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Globe Blazer Review: A Stylish & Durable Mini-Cruiser

Globe Blazer Review: A Stylish & Durable Mini-Cruiser

Globe has long made high-quality longboards and cruisers, and the Blazer is one of its most well-liked and sought-after skateboards.

The Globe Blazer is one of those great little cruisers perfect for campus and short commutes while doing flip tricks and ollies along the way.

The Blazer rides very smooth. Its Tensor trucks are loose, responsive and carvy, yet can withstand the pressure from heavy street tricks. The 62mm wheels 78A that come with most versions are big and soft enough to roll smoothly over stones and cracks.

The Blazer is optimally sized for easy cruising with a soft concave, a medium kicktail, and a stiff and durable deck.

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The Globe Blazer board lineup

globe blazer review 3 sizes

The Globe Blazer board actually comes in 3 different versions:

The (regular) Blazer

The standard Blazer skateboard is a tiny cruiser 26″ x 7.25″, smaller than most cruisers – and most street boards. It’s lightweight, easy to carry around anywhere and stash it in a backpack.

Yet, with its 13.75″ wheelbase it gives you a pretty nice ride, more comfortable than say a Penny board for daily commuting to school.

The 26″ version runs 4.25″ 130mm traditional kingpin Tensor trucks and soft (78A) 62mm Globe Conical cruising wheels (a few models come with smaller 59mm wheels).

Here are some of the designs with prices in the $100-$135 range (see it on Evo):

Globe Blazer Coconut Black
Coconut Black
Globe Blazer Hellaconia

Globe Blazer Prism Lit
Globe Blazer Somewhere
Globe Blazer Glow in the Dark
Glow in the Dark
Globe Blazer Elmo
Globe Blazer Black Color Bomb
Black/Color Bomb
Globe Blazer Bamboo Almond

The Big Blazer

Quite a larger board at 32″ x 9.125″, with a 17.5″ wheelbase, the Big Blazer is better suited for bigger riders and those with larger feet. It comes with larger 6″ Tensor TKP trucks and large slanted risers to help prevent wheelbite.

It runs the same 62mm wheel size as the regular Blazer, though with a 83A durometer this time, making the board a bit easier to push sideways. The Big Blazer has a bottle opener built-in on the bottom of the deck.

Big Blazer Lemon
Big Blazer Natural Burle
Big Blazer Anywhere

Check out the price on Evo

The Blazer XL

This is the largest deck version at 36.25″ x 9.75with a 21.5″ wheelbase.  It comes stock with the same 6″ Tensor trucks as the Big Blazer and the same 62mm 78A wheels as the 26″ Blazer.

Big Blazer Black Red Forrester
Black/Red Forrester

See it on Evo

Globe Blazer deck

The Blazer immediately strikes you as being quality-made with a very pleasant and solid look and feel. It has a durable epoxy resin construction with a long-lasting 7-ply Canadian grade hard rock maple wood.

The Globe Blazer is a classic directional cruiser shape with a stiff flex, a nice decent kicktail (4.875″ on the 26″ version) for those kick turns and curb hops, and a classic-looking diamond tail shape.

Globe Blazer diamond tail

When you look at the deck from the side, you notice a very slight camber between the trucks. There’s also a bit of concave but with little foot lock-in – the Blazer is meant primarily for cruising.

Globe Blazer side view

The Blazer’s nose is almost flat – some riders find it a bit harder to push on as compared to say a spoon-concaved nose as there’s less grip under your standing foot when you push. After a short while, however, you’ll quickly get used to it and will appreciate the freedom of movement for your front foot.

On the bottom, the Blazer (all versions of it) has deep wheel well cutouts that make the board virtually wheelbite-free in turns, including with the trucks set very loose.

The deck is covered with very well-cut clear grip tape. The only caveat with clear tape is that it gets dirty, but hey it’s a cruiser board. The grip tape on most models has a really nice Globe graphic logo on top.

Trucks and wheels

As mentioned, the Globe Blazer comes stock with TKP Tensor slant trucks with different sizes depending on the deck version – 4.25″ trucks for the shorter 26″ version, 6″ trucks for the Big and XL versions.

The TKP gives the Blazer a very agile and surfy feel with smooth turns great for urban cruising and short commuting. The Tensor trucks are reputed for their toughness and resistance to the hardest tricks (they come with a lifetime warranty). They are fitted with super-high rebound 92A bushings, which give the trucks their soft feel.

Tensor Slant Trucks and Globe Conical 62mm

The 62mm Globe Conical wheels provide good traction for cruising and turns. They roll nice and quiet (ABEC-7 bearings) and swallow ground imperfections and small rocks quite well. Yet they are icy enough for a bit of sliding – more so on the 83A wheels that come with the Big Blazer.

The Globe wheels ship with ABEC-7 bushings. Some riders, however, choose to swap them for Bone Reds (with spacers) for quieter and longer rolling.

Riding experience

The Globe Blazer is very practical with just the right size for each type of use – the standard version for easy carrying and stashing away, the Big Blazer for more comfortable cruising or larger feet, the XL for longer distance commutes.

Everyone agrees The Blazer is a super convenient and pleasant board for point to point urban transportation.

The ride is suprisingly smooth and quiet, including on the 26″ version thanks to the relatively big soft wheels for that size deck. A nice and easy ride for everyday cruising and short traveling.

On the flip side, the loose steering may take a bit of getting used to. Also, some riders feel the Blazer’s paint job tends to get scuffed easily when doing kick tricks.

Globe Blazer designs and colors

Each version of the Blazer comes in a selection really lively colors and really cool graphics, with the Globe logo and art engraved in the deck bottom (as well as in the grip tape, as mentioned earlier).

Some models have the deck beautifully contoured with a colorful plastic strip which also acts as a protection for the deck’s outline.

Globe blazer designs

The Elmo model (on the left) comes with smaller 59mm (78A) wheels.

Final words

So you get the idea, the Globe Blazer and a nimble and nifty little board with big soft wheels ideal for easy cruising and carving while doing some flip tricks (and even grinds) along the way – a very good board to start learning tricks.

The 26″ Blazer version works well for riders up to 190lb, bigger riders should probably consider the Big Blazer instead – or even the XL if they like more room for their feet and more cruising comfort for longer commutes.

All in all, the Blazer is a great allrounder that can be used for park and pool and some flatground tricks in addition to daily cruising.

Great workmanship from Globe. Brilliant colors and designs. Buttery smooth riding feel.