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Landyachtz Drop Hammer Review: Comfortable, Pushable, Stable

Landyachtz Drop Hammer Review: Comfortable, Pushable, Stable

The Drop Hammer from Landyachtz is a classic mid-sized drop-through longboard ideal for smooth and comfortable cruising and responsive carving. It offers a very wide deck with exceptional foot space for cruising.

Yet, the Drop Hammer is relatively compact and lightweight for a symmetrical drop-through board, making it a good option for everyday commutes. It’s also very suitable for carving down small hills and pushing longer distances.

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ShapeSymmetrical cutout
Mount styleDrop-through
FlexStiff maple
ConcaveMild (medium W)
Construction100% 7-ply Canadian Maple
Trucks852 Bear Grizzly Gen6
WheelsHawgs Plough King 72mm 78A

Whom/what is the Drop Hammer good for?

what is the Drop Hammer good for?

Commuting and pushing

A few things make the Drop Hammer a fine commuter boar:

  • Comfortable for pushing: the drop-through design makes the board ride lower to the ground compared to a topmount, making it very suitable for push commuting distance.
  • Wide foot platform: the Drop Hammer deck is 10″ in width – which is quite wide. This also makes it comfortable to ride for long periods of time including with a bigger shoe size.
  • Decently portable: the midsize shape of the Drop Hammer makes it OK to carry around on a train or into a store – although its width still gives it some bulk.
  • The large (72mm) soft (78A) Hawgs wheels allow for fast riding on diverse terrain. You get a lot of roll for your kicks.

Cruising and carving

  • The wide foot platform makes the Drop Hammer very comfortable for cruising. The super smooth Bear Grizzly trucks and the soft and grippy wheels also contribute to the cruising pleasure on this board.
  • This board can carve hard for a drop-through. The Bear trucks are known for their responsiveness, and the huge cutouts give the board tons of wheel clearance for tight turns on a hill.


Although it’s not designed to be a high-speed downhill board, the Drop Hammer makes a pretty good beginner to intermediate freeride board due to its twin shape (switch riding), carving ability, but also its stability at higher speed.

The latter results from a relatively long wheelbase (27+”), very stiff flex, and uber-stable Bear trucks. The mild W concave also helps keep your feet in place and give you a secure feel when riding faster.

The concave, high width, and low ride give you confidence for sliding on this board. The drop-through mount makes slides more predictable and stable, even though you need a bit more effort to break traction.

All-around beginner longboard

Riders often command the Drop Hammer for being a great beginner board. The wide and ample platform makes it ideal for learners. It works particular well for smaller riders, and for heavier ones thanks to very stiff, sturdy build and stable ride.


Some smaller riders love the Drop Hammer for throwing it around and doing basic freestyle tricks. The nice walkable platform and decent twin kicks makes it fun to play with.

Of course, the large wheel cutouts aren’t the best for advanced freestyle and dancing tricks as they increase the change of foot rub.

Check out the Landyachtz Drop Hammer on Stoked Ride Shop

What riders say about the Drop Hammer

Here’s a recap of key rider feedback regarding the Landyachtz Drop Hammer:

  • The Drop Hammer is a very good carving board with a feeling close to that of snowboarding.
  • This board is light and feels responsive, it allows you to try aggressive maneuvers without getting out of control.
  • Although turning may not be as tight as on a topmount, this board is very responsive and maneuvers easily.
  • The Drop Hammer feels wide, comfortable, and stable. In contrast to other longboards, it rides smoothly even on rugged city streets.
  • The Drop Hammer has great carving capabilities while still being stable enough for riding down decent hills with no speed wobbles.
  • The Drop Hammer is strong and durable and can take a 250-300lb rider without issues.
  • This board is quite lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • The artwork on the Pinecone version of the Drop Hammer is stunning.

Drop Hammer shape & construction

Drop Hammer shape & construction

As mentioned, the Drop Hammer is a true drop-through twin shape characterized by a very wide standing platform relative to the midsize length.

The Pinecone version of the Drop Hammer has a 7-ply Canadian Maple construction, resulting in a very stiff and sturdy deck capable of handling heavier riders.

The minimal W concave on this board is mellow with a small ridge in the middle and slightly uplifted rails. Although subtle, the concave is sufficient for comfortable foot lock-in when carving and sliding.

The Drop Hammer features ample wheel cutouts for wheelbite-free turns, and small tail and nose kicks that come in handy for simple kick tricks.

Landyachtz Drop Hammer setup

Landyachtz Drop Hammer setup

The Landyachtz Drop Hammer comes fitted with the Bear Grizzly Gen 6 RKP trucks, among the top longboard trucks on the market. They have a reputation for being awesome carving trucks.

The Grizzlies can be flipped for a lower baseplate angle well-suited for downhill speed.

The 6th generation of the Bear Grizzlies have bushing seats that are open and free turning. They feature stepped insert bushings which allow for deep carves with no slop through the complete turn. The Gen 6 also look great.

The Drop Hammer ships with highly-rated Hawgs Plough King 72mm 78A wheels.

Check out the Landyachtz Drop Hammer on Stoked Ride Shop or here on Amazon