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New Carver Skateboards Female Artist Series

New Carver Skateboards Female Artist Series

Carver Skateboards introduced a new latest Artist Series featuring the creative talents of three amazing female artists. This series includes:

  • The 30.25” Trippy Hippy by Surfy Birdy
  • The 31.25” Supernova by Allison Kunath
  • The 28” Snapper by Harley & J.
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Carver Trippy Hippy 30.25″

Carver Trippy Hippy
Size30.25″ x 9.875″
Wheels70mm 81A Smoke
Price$272 (C7), $250 (CX)

This 30+” Carver surf skate is named after Rachel Dejohn aka Trippy Hippy, a great 60s-inspired artist based in Costa Rica and beaming positive sunshine vibes.

The board has a classic Carver outline with a wide squash tail, increased width near the front trucks for optimal foot leverage, and a wide pointed nose for fast turns.

The Trippy is a relatively flat deck with mellow contour and concave and a flattish nose. The large kicktail, however, facilitates quick turns, drawn-out curves, and flowy carves.

The deck is slightly wider than the Carver trucks (C7 or CX) but the risers keep it wheelbite-free when doing tight surf turns. This makes the board responsive and turny, allowing for moderate driveway slashing with the CX, or soulful classic-surf curves with the C7.

The bottom side artwork features beautiful shiny bright yellow tones conveying a psychedelic vibe, with mushrooms, tropical flowers, and multicolored curves.

Carver Super Nova 31.25″

Carver Super Nova 31.25"
Size31.25″ x 9.875″
Wheels70mm 81A
Price$272 (C7), $250 (CX)

The Super Nova is slightly longer but just as wide as the Trippy, making it a bit slimmer and less stubby looking. It’s a high-performance board ideal for taller riders and those who like to ride fast.

The Supernova also has much more pronounced contours and concave compared to the Trippy, with aggressive wheel flares and uplifted rails. It also features a small upturned nose kick.

These things make the Supernova well-suited for aggressive riding styles at higher speeds, including in the park. The long 17″ wheelbase keeps this board very stable including at higher speeds and in extreme positions.

The graphics by Allison Kunath evoke a combination of spiraling sunrays and sundial markings, depicted with orange stains on a black background.

Carver Snapper 28″

Carver Snapper 28"
Size28″ x 9.625″
Wheels70mm 81A
Price$272 (C7), $250 (C7)

The Snapper is the “mini-est” and stubbiest of all three surf skates in this Artist series. While it’s a lot shorter than the other two (28″ vs 30+ and 31+) it’s almost as wide at 9.625″.

The width and relatively long wheelbase (15+”) make it suitable even for full-size, trick-focused surf skaters.

Combined with the CX, for example, the Snapper’s short length and ideal wheelbase result in a super snappy board for radical tricks, jumps, snapbacks, and tail slides. Although shorter, the kicktail is aggressively angled, and the small nose kick gives you welcome foot lock-in for rad maneuvers.

The Snapper can easily be stuffed into a back, a small locker, or a car trunk. The bottom side artwork by Jasmin Meier, aka Harley & J, shows attractive 70s-inspired fabric inlay patterns and old-school rail cut lap, with shades of green, maroon, yellow, and orange on a white background.