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How Much Should You Pay For A Used Snowboard?

How Much Should You Pay For A Used Snowboard?

If you’re a newer snowboarder, chances are you aren’t able or willing to spend over $1000 for snowboarding gear. you may wonder how much you should pay for a used snowboard instead. 

For a used snowboard, you can easily find something of good quality from the previous season for anywhere between $100 and $300

How much you spend within this range will depend on a variety of factors, all of which will be discussed in the section below. 

What factors affect the price of a used snowboard?

Snowboard brand

The brand of your snowboard plays a major role in how much you should be paying for a used snowboard. Boards from reputable brands are more likely to be made with high-quality and long-lasting materials, but are also pricier. 

Burton, K2 and Ride snowboards, for example, feature some of the most innovative, cutting-edge technology and high quality. They’re incredibly lightweight and boast some of the most stunning graphic designs on the market. 

As a result, they also tend to be quite expensive, generally $600+. 

In contrast, brands such as Nitro and Roxy may not have the largest selection of boards, or be quite as durable compared to these other brands. However, they’re a lot more affordable, at anywhere between $150 and $500. 

Top brands in the market include Arbor, Bataleon, Burton, Capita, Jones, K2, Nitro, Ride, Saloman, Lib Tech and GNU. 

Snowboard age

Board age is also an important factor because it can help determine how much money you should be paying for a used snowboard. 

Many older models aren’t going to have nearly the same amount of pop or flex compared to newer boards, due to normal wear as well as older materials. 

That said, it’s not too difficult to find an old snowboard online for around $100 including boots and bindings. Some may even hold up better than newer models. 

Many older snowboards do not have the same level of technology and are likely to have worn out materials, making them less rideable. 

So long as it is still in decent condition, a snowboard purchased for $100 may still last a few seasons, and will cost you a lot less than renting a board, let alone buying a new one. 

Snowboard condition

Minor damages such as scratches won’t impact the performance of a used snowboard but will help bring the price down. 

A snowboard that would otherwise cost at least $200 may be had for say half the price around $100 just because of a few scratches. 

That said, you will want to make sure the snowboard hasn’t sustained any non-repairable damage, such as cracked or damaged sidewalls which may indicate the board has taken a lot of big impacts.

A snowboard with cracked or damaged sidewalls, edges, or cores will likely come at a lower price but is not likely to last very long. 

Snowboard size

Size can play a role in the amount of money you pay for a used snowboard. Smaller boards use less materials making them lighter but somewhat less durable.

Larger snowboards, in contrast, tend to last longer due to their stiffness, and tend to sell for slightly higher prices. 

Obviously you will have to make sure that your snowboard is the proper size for you, taking into account your height and weight. Be aware that opting for a larger used snowboard often means paying a slightly higher price. 

Bindings included?

When buying a used snowboard, you should also consider whether it has bindings included in the total price. 

You could end up saving a lot of money by choosing a used snowboard already fitted with bindings (a lot of them do). 

Brand-new snowboard bindings alone can cost you well over $200 (without the board). Many online marketplaces offer used snowboards with bindings for $200 total, sometimes less. 

eBay is one such place that presents tons of sellers offering good deals on used snowboards with bindings (examples)

That said, you might just end up switching out the bindings for another pair that is more comfortable or compatible with your riding style. 

Snowboard design

Some boarders are willing to pay a premium for a used board that has a color or design they like. 

How much more you’re willing to pay for looks is a personal thing, but it’s not uncommon for riders to fork out an extra $20 – $50 for a nice looking used board vs a bland looking one.

How much should you pay for your first snowboard?

If you’re in the market for your first-ever snowboard, you should look to pay no more than $300-  $400 for a new board. For a used snowboard, you might end up spending between $100 and $200.  

The actual amount you’ll pay will of course depend on factors such as the ones mentioned earlier – brand, age, condition, size, design, and whether bindings are included. 

If it’s your first-ever snowboard, you should primarily focus on getting the right size board with decent enough condition to last one or two seasons. 

Once you’ve gotten comfortable riding a snowboard, you can save up for a nicer one down the road. 

Here are a few examples of good starter boards that are easy to ride and highly rated (new prices):

When should you buy a used vs new snowboard?

Buying a used snowboard can be better than buying a brand-new snowboard if you’re inexperienced, unsure, on a budget, or just don’t snowboard often. 

New snowboards can get rather expensive ($1000+ for a new set up), and if you’re just beginning to learn the sport, it makes no sense to spend this much money. Especially if you’re not likely to hit the mountain often. 

Another major reason for opting for a second hand snowboard is if you’re on a budget. You may be able to buy a board of similar quality for a fraction of the price of a new board. 

The following examples are high-quality Burton snowboards (one of the most reputable brands) selling at over 50% off. They also come with an option to buy compatible bindings at a low cost: 

145 cm Burton Cruzer Calligraphy Used Snowboard ($199.99)

150 cm Burton LTR Streak Used Snowboard ($199.93) 

155 cm Burton LTF Grid Used Snowboard ($189.98)

On the other hand, if you have some experience snowboarding and know you’re going to be spending a lot of time out there on the slopes, you should look into investing in brand new snowboard gear. 

At that stage, you’ll likely have a precise idea of the specs you need and want quality gear that will accommodate your favorite terrain and riding style. 

See also: cheap vs expensive new snowboards (compared)

Where should you buy a used snowboard?

The following locations typically offer the best value for used snowboards.  

Local ski shop

One of the best ways to find a used snowboard is by heading over to your local ski or snowboard shop. 

Local shops are generally the quickest way to find a good used snowboard, right on site. You’ll also avoid the hassle of haggling and paying high shipping fees.  

Local shops typically sell off selected inventory at a discounted price at the end of the winter season, which can present some nice opportunities. 

The downside is that you may not always find the greatest deals at the local shop, and you likely won’t be able to go elsewhere if you’re at the resort.


Geartrade is a great platform for buying used snowboards as it is specifically geared towards snowboard gear and outdoor equipment.  The site has a very wide selection of quality gear to choose from. 

The website carries only the best equipment, so you know you’re investing in something that will last. 


eBay is another good place for buying used snowboards.  You can easily stay within your budget and potentially walk away with a quality snowboard if you’re the highest bidder. 

There are thousands of used snowboards available on eBay, and you can spend only as much as you want to reel in some of the biggest brands on the market.

One of the downsides of eBay is that buyers have to pay sales tax on certain items. Also, finding a well-rated seller in your area is not always easy.  

When is the best time to buy a used snowboard?

You can often find both new and used snowboards for cheap in the offseason because the demand will be low. With the warmer months of the year being the best time to buy, and right before the season starts being the worst time to buy. 

For example, if you were to buy a snowboard right before the season starts, when everybody is typically looking for snow gear. Then you would be looking at well over $500. 

Whereas if you wait until after the season is finished, you could save hundreds of dollars and spend somewhere in the range of $200-400 for something of the same quality. 

What are alternatives to buying a used snowboard?

If you don’t want to spend your money on used gear, you can instead rent a snowboard. This may cost around $30-40 per day for a snowboard, bindings, and a pair of snowboard boots. 

The price will vary depending on the prestige of the hill and the gear you need. 

Alternatively, you can invest in a snowboard model from last season. These typically sell at discounts of 40% or more compared to current snowboard models. Examples:

  • New snowboards with 40% discounts from Backcountry 
  • New snowboards with 70% discounts from The House