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How to store a skateboard

If you want your skateboard to last and avoid unnecessary wear due to weather conditions, dirt, humidity, and other elements, you need to store your skateboard properly. Of course, this will depend on the climate you live in, and the season.

Storing your skateboard properly can make the materials last longer, so store your skateboard in a place where the temperature is controlled, if possible– like inside your house. Exposing your skateboard to the cold or excess heat can cause unnecessary wear and decrease the board’s lifespan. 

Factors to consider when storing your skateboard include showing it off, having quick access to it, and protecting it. 

You also want to store it properly to avoid accidents, such as the board getting accidentally stepped on by you or other members of your household. 

Read on for more about proper skateboard storage and cool ways to store your board.

How to store your skateboards in a closet

If you want to store your skateboard in a closet, make sure it does not get too dry or too wet. If your home has centralized air conditioning and you have vents in your closet, there should be no problem.

You want to store it in a space in your closet where you can access it easily without having a hard time getting out when you are about to use it. 

You also want to keep your board separate from your clean clothes. If you have a storage closet for your tools and other home equipment, you can also store it there. 

Just make sure you clean the closet often to avoid excessive dust from going into your bearings. Also make sure your bearings are not too lubed up to avoid making it sticky when it gets dirty or dusty inside the closet. 

If it gets too dry or wet in your closet, your skateboard, especially the hardware, can develop rust which can eventually strip the nuts and bolts. 

Stripped hardware can be a hassle if you need to take your board apart and swap your deck, trucks, or wheels. 

You can also use a sturdy clothes hanger if you want to hang your board in your closet. Just hang the trucks on the hange. If you think your skateboard is too heavy for one hanger, you can use two hangers duct-taped together.

How to store your skateboards on racks

Storing your skateboard on racks is better than storing it in the closet, especially if you are storing it in an open area vs an enclosed space. 

There are many different skateboard racks available online. This skateboard rack for example is a multi-skateboard rack where you can hang three skateboards at once and even your helmet. 

The rack is very easy to set up, and you can also hang scooters if you have a kid who rides one. It comes with all the tools you need, you can do it by yourself without any power tools. 

This rack is another excellent option if you don’t want your board hanging on the wall. It can fit up to six skateboards, cruisers, and longboards and it is also very easy to assemble.  It is a good option for your bedroom, living room, or even your garage. 

You can place your skateboard rack in your bedroom or some other place in your house that is warm enough and where it won’t get in the way. 

Make sure you don’t store the board racks in cold places (like your garage) during the winter to keep your bearings from freezing and your hardware from getting rusty. 

Storing your skateboards in a garage

Some garages can get too humid or too moist, and storing your skateboard in the garage might not be a good idea. 

If that is your only choice, however, you may want to store your board(s) in an open area in the garage, or place it on a rack to avoid mold and mildew buildup on the grip tape or the board itself. 

You also don’t want your skateboard laying on the floor in the garage someone might step on it accidentally. The person can shoot out, hit your car, or even get hurt when they fall.

Make sure you choose the right spot in your garage to store your skateboard, where it is not in the way and not exposed to extreme cold and heat. 

Hanging your skateboards on the wall

Another great way to store your skateboard when not in use is to hang it on the wall. By doing so, your board won’t get in the way, will look good on your wall, and will be easy to pick up to go ride. 

This skateboard hanger is an excellent option for displaying a skateboard deck when not in use, e.g. if you want to preserve and show off the graphics of one of your boards.

The hanger comes with the tools you need so you can install it without drilling.

If, on the other hand, you want to hang a fully set up skateboard, you can check out this hanger.

It is also easy to install and all you need is a Philipps screwdriver for wooden walls although you will need to drill a hole for concrete walls.

This hanger comes with the drywall anchors and screws you need to mount it on any surface.

Again, you want to make sure you are storing it at room temperature to avoid wear and oxidation.

An added benefit of your skateboard hanging on the wall is that you might get inspired to go skate more vs the skateboard sitting out of your sight in a closet or under a bed. 

Other good ways of storing skateboards

Aside from the methods mentioned above, here are additional clever ways to store your skateboard:

Store in skate sack

If you are riding your bike or walking to the skatepark, you may keep your skateboard in a skate sack. This can protect your board from the rain or sun rays. 

Some skate sacks also have pockets for accessories like your skate tool and extra wheels, hardware, and bearings. Many of these sacks have a sling strap for easy carrying. 

If you want to push on your skateboard to get to your skate spot, you can still bring the skate sack in your backpack and pull it out to protect your board in case of rain.

Here are some cool skate sacks you can find on Amazon:

  • Skate Sack Oxford: a budget-friendly skate sack that is water-resistant and lightweight for easy carrying. 

Store in skate bag

You can also store your skateboard in a skate bag. It is a backpack that comes with snap straps or Velcro, allowing you to carry your board with ease. 

The main difference between a skate bag and a skate sack is the materials: skate sacks are typically made from thinner fabric, while skate bags are often insulated, making them excellent for long-term storage.

That said, some skate bags are merely backpacks with an extra strap to carry your board and provide no protection for your board at all. They only make it easier to carry your board when traveling with just one bag. 

Here are some examples of skate bags:

  • Skateboard backpack: this backpack allows you to carry your skateboard and everything else in a single bag. However, it does not provide full protection.
  • Skateboard bag for travel: this particular option is an excellent skate bag for traveling, long-term storage in your car, garage, and home. It provides full protection, and even has a laptop compartment.

You can also leave your skateboard strapped to your skate bag with all of your skateboarding essentials and store the whole thing in a closet or garage. This way, you have everything prepped up when you’re ready for a skate session. 

Store in the trunk of your car

Many people like to store their skateboards in the trunk of their cars. It is a good way to store your skateboard, especially if you want to bring it anywhere you want to go. 

You never know when you’ll come across a new skate spot or park, so it’s a good idea to have your board with you at all times. 

However, you need to make sure your board is protected, especially if your car trunk isn’t very insulated. Here again, you may want to store your board in a skate bag or sack inside the trunk of your car for extra protection. 

Guitar hanger for the wall

If you don’t know how to hang your board on the wall or cannot find a board hanger, you can use a guitar hanger and hang your trucks on it. 

Skate parking block

This cool skateboard parking block rack is an Amazon find. You can place it anywhere without drilling holes and no assembly is required. It is a great way to store your skateboard in your bedroom or closet without getting in the way. 

Long-term skateboard storage

Storing your skateboard for longer periods of time is different from short-term storage. 

You will need to make sure the humidity is just right, and if you don’t have central AC, you may need to get a dehumidifier for your bedroom or closet to ensure your board is in good condition when you are ready to use it. 

Many people do not skate in the winter or in the rainy season. To ensure that you won’t need to buy a new skateboard when the summer comes, make sure you store it properly during your hibernation. 

What to do before putting a skateboard in storage for a long time

Here are some things to do when storing your skateboard for a long period:

  • Take the skateboard apart
  • Don’t place heavy objects on top of the deck to prevent warping
  • Do not place your skateboard in moist or humid areas
  • Keep it in a skate bag or sack if possible
  • Purchase a dehumidifier if the air is too moist, or a humidifier if it’s too dry
  • Clean your skateboard before storage and remove excess dirt between the trucks, inside the wheels. Remove any excess oil from the bearings