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New Powell Peralta Classic 1980s Deck Reissues

New Powell Peralta Classic 1980s Deck Reissues

Powell-Peralta has released several deck reissues from the 80s with original top and bottom graphics, shape, and concave. True classic skateboarding time travel!

While the graphics were crafted in California (see below), the decks are pressed in Mexico using high-quality U.S. materials following Powell-Peralta build and warranty specs.

The 3 decks below all use the Long 4 – 2.5″ old-school truck hole pattern. They feature the SP3 concave – the classic Powell-Peralta golden age mold originally used for the Bones Brigade.

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OG Ray Rodriguez Skull & Sword Reissue deck – 10″ x 30″

BrandPowell Peralta
Deck ConcaveSP3
Deck Wheelbase16″
Deck Size30″ x 10″
Deck Nose / Tail3.125″ / 6.63″

Originally released in 1979, the OG Ray Rodriguez deck came in two shapes, 10″ x 30″ (Widetail) and 10″ x 28.5″ (Snub Nose) with bright flashy colors. Ray’s signature was replaced with the Powell-Peralta script logo in 1983.

Over time, the colors evolved into today’s turquoise and white graphics on a beautiful red stain background.

The “Skull & Sword” artwork was designed as the inaugural pro signature graphic for the Rodriguez model. It’s a 1979 collaborative work of Ray Rodriguez, V.C. Johnson, and George Powell. Its release marked a significant moment in skateboarding history.

See the deck reissue here

Mike McGill Skull & Snake Reissue Deck – 10″ x 30.125″

BrandBones Brigade
Deck ConcaveSP3
Deck Wheelbase16.625″
Deck Size30.125″ x 10″
Deck Nose / Tail2.5″ / 6″

In the summer of 1984, Vernon Courtlandt Johnson worked on a new deck graphic for skateboard pro Mike McGill – who was meanwhile practicing his 540 McTwist trick in Sweden. Vernon and Miked chose the popular “Skull & Bones” theme, enriched with a snake and lightning bolts as per Mike’s suggestions.

Over the years, the McGill Skull & Snake graphic became an iconic piece of skate art. This reissue features the classic artwork on the bottom and a great-looking red dragon on the top side – both on a gray stain background.

Check out the deck reissue here

Steve Caballero Chinese Dragon Reissue Deck – 10″ x 30″

BrandBones Brigade
Deck ConcaveSP3
Deck Wheelbase15″
Deck Size30″ x 10″
Deck Nose / Tail3.875″ / 7″

In 1986, “The Search for Animal Chin”, a classic skateboarding video produced by Powell Peralta, was released. Regarded as one of the most influential skateboarding films of its time, it featured legendary skateboarders Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, and Tommy Guerrero.

At the same time, Vernon Courtlandt Johnson released a new deck graphic for the Caballero pro model to replace the old 1980 version. The “Cab Chinese Dragon” graphic, based on a Chinese takeout box, was used on a new (albeit short-lived) 7-ply fish-shape deck.

In this reissue, the bottom side features the graphic on a sage green background. See it here