traction allowing it to hold its line.

The Sentinel has a beautiful bamboo aspect with clear grip showing gorgeous artwork depicting an ocean sunset.

Check out the reviews and pricing for the Sector 9 Sentinel on Amazon.

Sector 9 Sunny Places Sewer review

Sector 9 Sunny Places Sewer review

The Sunny Places Sewer is a 31.5″ cruiser designed for skatepark/bowl riding and city slashing. It has a shape from the 80s, widened around the front foot for secure foot placement and better control and leverage over the front truck when riding park and doing tight turns.

The Sector 9 Sewer has a short and snappy 16″ wheelbase and a large angled kick for quick turns in bowls, ramps, and crowded city areas.

The cruiser comes with 8.8″ Gullwing Pro trucks (80s reissues) and soft grippy 61mm Nineball wheels.

UPDATE: the Sewer has been discontinued. As a nice alternative board for bowl and skatepark, check out the Hare Fat Wave here on Sector 9’s site.

Sector 9 Dream Gravy Semi Pro review

Sector 9 Dream Gravy Semi Pro review

The Dream Gravy is Ben Gravy’s signature board, a street-inspired double-kick cruiser shape with a large kicktail and a decent nose kick.At 31.5″ x 8.8″ with a 14.24″ wheelbase, it has the size of a wider regular street deck and is built for street tricks and skatepark.

Compared to a street deck, however, the 8.5″ Gullwing Shadow trucks and the large and soft 61mm Nineball wheels gives the Gravy a much smoother and grippier ride.

This board is meant for skating everywhere, from dropping in bowls at local skateparks to shredding tricks at neighborhood street spots. It’s also a nice and fun ultra-portable commuter board for everyday city transport. The surf-inspired green and yellow artwork on the deck bottom is stunning.

Check out the Sector Dream Gravy here on Amazon

Sector 9 Gaucho Ninety Five review

The Gaucho Ninety Five cruiser is 30.5″ by 8.375″ with a 14.25″ wheelbase, comparable to an average street deck. This is another one of Sector 9’s versatile double-kick street slayers designed for park and bowl, street tricks, city commuting, and all-around city cruising.

The bottom side of the Gaucho 95 features attractive graphics that depict a cowboy riding a large wild shark on a teal and orange background.

This cruiser comes with the smooth and trickable 8.5″ Gullwing Shadow trucks and soft 61mm Nineball Wheels with ABEC5 Greaseball bearings.

Check out the Gaucho Ninety Five Teal or Orange version on the Sector 9 website.

Sector 9 Carbon Flight review

Sector 9 Carbon Flight review

The Carbon Flight is a classic bullet-shaped downhill board. This 36″ long by 9.25″ wide deck is made from a hybrid maple hardwood (5 plies), fiberglass (2 layers), and carbon fiber material.

The result is a super-stiff, extra-thin (thus low-height), and lightweight board designed specifically for speed. The Carbon Flight’s long wheelbase (27″) makes it very stable. The deck has an effective but non-trapping medium concave for just the right amount of foot lock-in when riding fast.

The Carbon Flight ships with 10″ Gullwing Chargers trucks and 70mm soft Skiddles wheels, both designed for speed.

See the reviews and pricing for the Sector 9 Carbon Flight on Amazon

Sector 9 Tackle Fractal review

Sector 9 Tackle Fractal review

The Tackle Fractal the same best-selling directional cutout shape as the Sentinel, only slightly shorter at 36″ with a 26.3″ wheelbase. Unlike the Sentinel, this deck has a 7-ply maple construction.

Like its bigger brother, the Tackle Fractal is primarily a carving board and also comes with the double-kingpin, uber-carvy Gullwing Sidewinders (here in the 9″ version). The board ships with 69mm 78A Top Shelf wheels.

Besides being carving bliss, the Sector 9 Tackle Fractal features stunning fishing-inspired artwork by Salty Timbers on the deck bottom.

See the Sector 9 Tackle Fractal‘s reviews and pricing here on Amazon