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Landyachtz ATV Review

Landyachtz ATV Review

If you’re a street skater who commonly cruises across town on your street deck, or if you’re a longboarder looking to hone your street tricks skills, then you need to take a closer look at Landyachtz’s ATV hybrid skateboard line.

Landyachtz’s ATV hybrid boards are a mixture of cruiser and traditional skateboard. They are 30-35″, street-inspired skateboards with old-school type shapes but running on bigger, softer wheels and TKP trucks for comfortable shredding around the city without giving up hardcore street tricks.

In short, the ATVs are city rippers designed for all-around but street-oriented skateboarding. They are Landyachtz’s answer to the “skate everything” movement. In the rest of this post, we look at what these cool street cruisers are made of and what they’re capable of.

The ATV come in different shape variations (see section further below) and graphic designs. They are affordably priced between $149 and $179.

Check out the Landyachtz ATV on Amazon or Evo.

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Landyachtz ATV main characteristics

Landyachtz ATV review

As mentioned, the Landyachtz ATV is primarily meant for combining capable urban cruising on any type of terrain (hence the “ATV” name) with traditional street skating.

The ATVs achieve this through a reinforced and oversized traditional skate construction combined with cruisy trucks and bigger, softer wheels compared to a typical street deck.

The big double kicks, stiff flex, and mild concave let you easily snap ollies and kickflips, as well as ride skateparks, pools, and ditches. At the same time, the deck shapes and the trucks and wheels make for comfortable shredding and even allow for some freeride.

The ATV rides very smoothly, similar to the very popular Dinghy. The traditional skate construction and large kicks give it really good pop and make it as street functional as the older Loco Series. The decent wheelbase and TKP trucks on the ATV make it quite stable and easy to slide on when riding down medium hills.

So the Landyachtz ATV delivers what it was designed for, which is to let you mix several styles of skating – urban travel, carving, ollies and kick tricks, freeride – on various kinds of terrain.

Landyachtz ATV shapes

There are actually 3 different shapes for the Landyachtz ATV, named Laguito, Presidente, and Perfecto. All three are hybrid shapes with double kicks and the same 14.375″ wheelbase. However, subtle differences between them give each version a slightly different mix of street vs cruiser features.

The ATV Laguito

Landyachtz ATV Laguito

The Laguito is 32″ long and 8.5″ wide and has the most traditional street shape of the three, fully symmetrical and popsicle-like with rounded tails. The narrowest of the three (0.1″ to 0.5″ narrower than the others), it’s optimized for fast rail transitions and maximum pop for kickflips and ollies. It’s best-suited for riders with smaller sized feet.

The ATV Presidente

Landyachtz ATV Presidente

The Presidente has a slighly more directional shape than the Laguito, with a bit wider tail and a bit narrower nose with a chisel shape. The kicks on the Presidente are virtually symmetrical, however, so the shape works fine for kick tricks as well.

The slightly wider tail provides a bit more leverage for carving and urban shredding, including for a rider with larger feet. At 31.5″ x 8.6″, the Presidente version is a tad wider and slightly shorter than the Laguito.

The ATV Perfecto

Landyachtz ATV Perfecto

The Perfecto is the bigger version of all three, with a 32″ length and 9″ width (same wheelbase as the other two) making for the most comfortable commuting. This is the most cruise and speed-focused version with a bullet shape, tapered tail and widened nose. This lets you shift more weight on your front truck for higher leverage and faster riding, including downhill.

Although the Perfecto has the most directional shape of the three, it’s still highly trickable with a large kick tail for ollies and kickflips and asymmetrical concave for riding switch comfortably.

ATV deck construction

Although at first sight, the ATV decks may look like regular skateboards, they are built using a hybrid of 7-ply maple, epoxy and fiberglass. The added fiberglass top sheet stiffens and greatly strengthens the decks while keeping them lightweight. The extra layer also adds snappiness and durable pop to them.

The decks have big kicks (for tricks, see previous section for versions), a medium radial concave (for shredding and sliding), and a stiff flex (for kick tricks and park). All these elements participate in the street vs cruise vs speed balanced mix.

ATV trucks and wheels

Landyachtz also own the highly reputable Bear Trucks and Hawgs Wheels brands, so all Landyachtz complete boards come with these high-quality components.

All 3 versions of the ATV ship with 155mm Polar Bear TKP trucks, which are great carving and pumping trucks (I’ve been riding them for a long time). The trucks are very responsive. They come fitted with an angled riser in the front which adds a bit more carve to the ride.

The stock bushings are very soft and squishy barrel bushing which are nice for cruising and shredding. For hardcore street riding, though, you may choose to swap them for slightly harder bushings (e.g. Bones medium hard).

Fit for street riding, the Polar Bears have a very high tolerance and are among the lowest cast trucks on the market. They have heat-treated axels, machined hanger shoulders, precision threading, engineered bushing seats…

The Landyachtz ATV skateboards come with 60mm 78A Chubby Hawgs wheels. These wheels are fast and smooth, big enough to roll over cracks and bumps. They use a special urethane formula that Landyachtz tests on downhill longboards in freeride conditions.

The wheels are filled with 8mm Bear Spaceball bearings. My own favorite setup runs on those, and after breaking them in, the wheels really roll on forever.

Some riders refer to swap the wheels for slightly bigger, 63mm wheels to better absorb ground imperfections.

Landyachtz ATV designs and colors

As mentioned, the ATV comes in slightly different shapes, but also various great-looking color designs – each design is associated with a single shape, so you must choose between your preferred shape OR your preferred graphic art. Here are some of the ATV art options:

Landyatchz ATV Cowboy
ATV Cowboy (Laguito)
ATV Watercolor (Laguito)

ATV Watercolor (Laguito)
ATV Q-Binsky (Perfecto)

ATV Q-Binsky (Perfecto)

Check out the Landyachtz ATV on Amazon or Evo.

In short

With the ATV series, Landyacthz stays true to its reputation with a really well-made, durable composite deck and quality components for the completes. Like all their products, the ATVs are made at a small factory in the middle of British Columbia and shipped all over the world.

The ATV caters to the need of those who like to skate as a way to recreate while commuting. It’s a smaller board for all-around urban skateboarding and functionality for all styles – street, park, pools, some freeride.

They offer a nice cruiser feel (and even shape for the Perfecto) while staying trickable, fast, flowy, and stable at some speed.

Last but not least, at $150-$180 they are quite reasonably priced given the quality and value they offer street and commuter skaters of all kinds.