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Mindless Longboards Review: 13 Boards Truly Worth A Look

Mindless Longboards Review: 13 Boards Truly Worth A Look

Created in 2005, Mindless Longboards is a UK-based longboard brand (one of the few). The company designs and develops quality longboards which riders often compare to major brands such as Lush, Landyachtz, Bustin, etc.

Mindless Longboards has a wide range of completes including mini-cruisers, full-sized cruisers and pintails, drop-throughs, dancers, as well as a brand new surf skate line.

In this post, I’ll take a close-up look at the company and zoom in on some of the top longboard models in their lineup.

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Mindless Longboards: quality processes and products

Mindless Longboards invests in quality products and handles the selection, inspection, and finishing of each wood layer before the deck plies are single-pressed. Their main goal is to produce longboards with the best possible quality at competitive prices.

Mindless Longboards seeks to fully control the production process from sourcing to finishing. Canadian maple is the main material used, both for its cost-effectiveness and pleasant riding feel.

Mindless also invests in premium veneers to make their longboards visually attractive. They source wood from eco-friendly sources that support regenerative foresting.

The company continuously invests in R&D to innovate and keep up with the competition, including high-end longboard brands. Having an in-house 3D designer allows them to test new designs and molds faster.

Mindless Longboards Mini Cruisers

Mindless Longboards Daily 24/7

mindless longboards daily 24/7 cruiser review

The Mindless Daily 24/7 is a super short (the shortest in the Mindless lineup) and super small cruiser 24″ long by 7″ wide, designed to fully fit in a school bag or under a tight office desk. It’s compact and lightweight enough (6-ply maple) to be carried around everywhere.

The Mindless Daily is quite popular with its sleek cruiser shape for nimble city riding and cool concentric graphic motifs in different color tones. The deck has deep wheel wells for a wheelbite-free ride. The relatively long 16.25″ wheelbase makes the ride comfortable despite the small size.

The complete comes with smaller 4″ standard kingpin (SKP) trucks and 60mm (83A) wheels, quite large relative to the deck size for faster and smoother rolling.

Check out the Mindless Longboards Daily 24/7 mini-cruiser orange version, brown version, or blue version here on Amazon.

Mindless Longboards Sunset Cruiser 28″

mindless longboards sunset cruiser review

The Mindless Longboards Sunset Cruiser is a 28″ x 7.75″ small street cruiser similar in size and shape to the popular Landyachtz Dinghy. With a super short wheelbase of 13.8″, a mellow concave and a slight kicktail, it’s versatile and just as well-suited for nimble sidewalk/street slashing, bowl and park riding, and street tricks. It’s highly portable and super easy to carry around.

The Mindless Sunset Cruiser has a 7-ply maple deck with gorgeous graphics on both sides, evoking a sunset over mountains and ocean. The deck has sand spray grip on top. The complete comes with 5″ SKP trucks with 88A Serenity Bushings, and Mindless Daily 60mm wheels (83A).

See the price for the Mindless Longboards Sunset Cruiser on Amazon.

Mindless Longboards Daily Grande 28″

mindless longboards daily grande review

The Mindless Longboards Daily Grande II mini-cruiser, at 28″ x 7.75″, is comparable in size and shape to the Sunset – and the big brother of the Daily 24/7. Like the Sunset, its a portable city cruiser which can also be used for skatepark and bowl thanks to its slight concave and kicktail.

The Daily Grande features attractive dual-color graphics on the deck’s bottom and opaque grip tape on the top side. Like the Sunset, the complete setup includes 5″ Mindless SKP trucks and 60mm Mindless wheels.

Check out the Amazon price for the Mindless Longboards Daily Grande Green version, Black & White version, Blue version, or Purple version.

Mindless Longboard Core Cruiser 28.5″ review

mindless longboards core mini cruiser

The Mindless Core mini is another short 28″ by 7,75″ cruiser with a classic bullet shape for nimble city riding. Its 16.8″ wheelbase and functional kick make it a great board for commuting in tight urban areas and on narrow sidewalks.

The Core Cruiser boasts a beautiful rosewood veneer adorned with classic pinstripe design. The complete comes stock with quality 5″ Seagull SKP trucks and 60mm (83A) wheels.

Check out the Mindless Longboards Core Cruiser here on Amazon.

Mindless Longboards Mandala 28″ review

mindless longboards mandala 28" review

The Mindless Mandala is another cool-looking 28″ mini-cruiser, wider than the Sunset and Daily Grande at 8.125″. The greater aspect ratio, diamond-shaped kicktail, and eye-catching gradient graphics all combine to make the Mandala stand out from the rest.

The Mandala’s wider shape, upturned nose, and shorter 15.5″ wheelbase make the Mandala a good option for street tricks and bowl riding. The complete comes with 5.5″ California SKP trucks (smaller and better-suited for tricks than similar-sized Mindless cruisers) and the usual 60mm Mindless Daily wheels.

Check out the price for the Mindless Longboards Mandala here on Amazon.

Mindless Longboards Cruisers

Mindless Longboards Raider V review

mindless longboards raider V review

The Mindless Raider V is a sleak and narrow-aspect 34″ x 8″ longboard for serious cruising and commuting. The deck is a maple, bamboo, and fiberglass composite which makes it highly a durable and gives it a flexy and carvy feel. The Raider comes with 5.5″ reverse kingpin (RKP) trucks and large 70mm Team wheels with a relatively soft 80A durometer.

Check out the price for the Mindless Longboards Raider V here on Amazon.

Mindless Longboards Rogue Swallow review

mindless longboards rogue swallow review

The Mindless Longboards Rogue Swallow is also 34″ long but with a much wider outline at 9.7″ (vs 8″ for the Raider). The shape is reminiscent of a fish surfboard and of early skateboards, namely due to the stylish swallowtail. The Mindless Rogue deck, unlike the Raider, is 100% 7-ply hard maple.

The Rogue’s wider profile makes it a good option for pumping and carving, as well as a comfortable cruiser, including for newer riders. The 6.5″ reverse kingpin trucks and 8mm wedged risers make the board further responsive and turny. The complete comes stock with softer 78A bushings and soft 70mm 80A Team Wheels.

See the Mindless Longboards Rogue Swallow Green version or Pink version on Amazon.

Mindless Longboards Rogue IV 38″ review

mindless longboards rogue IV 38" review

The Mindless Tribal Rogue IV is a classic 38″ x 9.75″ pintail shape with a long 28″+ wheelbase. It’s a great responsive yet stable option for easy cruising and carving over medium distances.

The 7-ply maple deck features a subtle concave for a comfortable foot hold. What really sets this longboard apart is the awesome tribal-style artwork on the deck bottom, featuring wood totem graphics sitting on green (or red depending on version) leaves on a black background.

The Mindless Rogue IV pintail also comes with wedged 6.5″ RKP trucks (Silver Tumble finish) with soft (78A) bushings and 70mm wheels.

See the Mindless Longboards Tribal Rogue complete here on Amazon.

Mindless Longboards Core Pintail 44″ review

mindless longboards core pintail review

At 44″ x 9.75″ (with a huge 35.5″ wheelbase), the Mindless Core Pintail is a massive classic cruiser, longer and relatively narrower pintail shape than the 38″ Rogue. It’s a great option for easy pushing and cruising on longer bike paths and roomy boardwalks.

Like the other two Core models in the Mindless lineup (Mini-cruiser and Dancer), the Core Pintail boasts a 7-ply maple deck, a quality rosewood bottom veneer with a classic stripe graphic pattern, and a full-coverage grip on top.

The Core pintail complete comes with the proven 7″ Mindless Talisman Trucks (V2) and big Mindless Shifta 76mm x 53mm wheels soft enough (83A) for a smooth and carvy ride.

See the Mindless Longboards Core Pintail 44″ complete here on Amazon.

Mindless Longboards surf skates

mindless longboards surf skate bamboo review

The Mindless Bamboo Surf Skate is a short and wide, 30″ x 9.5″ deck built from 7-ply Canadian maple with a smoked bamboo layer on the bottom (individually hand-laid strips).

The new Mindless surf skate truck allows for smooth carving, effective pumping, tight turns, and surf-style cutbacks. Yet, it offers enough stability to be ridden with ease by newbie surf skaters.

The surfskate truck has optimized geometry for land surfing. It comes with 2 different sets of bushings, softer (78A) and harder (82A) for different rider weights and pumping feel.

The Surf Skate Bamboo complete comes with Mindless Viper 65mm centerset wheels with a grippy 31mm contact patch for optimal carving.

Check out the Mindless Longboards Bamboo Surf Skate 30″ here on Amazon.

Mindless Longboards Drop-throughs

Mindless Longboards Sanke 39″ review

mindless longboards sanke 39" review

The Mindless Longboards Sanke III is a classic symmetrical drop-through shape with large wheel cutouts and twin kicks for switch riding and sliding.

The Sanke’s drop-through design makes it low-riding and push-friendly, and very stable including at higher speeds.

At 39″ long and 9.5″ wide, with a long 30″ wheelbase, the 8-ply maple deck offers a strong and comfortable foot platform for high-speed riding and/or long-distance commuting. It also makes a great beginner longboard.

The Sanke’s graphic design features attractive geometric shape in flashy orange or green colors on the bottom, with a full-covering black grip tape on top.

The Mindless Sanke complete ships with turny 7″ reverse kingpin trucks fitted with 85A (firm) double barrel bushings, and larger 70mm wheels that are soft enough for grip and carves (80A).

Check out the Mindless Longboards Sanke 39″ Drop-Through here on Amazon.

Mindless Longboards Maverick DT IV review

mindless longboards maverick DT IV review

The Mindless Maverick is larger than the Sanke at 44″ x 9,75″ with a 31″ wheelbase. Unlike the Sanke, this is a directional shape with a larger kicktail and small nose. The Maverick also has ample wheel cutouts to prevent any amount of wheelbite when turning hard.

The Maverick deck is built from 6-ply Canadian maple and a bottom bamboo ply, which combined with the surf-inspired blue-colored floral graphics, gives the board a very attractive look.

The Mindless Maverick is a very comfortable, stable, low-riding longboard for pushing and commuting. It’s kicktail and quality Talisman trucks make the Maverick responsive and relatively fast-turning for its size.

The Maverick complete comes stock with hard bushings for stability at higher speeds and big soft 76mm Shifta wheels for fast and smooth rolling.

See the Mindless Longboards Maverick DT IV 44″ on Amazon.

Mindless Longboards freestyle/dance completes

Mindless Longboards Hamu II 48.5″ review

mindless longboards Hamu II 48.5" review

The Mindless Hamu II is a beautiful bamboo and maple dancing board with a 48.5″ long and 9.5″ wide with a huge adjustable 33″ wheelbase. It’s a classic symmetrical dancer shape with large wheel cutouts to prevent wheelbite but wide tips for doing advanced freestyle and dancing tricks.

The Hamu boasts stunning totem-style artwork on the bottom with a sutble pastel color on a natural bamboo background. The top side of the deck featured a sophisticated grip tape design with an ungripped, bamboo show-through geometric pattern along the center of the deck length.

The Mindless Hamu dancer offers a slightly dropped platform near the truck mounts for subtle foot pockets when carving and freestyling, and a mellow camber for energetic carving response when boardwalking.

The Hamu deck’s 5 plies of bamboo gives this dancer a good responsive flex for dancing. The additional 2 plies of maple fiber and the reinforced nose and tail also make it strong enough for tougher technical freestyle tricks.

The large wheelbase and bamboo flex also make the Mindless Hamu a stable and smooth option for pushing and cruising on long bike paths.

The Hamu comes stock with 7″ Talisman V2 trucks, harder 94A Mojo Bushings, 70mm wide and soft, fast-rolling, grippy Maji wheels, and high-precision bearings.

The Mindless Longboards Hamu not only a solid deck and complete, it’s a very affordable dancer longboard compared to others. Check it out here on Amazon.

Photo credits:
Featured image and product shots courtesy of Mindless Longboards


Tuesday 26th of January 2021

How do the mindless surfskate trucks compare to slalom trucks e.g Bennett Vectors or Seismic?

Big Kahuna

Wednesday 27th of January 2021

I don't think they can be compared, Bennetts are much more specialized trucks. Surfskate trucks in general are a very different beast, they're designed for more extreme surf carving, not as much tight slalom curves.


Sunday 10th of January 2021

This is a well presented line up. I will certainly be trying the mindless surf skate trucks after reading this. The hamu 2 also looks fun for freestyle and dance. One correction, the article states lush is a US skate company, I’m pretty sure that like mindless, they are uk based.

Big Kahuna

Monday 11th of January 2021

Hey, thanks for your comment and for the heads up, I'll fix that. Ride on!