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Best Globe Longboard: 10 Hand Picked Boards Reviewed

Best Globe Longboard: 10 Hand Picked Boards Reviewed

Globe is one of the largest skateboard and longboard manufacturers and distributors in the world, and for a reason. The brand’s longboard and cruiser lineup is impressive, both in terms of the number of boards it offers but also for quality and style.

Globe’s longboards are known for their quality material and craftsmanship and for their durability. Globe has a particular focus on cruisers, with a broad range of sizes, shapes and styles. Some Globe cruisers are simply stunning.

In this post, I take a close-up look at 10 popular Globe cruisers and longboards. My aim is to give you a short and no-BS lowdown on exactly what each board is about, what it’s best for, and how it differs from the others.

Note: this post focuses on Globe’s longboards and cruisers. Check out this other post for a review of Globe’s awesome street skateboards.

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Globe Blazer

globe blazer

The Blazer is a sweet, slick-looking, smooth-rolling little cruiser, one of Globe’s star products. It’s optimally sized for easy cruising with a soft concave, a medium kicktail, and a stiff and durable deck. It actually comes in 3 sizes, a regular size 26″ x 7.25″ (comparable to the Sagano), a Big Blazer version 32″ x 9.125″ (comparable to the Chromantic, see next), and an XL version 36.25″ x 9.75″.

The Blazer is relatively lightweight for its maple wood construction thanks to the epoxy resin used. It has a stylish diamond tail (vs a fishtail for the Chromantic) and a large kicktail relative to its size (4.875″ on the 26″ version).

Like the Sagano, the Blazer comes fitted with 4.5″ traditional kingpin Tensor trucks giving it a very agile and surfy feel. The 62mm (83A) wheels, however, are much bigger than the Sagano’s and roll very smoothly and quietly for cruising, swallowing ground imperfections really well.

In short: a very comfortable, smooth, portable, and stylish mini-cruiser for campus and town commutes. See my full review for more on the Blazer.

Globe Chromantic

Globe Chromantic

The Chromantic is a classic directional city cruiser, 33″ long by 9.5″ wide, with a nice 4″ angled kicktail (with grip pad) for curb hopping and a 2.5″ flat nose. The deck has an attractive fishtail surfboard look, with slight camber and concave. The Chromantic has a maple core construction which gives it a lot of pop. Different versions have different wood finish and graphic designs – e.g. teak wood and resin or cherry wood.

The Chromantic cruiser ships with 6″ Tensor trucks that make it very tight and fast turning, and loose enough to ride pool and skatepark and even do some freestyle tricks. It comes stock with 62mm 83A wheels, the right size and hardness for nimble and comfortable city cruising and slashing.

In short: a nice little cruiser for smooth carving and slashy urban commuting. See the Chromantic here on evo

Globe Prowler

Globe Prowler

The Prowler is a 38″ long, slick drop-through cruiser with a directional, shape that tapers off in the back. It has huge wheel cutouts in the front and back so that the wheels stick out significantly from the deck, providing very high clearance for carving. The arrow-style aspect and the swallow tail give the Prowler a very distinctive look compared to standard cutout shapes.

The deck has a sturdy and stiff 9-ply maple construction laminated using epoxy, making it very durable. The drop-through trucks give the board a lower ride height, making it suitable for mellow distance cruising. The stability and mellow side-to-side concave make it safe and comfortable to
riding down mild hills at some speed on this board.

The 180mm RKP Slant trucks give the Prowler and smooth and carvy feel for its size, and the 69mm 83A wheels roll fast and smooth over ground imperfections.

In short: a sporty-looking full-size drop-through cruiser for easy pushing over longer commutes and comfortable faster riding on medium hills.

Check out the Prowler on Evo.

Globe Byron Bay

globe byron bay

The Byron Bay looks a bit like a pintail but with a kicktail. It has a long and narrow shape at 43″ by 9.5″, a nice bamboo flex for fluid carving, and a kick tail for curb hopping. It’s a nice topmount board with a slight concave for surf-style commuting and carving.

The long wheelbase and mellow flex make for a smooth and flowy ride. The Byron Bay has responsive 150mm RKP Slant trucks and big soft 70mm (78A) Globe wheels for cruising and carving.

In short: awesome looking surf-style board for cruising and fast distance commuting, great stability at speed, very smooth and comfortable ride. A great carving longboard due to flex. Some versions have a bottle opener.

Check out the Globe Byron Bay on Evo.

Globe Bannerstone

globe bannerstone

The Bannerstone is a symmetrical, pure freestyle deck designed primarily for sliding. With a length of 41″ and a 32.5″ wheelbase, it is comparable in size to the Spearpoint except it has topmoung trucks and a nice dropped platform that securely cuddles your feet during slides. The slight concave adds a bit more foot lock-in when freeriding.

The topmount design keeps the board responsive and maneuverable at speed, while the dropped deck gives you a lowered and stable ride. Unlike most other freeride boards, the Bannerstone has a bamboo construction resulting in a touch of flex that feels just right when bombing hills and sliding, without affecting stability. The full symmetrical shape lets you perform 180º slides and switch tricks.

The Bannerstone ships with agile and stable 180mm Slant trucks (with relatively soft bushings) and big soft 72mm (78A) Globe wheels.

In short: another beautifully-crafted Globe board meant for speed and sliding thanks to its top mount, drop deck and large wheel cutouts for good clearance when carving big hills. Also a good low board for distance pushing.

See the Bannerstone on Globe’s site

Globe HG Bantam

The Bantam is a mini-cruiser (one might say even tiny cruiser) 23″ x 6″ with a 11.5” mini wheelbase! It’s a Penny-style directional fishtail cruiser shape. Some versions of the Bantam (the ST versions) have a stiff, heavy-duty plastic deck, while others (the Evo versions) are made of hardwood maple and have very slight flex. All Bantam decks have very appealing graphics that give the tiny cruiser a special look.

The Bantam is designed for short commutes and easy carrying and stashing thanks to its tiny size and super lightweight. It has very mellow concave and a small but steep kicktail that makes the board super maneuverable and facilitates jumping on and off sidewalks and small obstacles.

The soft (78A) 59mm Globe wheels also help roll over cracks and bumps comfortably, and the 3.5″ Tensor trucks are no toy trucks! Like the board itself, the trucks are high-quality, durable trucks which allow for some decent carving despite their small size.

In short: the Bantam is a nice and smooth-riding tiny mini-cuiser for short-distance rides and easy carrying on the bus or train, as well as for lugging around indoors. The Bantam is super light and very durable. Check it out on Amazon.

Globe Geminon

The Globe Geminon is more a product line than a single longboard model. Several quite different boards in the Globe lineup bear the Geminon name. What they all have in common though, is that they are designed for fast freeride and downhill.

Versions of the Geminon include the Geminon 35, a classic 35″ freeride big cutout shape with drop-through maple construction. The Geminon Kick is also a symmetrical freeride board with drop-through trucks, 37″ long with a cool-looking coconut top layer.

The Geminon Drop-Down is a larger, 41″ cutout shape (beautiful looks) but this time with topmount trucks and a dropped platform, making it low riding and stable at speed. The Geminon Micro-drop is a mix of the Drop-down and the Kick, with its 37″ length, drop-through construction, coconut top layer, and slight platform drop (smaller than the Drop-Down).

The Geminon Evo comes in two sizes, 34″ and 38″, and has a bamboo core and exotic Olivewood top and bottom layer for a gorgeous finish and durability. This version has more of a pure downhill shape (not big wheel cutouts, deck covers the wheels) and a steep concave for foot lock-in at speed.

All versions of the Geminon have 180mm Slant RKP trucks and 70mm wheels with either 78A or 83A duro depending on the version and riding goals (e.g. freeride vs downhill).

In short: Geminon is a line of fast freeride and downhill boards with a focus on speed and stability, offering several options in terms of mount style, right height, wheel clearance, and foot lock-in.

See the Geminon on Evo

Globe Sun City

Globe Sun City

The Sun City is a 30″ stubby-looking cruising and carving cruiser shaped like a fishtail short surfboard. It has a 7-ply stiff maple construction with different finish versions, one of which has a great-looking coconut top layer.

Globe Sun City side view

The Sun City’s shape is similar to surfskate shapes similar to Carver or Slide skateboards. The wide deck relative to length (9″), the 18.5″ wheelbase, and the small kicktail make it very carvable and maneuverable. The designs are colorful and surf-inspired.

The Sun City comes with 5.25″ Tensor trucks which add to the board’s nimbleness and tight turning ability – though perhaps not as much as surfskate trucks would. The 62mm 78A wheels are big enough for smooth and comfy cruising without causing wheelbite in tight turns. They’re well-adapted to the deck’s shape and wheel wells.

In short: a fun surf-style mini cruiser and carver for surf warmup and parking lot/driveway slashing, or crowded sidewalk cruising at the beach.

See the Sun City on Evo or Amazon

Globe Sagano

The Sagano is another mini swallow-tail cruiser, slightly larger than the Bantam and slightly shorter than a street board, at 26″ x 7.5″ with a 13.5″ wheelbase. It has a surfboard-style shape inspired from early skateboards from the 70s. The Sagano has a significant (5.125″) kicktail and a steep concave that gives you control and allows riding comfortably at speed and performing tight carves and slashes with your feet locked-in.

The Sagano has a solid quality 7-ply maple and resin construction with beautiful exotic Olive wood top and bottom layers that make each deck unique and adds to strength and durability.

The complete comes with 56mm (78A) retro wheels which offer a good mix of grip and speed. The wheels get enough clearance in turns thanks to the wheel wells sanded in the deck. The wheels and the 4.5″ Tensor SKP trucks together give the board the responsiveness and turn it needs.

In short: a great-looking retro-style, surf-style mini-cruiser for slashing around the neighborhood and commuting short distances. Great for stashing under a desk or inside a backpack. See it on Amazon.

Globe Spearpoint

globe spearpointt

The Spearpoint is a freeride drop-through longboard with a cutout shape designed for speed and long commutes. It comes in two versions, a full-sized 40″ version, and a mini 33″ version. The board has big wheel cutouts and a nearly-symmetrical shape for freeride and switch riding – although in reality, it’s a directional board with a squared tail and pointy nose for comfortable commuting.

The drop-through design makes the Spearpoint stable at higher speeds, including for downhill freeride runs. Its bamboo construction makes it slightly flexy, lightweight and sturdy, and really nice looking. The mini has a 22.5″ wheelbase vs 30.75″ for the full-size version.

Both versions come with 180mm RKP Slant trucks, which are agile and stable. The mini comes with Globe 62mm 78A wheels vs Globe 69mm (83A) for the full-sized Spearpoint.

In short: great commuting/pushing and freeride board, stable and sturdy, rides like a $300 board. Beautiful quality bamboo material and graphics.

See the Spearpoint on Globe’s website

Wrapping up

I hope you’ve found the information on these Globe longboards and cruisers useful and that it helps you sort through their broad high-quality product line. There are quite a few more great longboards I haven’t covered in this selection including the Pinner and the All-Time pintails.