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DB Longboards Review: High-Quality Boards From The Northwest

DB Longboards Review: High-Quality Boards From The Northwest

DB Longboards are one those longboard brands reputed for making high-end qualityboards using innovative technology. They offer durable and high-performance products at relatively competitive prices for the quality.

DB Longboards is run by a team of hardcore longboarders with a lifetime passion for the sport. It has a dedicated team of riders constantly testing the boards on the steep mountain roads of the beautiful U.S. Pacific Northwest. The DB longboards are produced in a state of the art production facilities near Seattle.

Why would you choose a DB longboard vs another quality longboard brand such as Landyachtz or Loaded? DB Longboards has its own personality and look and feel, with a particular focus on freeride and downhill – partly due to the mountainous environment they live in.

Let’s dig deeper and see what makes DB Longboards special.

Who are DB Longboards?

DB Longboards founders
Source: DB Longboards

DB Longboards as a company was founded in 2003 by three high-school friends, Richard Docter, Bryce Hermansen, and Tim Mackey who made form-top longboards and skimboards by hand in a garage in Tacoma WA. They soon moved to a barn in Dash Point, Washington and started making skateboards. Their first boards were dubbed “dashboards” after the town’s name, which later morphed into the DB name.

The three friends continued building the company after college and in 2010, they moved to their current 6000 sq ft shop just South of Seattle, WA, in the heart of the Puget Sound. DB Longboard’s founders and employees all adhere to the board sports lifestyle and constantly ride the hills, ocean waves, and snow mountains of the great Pacific Northwest.

DB longboards quality

DB Longboards’ production facility uses unique molds and materials to create unique boards. They use rapid prototyping with CNC machines, 3D printers, and CAD design to explore new materials, designs, and constructions. They strive to select and test the best raw materials for their longboards, as well as high-quality components including Atlas Trucks and Cloud Ride Wheels.

DB Longboards’ approach to the environment is to recycle 100% of their deck production scrap into other products so as to generate zero landfill waste. They use low VOC (volatile organic compound) and water-based chemicals to reduce toxicity and environmental impact.

DB Longboards deck construction

DB Longboards use sophisticated materials and production technologies to create innovative and high-performing boards. The following are examples of DB’s longboard manufacturing technology, used for producing DB’s boards in their own U.S. facility:

  • The most classic construction used by DB Longboards is 100% Hard Rock maple wood construction – used by most longboard and skateboard brands. Decks made of true hard maple laminates (North American maple from the great lakes, not soft maple or birch) are known for their sheer strength and resistance.
  • DB’s CoreFlex construction combines a strong, lightweight, and flexible vertically laminated bamboo core, layers of triaxial fiberglass, epoxy resin, waterproof HD plastic, and urethane. This results in decks that have a very lively flex feel, are very lightweight and strong, and are water/impact/ scratch resistant.
  • DB’s other proprietary construction is the so-called “Carbon X” technology which results in very stiff longboards for downhill speed. The layup for this construction includes a formed hardwood core, uni-directional carbon fiber stringers, and layers of triaxial fiberglass, with HD plastic sheets sealing the top and bottom sheets

DB Longboards also embeds strong shock-absorbing urethane tips into their Coreflex laminate construction to protect the composite layers from damage during strong impacts. The tips are held in place using proprietary epoxy anchors.

DB Longboards Coreflex Compound review

DB Longboards Coreflex Compound review

The DB Compound is an advanced composite deck built using the Coreflex construction. It’s a fully symmetrical drop-through freeride longboard with large wheel cutouts for deep carves without wheelbite. It’s 42″ long by 9″ wide with a 30″ wheelbase. With significant kicks, this DB longboard is designed for freestyle and fluid carving.

The Compound has a significantly cambered profile. The bamboo core sandwiched in fiberglass layers make it extremely durable and provide a very special flex. The flex and camber give the board high energy for carving and make it very responsive. The built-in urethane shock protection further adds to the board’s durability.

DB Longboards Coreflex Compound camber

The DB Coreflex Compound comes in three flex options (1 to 3), with Flex 1 being the flexiest and Flex 3 the stiffest. Pick the flex based on your weight and riding style: more flex works best for lighter riders, less flex for heavier ones. Less flex is good for freeride speed and street tricks, more flex for dancing and freestyle.

The DB Compound complete comes with Atlas RKP trucks with a 48º baseplate angle for improved stability at speed. The Cloud Ride Cruiser 69mm wheels have a 78A soft durometer great for carving (better grip) and cruising over rough terrain. The Compound ships with quality Cloud Ride Abec7 bearings and EZ Grip Fine tape well-suited for doing tricks.

See the price for the DB Compound Flex 2 or 3 on Amazon

DB Longboards Coreflex Crossbow review

DB Longboards Coreflex Crossbow review

The DB Crossbow, like the Compound, is also a cambered twin-tip composite cruiser deck with a lively flex. While the Compound is a drop-through, however, the Crossbow is a topmount board, which makes it higher off the ground but more responsive for deep carving. At 40″ x 9″, the DB Crossbow is shorter than the Compound, its wheelbase is slightly longer at 31″. The standing platform on this deck is also longer at 25″ vs 24″ for the Compound.

DB Longboards Coreflex Crossbow camber

The Crossbow is an excellent pumping and carving board due to its topmount design, energetic cambered profile, and special flex that goes with the CoreFlex construction (bamboo core encased in fiberglass and HD plastic). As mentioned, this construction makes for a very durable board that’s resistant to impact, water, and scratches.

DB Longboards Coreflex Crossbow camber

This efficient carving and pumping board comes with Atlas 180mm RKP 48º trucks (the low angle partly offset the topmount height) and 69mm Cloud Ride soft (78a) wheels perfect for carving and pumping.

See the DB Longboards Crossbow on Amazon.

Note: the 41″ length mentioned on the Amazon page is incorrect, the Crossbow is 40″

DB Longboards Phase review

DB Longboards Phase review

The DB Phase is a great symmetrical drop-through longboard for everyday cruising. It comes in size 38″ x 39″ (28.25″ wheelbase) or 40″ x 9.25. As a drop-through, it’s low enough to the ground for comfortable pushing over longer distances. It has a cambered profile which helps absorb shocks and vibrations from the ground when riding on uneven surfaces.

DB Longboards Phase camber

The 38″ version of this DB longboard comes in beautiful shades of blue with subtle graphics featuring the ocean and the mountains. The 40″ features similar graphics but in red tones reminiscent of fire and sunset skies.

DB Longboards Phase 40

Whether you choose the 38″ or 40″ depends on factors such as your height (taller riders may prefer a longer deck), pushing path (longer decks are more comfortable for longer distances) and portability requirements.

Both versions of the DB Phase come with 180mm Atlas ultralight trucks and 69mm 78A Cloud Ride wheels – blue on the 38″, red on the 40″.

See the price for the DB Longboards Phase 38″ or 40″ here on Amazon.

DB Longboards Paradigm review

DB Longboards Paradigm review

The DB Paradigm is a drop-through longboard designed for freeride and downhill. Like the Phase, this deck comes in two sizes, a 38″ version with a 29″ wheelbase and a 41″ version with a 31″ wheelbase.

The Paradigm is a symmetrical shape but with significantly shorter kicks compared to the Phase or Crossflex models. Built for going fast, the DB Paradigm’s deck features small drops and a concaved platform for comfortable riding at speed. The drops create secure pockets for tucking your feet in when bombing a hill and performing long tech slides. The deck also features slightly raised, variable contoured rails, and edge-to-edge concave.

DB Longboards Paradigm concave

Check out the price for the DB Paradigm freeride and downhill longboard (38″ and 41″) on Amazon.

DB Longboards Vantage review

DB Longboards Vantage review

The DB Vantage is a compact freestyle cruiser drop-through 36″ long by 9.25″ wide with a 25″ wheelbase. Due to its relatively short wheelbase, it’s a responsive little and quick turning little longboard with hard carving abilities. Its symmetrical shape and functional kicks make it a good option for doing freestyle tricks. The Vantage has a 100% maple construction with a slightly rockered profile across the deck (no camber) and subtle W concave for cruising and carving comfort.

DB Longboards Vantage rocker

The DB Vantage compact drop-through longboard comes in two designs, the original ocean blue and red trees version, and the newer Mohave Desert themed version. Both ship with the Atlas 481 RKP trucks and 65mm Cloud Ride Marbled Cruiser wheels. The complete includes Cloud Ride spacer bearings. The DB Vantage is relatively portable at 6.8 lbs for the complete.

See the price for the DB Longboards Vantage 36″ Mohave version on Amazon.

DB Longboards Dagger review

DB Longboards Dagger review

The Dagger is a 36″ by 9.25″ drop-through directional commuter. With a 25″ wheelbase, it offers a very comfortable ride, a low riding platform, and large wheel cutouts that allow heavy leaning without wheelbite. The Dagger is an ideal board for every day or distance commuting. It’s short enough to be portable and low to the ground for effortless kicking.

DB Longboards Dagger concave

The DB Dagger has a small kick for doing quick turns and a slight concave and uplifted edges for a comfy foothold when pushing and cruising over extended periods of time. The colorful Piña Colada graphic theme on the deck bottom features flamingo, pineapple and flower graphics on a pink and yellow background.

The Dagger complete comes with the usual Atlas RKP trucks and 69mm Cloud Ride Cruiser wheels.

Check out the DB Longboards Dagger Piña Colada on Amazon.

DB Longboards Urban Native review

DB Longboards Urban Native review

The DB Urban Native is a lightweight versatile drop-through cruiser longboard, 38″ long by 8.88″ wide with a 28.5″ wheelbase. This board is designed for bi-directional riding, and easy pushing. The drop-through mount results in a low ride and less lean resulting in good stability for pushing and cruising. The Urban Native’s great cruising feel also stems from the cambered profile which gives the deck a nice flex.

DB Longboards Urban Native concave

The Urban Native features beautiful artwork with colors and graphics reminiscent of the Northwest Pacific forests and wildlife. Like most DB longboards, this drop-through cruiser complete comes with Atlas RKP trucks and 69mm Cloud Ride soft Cruiser wheels.

Check out the DB Urban Native’s price on Amazon

DB Longboards Mamba review

DB Longboards Mamba review

The Mamba 39″ x 9.75″ (24.25″ wheelbase) is also a versatile cruiser but quite different from the Urban Native. This deck is a topmount with a downhill style shape, i.e. directional with a small kick and a rounded nose. The Mamba is designed with freeriding and moderate downhill in mind. The Mamba is an 8-ply full hard rock maple deck that’s relatively stiff with comfortable concave and rocker for fast riding and speed checking.

The bottom of the deck is covered with beautiful graphics featuring a hand-painted winding white snake on a background partly black with red roses and partly wood veneer.

DB Longboards Mamba deck

See the price for the DB Longboards Mamba on Amazon

DB Longboards Wolf Prowler review

DB Longboards Wolf Prowler review

The DB Prowler has a very similar directional topmount shape to the Mamba, though slightly shorter at 37″ x 9.75″ but with the same 24.25″ wheelbase length. Like the Mamba, it’s designed to be a versatile board for cruising and light freeriding/downhill, namely thanks to a comfortable rocker and concave which cradle your feet.

DB Longboards Wolf Prowler contour

The DB Prowler also features beautiful stained veneer graphics depicting a wolf on top of a starred sky at night. Like on the Mamba, the grip tape is laser cut into a unique design on top of the nice-looking veneer.

Check out the DB Longboards Wolf Prowler on Amazon

DB Longboards Harbinger cruiser review

DB Longboards Harbinger cruiser review

The DB Harbinger is a cool double-kick street cruiser, 32″ x 9″ in size with a 15.5″ wheelbase. It’s designed for slashing the streets, jump on and off sidewalks and street obstacles, and move around fast while performing all kinds of kickflips. This cruiser looks like an oversized street deck (“hybrid” shape) with sanded wheel wells for tight turns. It’s a great board for everyday nimble city commuting and doing hardcore street tricks along the way.

DB Longboards Harbinger cruiser

The DB Harbinger comes fitted with 149mm Atlas TKP trucks (vs 180mm RKP trucks for the full-sized DB longboards) and soft 60mm Cloud Ride wheels. The awesome bottom graphics feature two skeleton friends having a drink together. The top side has screen-printed grip tape showing a skeleton hand doing the OK sign.

Check out the DB Longboards Harbinger here on Amazon

DB Longboards Mandala cruiser review

DB Longboards Mandala cruiser review

The 32″ DB Mandala is an attractive surfboard-shaped cruiser for surfing the streets. It’s actually 31.75″ long by 9.25″ wide, with a 18.5″ wheelbase. It has a cambered deck and a functional kick enabling quick turns and easy pumping. The wide concaved deck makes for comfortable riding and pleasant foot lock-in when carving and slashing the streets on the way to school or to the store.

DB Longboards Mandala cruiser shape

The DB Mandala complete ships with 149mm street trucks and 65mm Cloud Ride Marbled Cruiser wheels. Like most DB Longboards, it comes fitted with Cloud Ride bearings and spacers. At 6 lbs for the complete, the Mandala is an easy board to carry around everywhere.

DB Longboards Mandala cruiser complete

See the DB Longboards Mandala’s price and reviews here on Amazon

Final words

DB Longboards offer quality longboards made in the USA and sold at affordable prices. Their product lineup includes a broad choice of symmetrical drop-through and topmount cruisers and freeride boards, a couple of versatile downhill shapes, and some cool cruisers with hybrid street or surf-style shapes.

From advanced boards with sophisticated construction to everyday cruisers all sizes, DB has something for all levels and budgets.

Photo credits:
Featured image and product shots courtesy of DB Longboards