10 Top Landyachtz Longboards For Each Riding Style [2020]

Most riders agree Landyachtz ranks among the top longboard brands on the planet. With roots in hardcore longboard racing, they’ve always been on a mission to make top-quality boards which are both super durable and amazing to ride.

Aside from outstanding decks of all types and shapes, Landyachtz also designs and produces their own highly-regarded trucks under the Bear Trucks brand name, as well as the recognized Hawgs wheels. As a result, LY offers great end-to-end quality for their complete setups.

Landyachtz’s lineup of completes is quite impressive and it’s easy to get lost when trying to choose a complete.

I’ve compiled a comprehensive comparison table for the Landyachtz completes, with key features including target riding style, size and wheelbase, shape, kicks, recommended setup, and price.

Click on the table excerpt below to view it in Google Sheets (or click here):

Landyahtz lineup

Now, if you still feel lost amidst the broad Landyachtz longboard lineup, here are my top 10 Landyachtz boards for the different riding styles:

DinghyMini cruiser28.5″14″ – 15″$149 – $179
ButterSurfskate31.2″15″ – 17.1″$200
ATV PerfectoHybrid32″14.375″$170
Rally CatHybrid34.7″18.2″$195
SwitchbladeFreeride36″ to 40″27.25″ to 31″$260
ObsidianRacing31″22.5″ – 23″$266 (deck)
Drop CatDrop-through cruiser 33″ – 38.6″23.9″ – 29.3″$220
Drop CarveDrop-through cruiser 34″ – 37.9″24.3″ – 28″$220
RipperPintail w/ kick36.9″24.9″$175 – $190
StratusDancer40.5″ – 45.5″22.3/24.5″ – 27.5/29.5″$230

In the rest of this post, I’ll briefly go over each of these longboards. Hopefully this will help you choose the best one for your needs.

Landyachtz’s longboards can be categorized as follows:

  • Mini-cruisers
  • Surfskates
  • Hybrid decks
  • Freeride & commuting decks
  • Race decks
  • Drop-through cruisers
  • Pintail style boards
  • Dancing longboards

See a wide range of Landyachtz longboards here on Stoked Ride Shop or here on Evo

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Best Landyachtz small cruiser

Landyachtz Dinghy

Landyachtz Dinghy

The Dinghy is Landyachtz uber-popular, flagship mini cruiser. It is 28.5″ long and 8″ to 8.6″ wide with a 14.6″ to 15″ wheelbase depending on the version.

The Dinghy has a classic mini-cruiser surf shape with a significant wide kicktail, a small nose kicks for tricks, a mellow concave with pronounced wheel flares for foot lock-in when riding faster and slashing hard.

The Dinghy comes fitted with responsive and tight-turning Polar Bear 105mm trucks and soft 63mm Fatty Hawgs that fit the deck perfectly with zero bite.

Check out the Dinghy here on Evo. See also my full review of the Dinghy here.

The Tugboat, Schooner, and Dugout are close cousins of the Dinghy with similar shapes albeit slightly bigger sizes and wheelbases.

Best Landyachtz surfskate

Landyachtz Butter

Landyachtz Butter

The 31.2″ x 9″ Butter surfskate also has a surf-style full outline but is significantly flatter compared to the Dinghy and its cousin. It has a smaller and more mellow kicktail, a flat concave, and no wheel flares or nose kick.

The Butter’s flat shape is suitable for a surfskate, designed to provide complete freedom of movement for surf-style riding. The deck is equipped with soft-top grip tape for barefoot riding.

The Butter comes fitted with Landyachtz’s Banger surfskate front truck for above-normal turn and response allowing for radical cutbacks and tailslides. The rear truck is a normal TKP Polar Bear 155mm for grip and stability.

See the Butter on Evo. Also check out my full review of Landyatchz’s surfskates here.

Best Landyachtz hybrid longboard

Landyachtz ATV

Landyachtz ATV

At 32″ x 9″ with a 14″3/8 wheelbase, the ATV Perfecto is one of Landyachtz’s special hybrid boards for combining street riding and pleasant cruising.

Although clearly a double-kick deck, the ATV perfecto has a slightly directional shape for easier cruising. That said, it has street and park built into its DNA with a durable and high-pop composite construction and noticeable concave and subtle foot pockets.

The complete comes with 155mm Polar Bear TKP trucks and lightweight, fast-rolling 60mm Chubby Hawgs.

The ATV series also includes the Classic, Ditch ($170), and Jammer, all double-kick hybrids though they vary slightly in size, wheelbase, and symmetrical vs directional feel.

Check out my Landyachtz ATV review here

Landyachtz Rally Cat

Landyachtz Rally Cat

A larger hybrid at 34.7″ x 8.9″, the Rally Cat is designed for a mix of cruising, freeride, and serious street/park. It’s double-kick deck with a lot of rocker, making it low riding and easy to push on.

The Rally Cat has a significant tail and nose kicks (almost symmetrical), medium concave, and pronounced wheel flares that create snug pockets for solid foot lock-in when fast riding and performing hard tricks.

This is a great board for serious tricks and smooth cruising. It comes with agile Polar Bear 130mm trucks and fast and smooth 63mm Fatty Hawgs.

Best Landyachtz freeride longboard

Landyachtz Switchblade

Landyachtz Switchblade

The Switchblade is another Landyachtz best seller. A symmetrical double drop with large wheel cutouts and a big foot platform, it comes in 36″, 38″, and 40″ lengths with width ranging from 9.75″ to 10″ and wheelbase 27.25″ to 31″.

This is a very versatile, low-riding board that’s extremely comfortable for distance pushing and good for carving and moderate freeride. It’s a stiff and durable 9-ply board with medium concave and deep foot pockets for solid lock-in at speed.

Check out my full review of the Switchblade here

Best Landyachtz racing longboard

Landyachtz Obsidian

Landyachtz Obsidian

31″ x 9″ with an adjustable wheelbase of 22-5″ to 23″, the Obsidian is the ultimate bullet shaped carbon racing board. It’s similar to the Small Blind but slightly bigger and more stable

This deck has a special shape with several flat leverage points on the side for the highest control in high speed turns. It has a wide squash tail, no kick, and virtually no concave for optimal placement and freedom of move when racing.

See the Obsidian here on Landyachtz’s website.

Best Landyachtz drop-through cruiser

Landyachtz Drop Cat

Landyachtz Drop Cat

The Drop Cat is a rockered directional drop-through drop-through commuter longboard. It comes in two sizes, 33″ x 9 5/8″ (23.9 WB) and 38″ x 9.9″ (29.3″ WB).

The innovative high rocker makes this board low riding for pushing and distance, and gives good foot lock-in for freeride. The mild flex helps absorb shocks from uneven ground without affecting stability when going fast.

The Drop Cat comes stock with smooth carving 180mm Grizzly Bear trucks and large and grippy 72mm Plow King wheels.

Learn more about the Drop Cat in this post and this post

Landyachtz Drop Carve

Landyachtz Drop Carve

While at first sight, it looks similar to the Drop Cat, the Drop CARVE is a symmetrical all-rounder with double kicks and “normal” rocker – hence a bit higher riding. It comes in sizes 34″ x 8.6″ (24.3″ WB) and 37.9″ x 9.7″ (28″ WB).

The small kicks allow for more all-terrain riding than the Drop Cat. The medium flex and mellow concave makes the Drop Carve suitable for easy commuting and some freeride and sliding.

This board comes stock with the responsive Grizzlies 180mm. The 63mm Fatty wheels (vs 72mm for the Drop cat) are more suitable for hopping and popping.

Best Landyachtz pintail longboard

Landyachtz Ripper

Landyachtz Ripper

The Ripper is a 36.9″ x 9″ (WB 24.9″) cruiser with sort of a pintail shape but without the pin tail ! It has a long and narrow shape with a squash kicktail that makes it look like a longboard surfboard.

This board has a nice angles kicktail and boasts a pretty good rocker than brings the deck closer to the ground for comfy cruising. The Ripper has subtle concave, making it a good board for chill and stable riding.

The long wheelbase gives this board a surfy feel, while the tight Polar Bear 130mm RPK trucks, “smaller” 63mm wheels, and functional kicktail keep it responsive and smooth riding.

Check out the Ripper here on Landyachtz’s website.

Best Landyachtz dancing longboard

Landyachtz Stratus

Landyachtz Stratus

The symmetrical, double-kick Stratus has made a spot for itself among the top dancing and freestyle longboards out there. The Watercolour version is beautiful looking.

The popular dancer is 46″ x 9.25″ with a 27.5″ – 29.5″ adjustable wheelbase – though the Stratus also comes in length 40″ with a 22.3″ – 224.5″ wheelbase.

The full-size deck offers a large foot platform with minimal concave and grip tape for board walking and cross-stepping. It has energetic flex for smooth carving, and nice double kicks for freestyle tricks and quick turns.

The Stratus comes equipped with smooth and responsive Grizzly RKP trucks and relatively small 63mm Fatty Hawgs for low weight and grippy turns.

Learn more about the Stratus in this post.


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  • Looking for the best LD model for a heavy(250lb) beginner rider. For mainly sidewalks and paths flat areas etc. Maybe a few mild ramps, but not really doing tricks.

    • The best LY board for heavier riders is probably the Switchblade as it’s super strong and roomy. For sidewalks, however, you might need something shorter and more maneuverable. The 34″ Drop Carve has a 24″+ wheelbase for a relatively short turning radius. It’s drop through so easy to push on longer trails. And it’s got small kicks for curb hopping. If the sidewalks you ride on are large enough, this drop through might work well for you – a topmount would be more nimble for tight sidewalks. Hope this helps!

  • “for each riding style”? no model for LDP push and pump. DropCat maybe fine for push but not for pumping.

    • True, LY is not very “pump oriented”, unlike Loaded (think Icarus or Poke). I get an awesome pump with my LY Chief pintail though, nice and flexy, works great with Paris trucks as well. Also check out the Drop Carve 34″, haven’t really tried it for distance pumping but the medium flex drop-through could make it a good candidate IMO.

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