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Great Wake Shapers For Supra Wake Boats

Great Wake Shapers For Supra Wake Boats

Many Supra boats can produce a decent surf wave. Getting a creating a large one-sided wake, however, often requires tweaking the list angle of the boat – the angle at which it leans to either starboard or port side.

Doing this using ballast and human weight can be tedious and time-consuming. Adding an aftermarket wake shaper on a Supra can substantially increase the size and power of the wake, sometimes doubling the surfable size of the wake.

Good wake shapers for Supra should stick to specific hull of the boat, and be easy to switch sides for regular vs goofy wakesurfing. They increase the size and length of the wake whilst cleaning it up from chop.

Wake ShaperPriceTop Selling Points
Nauticurl$290– Consistency across most Supra inboard boats
– Durable materials, heavy-duty suction cups
Inland CurlNA– Creates a tall peeling wake
– Compact and unobtrusive design
– Easy to assemble and use
– Customize suction cups for specific boats.
Mission Delta$328– Compatible with most Supra inboard boats
– RipFlow technology cleans up turbulence
– Minimal effect on fuel consumption
– Great for bigger Supra boats
– Reversible to change the shape of the wake
– Ideal for direct drives and complex hulls.
Mission Echo Wedge$198– Entry-level price
– Clean wake without impacting fuel consumption
– Easy to attach and switch sides
– Long wave with decent push.
Wake Surf Edge Pro$300– Concave panel enhances wake size and length
– Great for direct drives and v-drives
– Adaptor for curved/complex Supra hulls
– Built-in floatation
Tsunami$250– Unique adjustable settings to manipulate wake
– Compact yet technical design
– Smooth and hollow wake.

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What to look for in a wake shaper for a Supra boat

A good wake shaper for your Supra boat lengthens the water flow on one side of the boat by forcing the water to converge further back. This creates a longer, bigger wave which offers more push for the rider.

The main benefit of a wake shaper is convenience. Through simply suctioning your wake shaper to the side of your boat, you can get the same result as when spending 20 minutes moving gallons of ballast water tanks and passengers across the boat.

Of course, modern Supra surf boats generally come with a surf system that makes shifting ballast weight a breeze. You might still benefit from a wake shaper to get even more size and push out of your surf wake. 

You want a consistent yet adjustable wake which is easy to adjust depending on the rider. Some riders prefer a chunky pocket whilst others opt for a longer wake. 

When choosing a wake shaper, you need to make sure the suction cups are solid and will stick to the hull of your Supra boat. Some suction cups don’t work well with certain curved hulls.

Some wake shapers have the ability to float in case they fall off the hull, so they won’t sink.

The effect a wake shaper has on the wake depends on the model of the wake shaper as well as its position on the boat:

  • Blade size: a bigger blade will displace more water and delay the water flow more dramatically.
  • Angle: a wake shaper close to a 90-degree angle will displace and delay the most water.
  • Hull position: The closer the wake shaper is positioned to the corner of the hull, the more water delay you experience.

A good setup for a Supra is often with the wake shaper set as far back on the hull as possible, coming out 90 degrees to the hull at the corner, sticking out about 2 inches. 

Choose a wake shaper with floatation so that if it falls off, you can find and collect it easily.

How to use a wake shaper on a Supra boat

Attach the wake plate to the non-surfing side of the Supra boat, at the waterline. If you place it too deep, it may not produce a good enough wave. If you place it above the waterline, it may have little impact on the wake.

When you hit the sweet spot, you’ll notice the pocket of the wave lengthen without taking away from the wave height and push.

You should generally set your ballast lockers to 100% on the surf side and 75% on the non-surf side. You might also want to adjust the placement of your passengers and add more ballast to the front of the boat.

Cruise between 10.5 and 11mph. Once you find the right speed to weight ratio, some Supra boats allow you to memorize wake preferences so you can later replicate the settings with the touch of a button.

With a wake shaper, it typically only takes two minutes to swap sides from a goofy to a regular between riders. 

Let’s look at some of the best wake shapers Supra boat owners use with good success.

Nauticurl wake shaper for Supra ($290)

Nauticurl wake shaper

The streamlined Nauticurl wake shaper is made from sturdy aircraft aluminium alloy and stainless steel springs.

It uses a heavy-duty suction cup to attach itself to the side of the boat and is super easy to use. While it floats in water, you can feel confident driving at 20mph without worrying about it falling off.

But if it does fall off, it floats!

The Nauticurl is easy to use, you simply place it on the non-surfer side and on the very back of the hull, right under the waterline.

This shaper has a nice effect on the length and height of the wave and creates a clean, steep edge on the wake.

Users are continuously impressed by how much difference this wake shaper can make on a top-end Supra.

Inland Curl for Supra

Inland Curl wake shaper

The often recommended Inland Curl creates an especially tall wake on a Supra. It reduces the need for listing the boat by using full ballasts and extra passengers and does all the work itself. 

This wake shaper creates a peeling wake behind almost every Supra wake boat and is highly recommended for its ease of use and unobtrusive, compact design.

It’s easy to fix to the boat and can be moved from one side to the other in 2 minutes.

For a Supra with a curved hull, while the suction cups might not work out of the box, Inland Curl will modify the shaper so it fits with your specific hull.

The Inland Curls typically will confidently stick to the hull on a Supra (e.g. on a Sunsport) even after 30+ hours of surfing.

The device comes in a cheaper standard version that doesn’t float as well as the floating version. It featured a safety leash to prevent loss.

Mission Delta wake shaper for Supra ($328)

Mission Delta wake shaper

The Mission Delta wake shaper has a universal design compatible with most Supra wakeboarding boats.

The small size of the device doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the boat and its fuel consumption levels.

Built with a contoured front panel and side vents, this shaper induces more turbulence than larger solid panels and wedge angle wake shapers. This makes it a particularly good option for Supra boats over 23 feet. 

What’s most unique about it is its reversibility. Orienting the panel at a reverse angle is ideal for direct-drives and complex hulls such as the Supra Launch 21.

By orienting the panel towards the wake or away from it, you get more variation and flexibility to create a wake that suits your boat and rider.

When using this wake shaper on a Supra, make sure you add 100% ballast on the surf-side and 75% on the non-surf side. You’ll notice a significant difference in wave shape and size. 

Ideally, fit the device as far back and low to the water as possible. If it is too far forward, the wave will lose height and push, and you may even get water into your boat.

Mission Echo Wedge for Supra ($198)

Mission echo wedge wake shaper

This entry-level wake shaping device is affordable yet still effective at creating a stand-up wake similar to what a solid panel wake shaper can make.

The Echo Wedge small in size and lightweight and can be packed away within the boat with ease. It creates a clean wake without impacting the performance and fuel consumption of the boat.

Made out of a durable, non-absorbent foam material with solid suction cups that can stick to curved surfaces, The Echo Wedge is easy to recover if it comes unstuck.

It’s also very easy to switch to the other side of the hull.

With the right ballast and weight distribution, the Mission Echo Wedge can produce a really great wave for a Supra 21V, long and with enough push to surf over the length of the wage.

Pair it up with at least 1180lbs of ballast in the front and 650lbs on each side at the stern. You might add another 650lb sac on the rear seat and 150 to 450lb on the floor for example, depending on the number of passengers.

Wakesurf Edge Pro for Supra ($300)

Wakesurf Edge Pro wake shaper

The Wakesurf Edge Pro has a concave panel that greatly enhances both the size and length of the wake. The shape helps channel water flow through the device to produce a cleaner wave face. 

This wake shaper is designed to work with direct drive and v-drive boats including old and new inboard Supra’s.

While this device works out of the box on any hull that has a clean, flat surface, an adaptor with curved rings is available for boats with curved hulls. This allows you to change the profile of the suction cups to handle the convex hull curvature.

This works particularly well for the 2007 Supra 24 Launch or the 2005 Supra 24 Gravity Games. 

With the Wakesurf Edge Pro, you’ll want to avoid actively listing your Supra boat with weighted tanks and ballasts to one specific side. Instead, it’s better to neutrally weight the boat by filling up all ballasts equally.

The Wakesurf Edge Pro comes with a 30-day performance guarantee – you can return if it doesn’t work well for your boat.

Tsunami wake shaper for Supra ($250)

Tsunami wake shaper

Tsunami spent substantial time researching, testing and designing their wake shaper.

What is unique about this device is its adjustable angles. It’s one of the first in the industry to offer adjustable settings that dial into the weight of the boat and the geometric features of the hull.

By simply inserting a pin, you can choose from 4 different angle settings.

The Tsunami has put special attention on suction cups for curved hull, allowing for 30 degrees of hull curvature while reducing the risk of it falling off while in use. 

The Tsunami is small yet technical. Its compact size does not detract from the handling and tracking of the boat. Yet its technical angles truly displace water well providing a clean, tall and longer wake to surf.

On the Supra, place the Tsunami about 6 inches from the edge of the hull at the waterline. Ideally, fill up all your weighted ballast tanks equally, adding one to each rear locker and one to the central locker. 

This wake shaper works especially well with the 2010 Supra Launch 21V. Cruising at 11 to 12mph with full ballast (or more), the Tsunami can greatly increase the size, quality and push of the wake.

Place it as far back as possible, about 6″ from the back, at the water line at rest so it dips below the water line when driving.

Tom Schmid

Friday 30th of June 2023

I have a 2011 Supra 242 Launch and it has a curved hull. I am currently using the SWELL Wakesurf Creator Slim H3X Plus which I have to place higher up on the hull due to the curves of the hull. What would be the best wake shaper for my 2011 Supra 242 Launch? Thank you.

Tom Schmid

Thursday 27th of July 2023

Hi Tom,

We also have a 2011 supra 242 and we tried the swell H3X plus and it would not work on our boat at all. We also tried the Mission Delta and it wouldn't work either. We are starting to lose our minds.