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Awesome Madrid x Maui And Sons Re-issue Collection

Awesome Madrid x Maui And Sons Re-issue Collection

Madrid Skateboards, the iconic skateboard brand started in the late 60s by Jerry Madrid, and Maui and Sons, a legendary surf/skate/snow surfwear and apparel brand since the 80s, are reviving their decades-old collaboration.

During the vibrant 1980s, Madrid in collaboration with Maui and Sons produced a remarkable skateboard collection that epitomized the era’s radical skate culture. This iconic collection featured decks with eye-catching, vivid graphics created by the Hawaiian-inspired brand.

Madrid Skateboards’ partnership with Maui and Sons led to high-quality decks of various shapes and sizes that became sought-after treasures among skateboard enthusiasts. These boards are fondly remembered as a symbol of the rebellious spirit of the 80s.

Now 40 years later, the two companies are re-issuing a limited version of the 80s collection, with the original board shapes and Maui & Sons artwork. This is classic! I’m not missing it for sure.

Here’s the lowdown.

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Maui and Sons Brainwaves 29.75″

The Brainwave is a 29.75″ x 9.375″ with a 15″ wheelbase. It has a directional cruiser shape with a short but wide kicktail and a diamond-shaped nose kick for park and street riding.

The graphics on the bottom side depict a white skull with pink sun shades and a beanie made of epic green breaking waves. The skull sits on a blue-stained veneered background.

The skill is surrounded by the Maui and Sons and Madrid names displayed in curvy elements. The brand graphics are replicated in small on the top side of the deck.

Check out the Brainwaves on Madrid’s site

Maui and Sons Surfmouth 30.5″

The Skullshades is a 30.5″ x 10.5″ (16 3/8″ wheelbase) retro pool-type shape with a rounded tail and nose. The deck has a super short and wide kicktail, a small, slightly narrower nose kick, and a tapered waist (sidecuts). An optimal shape for bowl and ditch riding.

The deck has a dark veneered top and bottom with cool graphics around the phrase “Put your surf where your mouth is”, a reference to the well-known habit of surfers overstating their skills and wave achievements.

The graphics feature a surfer head with spiky yellow hair, pink shades, and an epic barreling wave in his mouth. The Maui and Sons and Madrid names and logos are both displayed underneath.

A sized-down version of the graphics is replicated on the top side of the deck.

See the Surfmouth here on Madrid.

Maui and Sons Skullshades 30.5″

The Skullshades is another custom pool shape 30.5″ long by 10.5″ wide. It boasts a long and stable 16.5″ wheelbase ideal for down-the-line pool skating. It has a wide short kick and a short and very narrow uplifted nose.

This shape is not nearly as full as the similarly shaped Surfmouth (above) with radical cutouts in the rear half and around the nose. This gives the board extra responsiveness in radical turns despite the longer wheelbase.

The collector graphics again represent a skull with sunglasses (they are yellow this time), amidst nice shades of white, gray, orange, violet, and yellow on a purple-stained veneer background.

As usual, the Maui and Madrid names appear below the “brainy” skull, the former in white letters and the latter in yellow. Here again, a sized-down version of the graphics is replicated on the top side.

See the Skullshades on Madrid’s website.

Maui and Sons Sharkman 28.5″

The Sharkman is a shorter cruiser (we might call it a mini) at 28.5″ x 8.25″. With a 15″ wheelbase, it has a fuller outline and modern, surfboard-inspired cruiser shape.

The deck has a decent-sized, diamond-shaped kicktail for quick turns and a flattish rounded nose. This is a great board for easy cruising and commuting in urban neighborhoods, in back alleys, and on tight sidewalks.

A very portable board you can easily carry and stash away be it in public transport, at school, or work.

The awesome graphics on the deck bottom side feature Maui and Sons’ iconic shark rider pulling an air and grab on his skateboard. The graphics use beautiful shades of pink, yellow, and blue on a wood veneer background.

The Maui and Sons and Madrid brand names are shown in fancy and colorful graphical form on the top side of the deck.

The complete setup for the Sharkman comes with black Cadillac trucks and Cadillac OG 56mm wheels.

Check out the Sharkman on Madrid’s site