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Enuff Skateboards Review: Here’s Why They Are So Popular

Enuff Skateboards Review: Here’s Why They Are So Popular

Enuff Skateboards is a UK brand established in 2006. It was created by skateboarders who had a vision for good quality yet very affordable skateboarding products for the British market. 13 years later, Enuff Skateboards has built a solid presence in UK skate shops and also distributes internationally.

In general, few skateboard brands with comparable prices on the market match Enuff’s overall quality and pop. Enuff Skateboards was initially created with the following goals in mind:

  • Help grow the sport of skateboarding in the UK through affordable quality boards
  • Contribute to democratizing the sport, by promoting it with kids and making it accessible to a broader audience
  • Grow the sport in an environment-friendly way – deck maple comes from sustainable sources

One of the ways Enuff Skateboards achieves these goals is through their cosmopolitan pro team, which includes very young and talented riders (aged 7 to 14) along with two of “older” ones (18 and 19). The team participates in frequent demos across the UK in schools, camps, and contests.

Enuff Skateboards is distributed by Stateside Skates, a long-standing (1981) UK company which handles the brand’s design, manufacturing, and worldwide distribution. Besides Enuff, Stateside also manages Voltage Skateboards and Mindless Longboards as well as other skating brands (Rio Roller, SFR Skates), scooter brands (Slamm Scooters, Frenzy Scooters), and protective gear (Rekd).

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How good are Enuff skateboards?

Enuff Skateboards are well-rated in the young skateboarding community for their quality decks and components and attractive graphics – e.g. the Pow, Pyro, and Graffiti models.

Many skateboarders rate Enuff skateboards positively, namely for the shapes, pop, and graphics of the decks – which many find beautiful (see reviews below). Enuff skateboard owners generally love the board feel as well as the quality of the products relative to their competitive prices – many riders actually own more than one Enuff deck.

Enuff riders often say that even though the Enuff skateboard complete may not be fully on par with top brands in the industry, they are well worth the price you pay for them, and a great option for those on a budget.

Riders are also generally happy with the quality of Enuff’s ABEC9 bearings and Enuff Corelite wheels. Some riders even specifically choose Enuff trucks when building custom setups mixing components from various brands.

While younger skateboarders are well-aware that cheap decks and components can feel off and even discourage learners from pursuing the sport (lousy-rolling wheels, less-than-smooth trucks etc), they feel Enuf Skateboards offer good value for money and a good foundation for a beginner to get started on.

What makes a decent quality skateboard setup?

These are a few key considerations for identifying a decent skateboard setup:

  • Good trucks, wheels, and bearings can last you a long time without having to replace them – a deck, on the other hand, typically wears out quite fast
  • Truck weight is important for ollies, especially when learning. The alloy used in the trucks should be both lightweight and strong – which generally means pricier.
  • The shape of a deck is important for non-beginner skateboarders. Cheaper decks have plain contours and don’t provide as much fit and control as quality decks.
  • The number of wood plies, as well as wood grade, e.g. strong 100% Canadian Maple vs weaker Chinese Maple (aka Birchwood), determines a deck’s strength.
  • Blank decks (single color, no graphics) and raw trucks are generally less costly than painted decks and colored trucks with similar quality.
  • Inexpensive bearings and wheels can work fine for average skateboarding. Bones Reds are a great example of affordable yet good quality bearings.

Enuff skateboard completes meet most of the above criteria, offering a good compromise option in terms of shape and component quality at a UK price ranging from 55 to 70 British Pounds.

Enuff Skateboards Pow complete review

enuff pow complete skateboard review

The Enuff Skateboards Pow is a 7.75″ by 31″ (very) long deck designed for beginner to intermediate level skateboarders. It boasts a pronounced shape with medium concave and functional nose and tail kicks. The Pow deck has a 7-ply full maple construction and has cool comic-inspired graphic art on a green, blue or red background.

Like most boards in the Enuff lineup, the Pow also comes in a sized-down kids (“mini”) version which is 7.25″ x 29.5″, more lightweight than the regular version to facilitate learning street tricks.

The Enuff Pow comes with quality 129mm (5″) Enuff Decade trucks which offer responsive turns, smooth grinds, and good clearance due to its low, 19.5º kingpin. The trucks are fitted with 96A duro bushings. The Pow complete is equipped with durable 54mm 99A wheels and ABEC-9 water-resistant Enuff bearings.

Check out the Enuff Skateboards Pow on Amazon.

Enuff Skateboards Skully complete review

enuff skully review

The Enuff Skully is slightly bigger than the Pow, with a 7.75″ width and 31.5″ length, making it even more beginner-friendly. The Mini version designed for children is 7.25″ by 29.5″. It’s a good entry-level board for younger riders getting started. The artwork features a cool comic-style skull character riding a skateboard – the character and situation are different depending on the color you choose, green, red, or blue!

The Enuff Skully deck is made from 7-ply basic maple pressed with stiff glue. Like the Pow, it comes with 129mm Enuff Decade trucks with raw finish and 54mm Enuff wheels with a 90A durometer. This setup is ideal as a first board for dipping your toes into skateboarding.

Check out the Enuff Skully Red, Enuff Skully Green (or Mini), or Enuff Skully Blue (or Mini) on Amazon.

Enuff Skateboards Diamond Logo complete review

enuff skateboards diamond logo review

This larger and wider 8″ x 32″ deck is for serious skateboarders with a progressive style. The diamond-like artwork is discrete and attractive, on either a blue or black background. This deck is made of 7-ply epoxy-pressed 100% Grade A Canadian Maple, so it’s the real deal in terms of strength and durability in the face of hardcore skating and street tricks. The deck boasts a medium concave and offers a nice pop build to last.

The Enuff Diamond Logo is fitted with high-quality 139mm Enuff Decade Pro trucks. The wheels are 53mm with a harder 99A durometer suitable for more advanced kick and flip tricks and grinds. The Enuff Black bearings are also premium quality for a smoother ride. Overall a good choice for intermediate to advanced riders up to 100kg looking to push their limits.

See the Enuff Diamond Logo Blue on Amazon.

Enuff skateboards Logo Stain review

The Enuff Logo Stain is also an advanced-level, 100% Canadian hot pressed Maple deck with a very elegant design. It’s smaller than the Diamond Logo, however, at 7.75″ by 31.5″ (it also comes in a Mini version):

enuff skateboards logo stain review

The Logo Stain also comes stock with the 5″ lightweight Decade Pro trucks with 95A bushings and 53mm Enuff wheels.

See the Enuff Blue Logo Stain and Black Logo Stain here on Amazon.

Enuff Skateboards Hologram review

enuff skateboards hologram review

The Enuff Hologram is comparable to the Diamond Logo as it’s also a bigger, 8″ x 32″ deck made of 100% premium Canadian Maple. It also comes equipped with 139mm Enuff Decade trucks and 53mm x 30mm 99A Enuff wheels.

The deck shape is also similar, though the design on this board is flashier and more colorful with deformed curves and letters drawn using reflective paint, resulting in a cool reflection in certain light. There are two versions of the Hologram, one on black background (above picture) and another on blue background.

Check out the price for the Enuff Skateboards black Hologram and blue Hologram on Amazon.

Enuff Skateboards Flash review

enuff skateboards flash review

The Flash is another beautiful complete in Enuff’s series of large progressive 8″ x 32″ decks. This deck boasts beautiful medieval armor type graphics with a subtle pastel finish and dual-tone background (blue/purple or red/orange), and the stain from a lower ply showing through.

enuff skateboards red-orange flash review

The complete comes with the same Decade Pro 139mm trucks and 53mm 99A wheels as the Logos. The Enuff Flash is another great choice for more advanced skateboarders looking to keep improving their style and skills.

See the Enuff Skateboards Purple-Blue Flash or Red-Orange Flash here on Amazon.

Enuff Skateboards Geometric review

enuff skateboards geometric complete review

The Enuff Geometric skateboard complete is part of the brand’s 10th Anniversary series. It’s a regular-sized, 7.75″ x 31.5″, Canadian Maple deck with a medium concave, aimed at intermediate skateboarders. The graphics on this deck, as the name conveys, feature stunning geometric square and triangle shapes with beautiful gradient color, with predominantly blue/purple or green/yellow tone.

enuff skateboards green yellow geometric complete

The Geometric complete ships stock with 129mm Enuff Decade trucks with 95A bushings, and 53mm 55D wheels.

See the price for the Enuff Geometric Green on Amazon.

Enuff Skateboards Icon review

enuff skateboards icon complete review

Similar to the Geometric, the Icon is another one of Enuff’s 7.75 by 31.5 decks boasting beautiful pastel-colored art and drawings, a pink version and a blue version, both on a black background.

enuff icon blue skateboard complete

The complete is a well-performing skateboard well-suited for intermediate riders weighing up to 100kg. It’s equipped with 129mm raw finish Decade trucks (95A bushings) and 54mm x 32mm medium-hard wheels (99A duro).

Check out the Enuff Icon Green or the Icon Pink on Amazon.

Enuff Skateboards Pyro II review

enuff skateboards pyro II review

The Enuff Pyro II complete is a mid-to-advanced level board with a regular-sized full maple deck (7.75″ x 31.5″). It comes with Enuff’s super lightweight 5″ aluminum Pro Spec trucks, which leads to a lighter setup for better stability and performance.

The Pyro deck’s bottom features a stunning blue or white smoke/monster-like drawing on a black background. The Pyro II complete comes equipped with 53mm, 100A duro Enuff wheels.

Click here to see the Enuff Pyro II Blue Mini version on Amazon.

Enuff Skateboards Splat complete review

enuff skateboards splat complete review

The Enuff Splat is an entry-level skateboard with regular size (7.75″ x 31.5″) and basic maple construction. If comes stock with Enuff’s decent quality 129mm Decade trucks and relatively soft (90A) 54mm wheels. The graphics on the deck look like a bright-colored art painting and come in two shades, a green-blue and a red-purple tone version.

Like the Pow, the Splat is a good affordable first board option for a beginner or learning rider.

Check out the Enuff Splat Green-Blue complete skateboard on Amazon.

Enuff Skateboards Graffiti complete review

Enuff Skateboards Graffiti complete review

The Enuff Graffiti is another 7.75″ x 31″ (or 7.25″ x 29.5″ for the Mini) complete skateboard designed for newer skaters. As always, this deck has a decent shape and 7-ply Chinese maple construction, offering good value for the price.

As the name implies, the deck has a fun and colorful graffiti-style artwork featuring a hand which is spray painting the word “Enuff”. The Graffiti deck comes in four colors themes: yellow letters on blue background, pink on green, red on yellow, and orange on purple.

Enuff Skateboards Graffiti complete

The Graffiti comes stock with 5″ Enuff Decade trucks in silver finish, and 54mm wheels with a 100A durometer.

Check out the Enuff Graffiti Mini complete skateboard on Amazon.

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Featured photo and product shots courtesy of Enuff Skateboards