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Sector 9 Longboards: November & December Sale

Sector 9 Longboards: November & December Sale

Here are Sector 9’s newest offers and promos for November and December 2022:

Currently until 12/31/2210% entire site excluding sale items. Use coupon SHOPSECTOR10Sector 9 site
Nov 25 to 28 2022 25% site wide, 50% off select itemsSector 9 site
December 2022Sale 20% off site wide, free shipping on everythingSector 9 site
PermanentUp to 50% off items in the Sale Section Sale Section
PermanentUp to 35% off Components & AccessoriesComponents

Based in San Diego California, Sector 9 Longboards has been in the market for nearly 30 years and has established itself as one of the largest quality longboarding companies in the world.

Sector 9 makes an impressive number of models each year catering to all levels of riders and all riding styles. See our Sector 9 comparison guide to help you pick the right board for your specific needs.

Sector 9 pintails are midsize or full-size, maple or bamboo longboards with a long and narrow shape and tapered tail. Pintails are great for pleasant relaxed cruising and carving on smooth surfaces like bike paths or a boardwalk.

If you need a board for quick runs to the store or cruising between campus building, look for a Sector 9 mini-cruiser under 30″. They are very nimble and quick turning due to their topmount design, short wheelbase (14″), and TKP Mission trucks.

Sector 9 also offers surf-oriented setups that revolve around a punchy combination of a flexy deck construction and uber-responsive double-axis or TKP trucks for surf-style carving in the streets.

Sector 9’s drop-through cutout longboards are designed primarily for carving. The drop-through design makes these boards low riding and stable at speed.

Full size drop-through Sector 9 longboards with large wheel cutouts are best-suited for distance commuting. The drop-through mount and the Charger TKP trucks make these boards ride low to the ground, making pushing a lot easier.

Symmetrical Sector 9 longboards (38″ – 40″ long) with large cutout shapes and concaved decks are built for freeride. The wide foot platform near the tips and the uplifted rails provide good foot lock-in for confident sliding.