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ReVive Skateboards Review: The Web-Born Skate Brand

ReVive Skateboards Review: The Web-Born Skate Brand

ReVive Skateboards was founded and is run by Andrew Shrock and Aaron Kyro, two skateboarders from Cincinnati who have become famous in the skateboarding community through Andy Schrock’s uber-popular Youtube channel (2.5M subscribers!). The founders’ initial project in 2009 was to create a full-length skateboarding video which then evolved into a Youtube “making-of” and tutorials series that triggered the launch of the brand.

ReVive actually started off as ReVenge Skateboards but later had to change its name due to copyright issues – many skaters still know the Revenge brand today.

Due to their internet-based direct marketing approach, ReVive Skateboards are able to offer quality skateboards on par with other popular high-end manufacturers at lower prices – typically around $38 for a deck.

ReVive’s brands also include Force Wheels (skateboard wheels), 3 Block Skateboards (decks), and Amgrip (grip tape). They sell their products directly to end customers through their Shredquarters online store. They also have a few decks available on their Amazon store.

ReVice Skateboards decks

Most skaters agree ReVive’s decks are just as good and solid as other top-quality “pro” skateboard brands – many feel there’s no difference in quality between these brands and ReVive’s solid rock hard Canadian maple decks. Other riders compare ReVive to good quality shop decks.

Skateboard decks in general differ in shape, graphics, and/or manufacturing location. ReVive decks are produced by Pennswood Skateboard Manufacturing, a smaller Pennsylvania woodshop who caters to small teams, skate shop brands, and custom orders. In contrast to mass-produced skateboards, Pennswood focused on quality wood pressing and traditional screen printing.

The ReVive decks tend to have slightly more mellow concave than other leading brands (e.g. Baker, Birdhouse, Antihero, Zero etc). They are globally quite stiff though with a slight amount ot flex. They offer great pop often compared to Baker decks.

On skateboard decks in general, the wood degrades over time and loses its snappiness, making tricks and jumps harder. The ReVive decks hold up quite well over time, keeping their initial shape and pop for at least a few months of intense use. Though you may end up seeing a few pressure cracks in a ReVive deck, it won’t snap easily even after weeks of intense tricks and hard landings.

ReVive Skateboards prices

Many skateboarders initially are attracted to ReVive’s shapes and designs but some are suspicious about the relatively low deck prices – ReVive Skateboards decks start at $38, compared to other top brand decks that typically sell for $50 or more. They have no reason to be, however.

The reason for the relatively low prices is that ReVive keeps the costs down by designing their own products, marketing primarily through their own Youtube channel, and selling direct online. They save overhead costs including marketing and sales staff, designers, distributors, pro riders, etc. As a result, their prices are closer to shop decks which typically sell for around $30-35.

ReVive Skateboard setups

Besides standalone decks, ReVive offers a complete skateboard starter setup which includes a complete skateboard plus a helmet and skate tool. The skateboard doesn’t come pre-assembled, you need to assemble it yourself. The package includes:

  • Choice of ReVive deck size (7.5-7.75, 8.0-8.125″, 8.25-8.5″) and design
  • Krux trucks: 7.6″, 8″, 8.25″ based on deck size
  • Force Wheels: 52mm, 53mm, or 54mm diameter based on deck size
  • Bronson G2 bearings
  • Force (ReVive) hardware
  • Free sheet of Jessup grip tape
  • ReVive skate tool

Here are some tips from ReVive on how to pick the right size skateboard deck for you:

For more advanced skaters, you can fit some Independent or Thunder trucks on your ReVive deck, and some Spitfire, Bones, Ricta, or OJ wheels – or even ReVive’s own Force wheels which are pretty good quality. To keep your wheels rolling longer and smoother, Bones Reds bearings are typically the best choice. All these components will likely have a longer lifetime than the ReVive deck itself (or any other deck).

5 awesome ReVive Skateboards decks

Let’s take a deeper look at ReVive’s decks. Here are 5 of my personal favorite decks.

ReVice Skateboards Infoodity War review

ReVive Skateboards Infoodity review

This is a 31.5″ deck with medium concave with cool graphics featuring a bunch of pizzas getting ready to fight a gang of nachos .

The Infoodity comes in 6 widths: 7.5″, 7.75″, 8.0″, 8.125″, 8.25″ and 8.5″. Which width is best for you depends on your height, weight, foot size, riding style (e.g. cruising and commuting vs hardcore tricks) and personal preferences (see previous section). Check out the Infoodity War deck on ReVive Skateboard’s site.

ReVive Skateboards Jonny Giger The Swiss review

ReVive Skateboards The Swiss review

Awesome Marvel-style comics graphics featuring Jonny Giger, a superhero on a skateboard over a Swiss-colored background – white cross over a red background. Users find this ReVive deck to be high quality and a lot better than many other brand name decks. Check it out on ReVive’s site.

ReVive Skateboards Aaron Kyro Stencil review

ReVive Skateboards Aaron Kyro Stencil review

Kyro pro board with a huge white ReVive logo on a blue background. The Aaron Kyro Stencil as a medium concave and is 31.5″ long. It comes in all 6 widths (7.5, 7.75, 8.0, 8.125, 8.52, and 8.5). This great deck makes for higher ollies and easier shuvits, and faster ride. See the Kyro here.

ReVive Skateboards Noble review

ReVive Skateboards Noble review

The Noble has a medieval legend theme with a knight sword and shield, conveying the legendary side of the ReVive Skateboards brand. This deck is 31.5″ long, has a medium concave, and comes in the same 6 widths as the ones above. Riders say this is an amazing board that’s comfortable to ride and offers a lot of pop for ollies and kickflips. Check it out here.

ReVive Skateboards Doug Des Autels Minotaur Review

ReVive Skateboards Doug Des Autels Minotaur Review

Doug Des Autels’ is a well-known professional skateboarder who’s always available to other skaters for advice. This is his pro board, which has beautiful lavender and orange, geometric-style Minotaur graphics on a green gradient background. “In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was a monster with the body of a man and the head and tail of a bull”.  Check out this deck on ReVive’s website.

Frequently asked questions

Who owns ReVive Skateboards?

Andy Schrock owns ReVive Skateboards.

How long does it take for ReVive skateboards to ship?

If you’re in the U.S, it typically takes 2 to 10 business days to receive your order from the day it’s shipped out. If you live abroad, however, it may take 2 to 12 weeks to arrive. See this page on ReVive’s site.

Final words

ReVive Skateboards have made a place for themselves in the very exclusive and demanding skateboarding community through their solid quality deck – and wheels, which I haven’t covered in this post – and their very broad and supportive internet audience. Whether you’re a serious skater, a newbie who’s taking skateboarding seriously, or a parent looking for a good quality affordable board for your kid, you can’t go wrong with a ReVive skateboard.

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Alfie Dunn

Wednesday 7th of April 2021

After just 3 sessions on a skatepark my revive board snapped on a ground trick!! Now I’m told that it’s not covered by the manufacturers guarantee? I bought from a UK supplier called supereight. Is this true? Regards

Tom C

Sunday 5th of July 2020

Sorry but you need to get your facts right. Revive skateboards was set up by Andy Shrock and Brian Ambs not Arron Kyro. He is a pro rider for revive but he has his own company Braille skateboarding that teaches kids to skate among other things. "Also he is a sponsored skater from the San Francisco bay area"


Thursday 28th of May 2020

late 90's early 2000's skater here, now in my mid 30's. The clarion call back to skating is pushing me. Everything has changed, my favorite shoe brands are gone (Osiris). Glad to see new brands have stepped up and figured their marketing out through utilizing the web! I told myself I would NEVER quit skating. Here I come, back from over 15 years man...

Big Kahuna

Thursday 28th of May 2020

Awesome welcome back Mike! Going back to street decks or will you be moving to a different riding style?

Ian Tarrant

Monday 7th of October 2019

dude i have a revive deck its super good i have been skating revive my whole life. i think its good because the razor tail holds up good i rarely have to get a new board because me holds up well if you are looking to buy a skateboard for a low price but high quality get a revive skateboard. when you order a board it comes with a free sheet of jessup grip tape and sometimes a sticker i dont know if it was just me that got a free sticker or if thats common. revive is the best brand ever and if i got to meet Andy or Ryden i would be so happy i have been skating for a year now and revive has helped me in so many ways. Andy if you see this please shout me out in a video. im Ian Tarrant and im 11 years old. thank you

Big Kahuna

Tuesday 8th of October 2019

Hey Ian, thanks for sharing your experience and opinion! I'll forward your message to the guys at Revive, I'm sure they'll be psyched. Ride on!