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Can You Change A Snowboard From Regular To Goofy (or vice versa)?

Can You Change A Snowboard From Regular To Goofy (or vice versa)?

Can you change a snowboard from regular to goofy (or vice versa)?

While snowboarding has many similarities to other board sports, snowboards come with bindings that keep your feet in a fixed position. This means you need a different setup depending on whether you’re a goofy or regular rider.

To change a regular snowboard from regular to goofy or vice versa, you simply need to rotate the position of each binding 180° using the baseplate. They are usually mounted with M6 screws that you can loosen with a Phillips screwdriver. The heels should be on the right for goofy, and left for regular.

Changing the position of the bindings to make a snowboard ride regular or goofy is only a matter of loosening the baseplate, rotating the bindings, and tightening it back again to secure the position. 

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Which side is goofy or regular snowboarding?

Goofy riders normally ride with their right foot in the front and their left foot in the back. This means the positioning of the bindings should have the heels pointed towards the right side and the toes should be pointing towards the left. 

As for regular riders, the toes should be pointing towards the right side and the heels should be on the left side. As for the angles, you can s​​et them up with the position you are most comfortable with. 

Before you rotate and switch the bindings from a regular to goofy position or vice versa, you need to determine if the snowboard you have is in a goofy or regular configuration. 

What makes a snowboard regular or goofy?

Snowboards, just like skateboards and longboards, are built with a nose and a tail. you can determine if a snowboard has a regular or goofy configuration by checking the position of the binding. 

If the right foot binding is closer to the nose, that means the snowboard is set up to ride goofy. If it is supposed to ride regular, then the left binding should be closest to the nose

The nose of the snowboard is what goes down the hill first. As we saw, goofy riders ride with their right foot first and left foot in the back, and vice versa for regular riders. . 

If you are having a hard time determining which side of the snowboard is the nose and the tail because of its symmetrical shape, you can usually tell by looking at the graphics on the top or on the bottom of the snowboard. 

The snowboard graphics should let you immediately know where the nose and the tail are. When you put the snowboard in an upright position, the top of the graphics would be the nose, going down to the tail.

However, not all snowboard graphics are the same, and some are also very symmetrical, making it hard to determine the direction of the board. 

If you cannot tell by the graphics, you can measure the holes nearest to the edge of the board. The shorter distance from the holes is the tail, and the longer distance would be the nose since the bindings are usually offset towards the back. 

Is there a left and right snowboard binding?

The bindings of a snowboard are made to fit the shape of each boot, left and right — which means they are not interchangeable. You can tell the difference between the left and right bindings from the direction of the curve, similar to that of a right and left shoe. 

Thus, you cannot simply switch the stance from goofy to regular on a snowboard by fitting the left boot with the right binding or the other way around. It will feel awkward and will likely make you trip while riding your snowboard. 

You can also tell which binding is for each foot by checking if the straps strap on from the left to right. If the straps go on from the right to the left, that means that you are reversing your snowboard boots.

How do I change from regular​​ to goofy (or vice versa)?

To change a snowboard from regular to goofy or vice versa, you must first determine if the current stance is goofy or regular. Then you can use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screws on your baseplate. 

Note that you don’t have​ to remove all the screws. All you need to do is loosen the screws enough so you can rotate the baseplate, meaning you don’t need to dismount the bindings, making it a quicker process. 

How do you flip snowboard bindings?

To flip the snowboard bindings, you will need a Philipps screwdriver.  If you are already at the snowboarding spot or snowpark, they would usually have a section in the park where you can set up your snowboard first and tighten the screws before you start snowboarding. 

Now that you have a screwdriver, loosen the screws and rotate the bindings 180° to make sure the toes are facing right for goofy and left for regular. 

In some cases, you may choose to remove the bindings and move them to the opposite end of the snowboard, especially if you do not want the snowboard graphic to be facing a different way.

If that is the case, you will need to remove the entire baseplate and binding– then lock them in place. You will still only need a Phillips screwdriver for this process, but it will take longer than simply rotating the baseplates without removing them. 

Can you snowboard goofy on a regular board?

You can snowboard goofy on a regular board if you are comfortable enough to ride switch. Riding switch means you are riding goofy when your normal stance is regular, or the other way around.

Riding the opposite stance can be challenging, but with enough practice and learning how to shift your weight properly, you will be able to pull it off. Just make sure the angles of your bindings are fit to ride the snowboard both ways (see further below).

How to snowboard regular if you’re goofy?

If you want to ride a snowboard regular when you are goofy, consider setting both your bindings at the same angle. 

While many people prefer to ride with their backfoot at a straight 90° angle, and their front foot at 15°, this position will make things harder if you are goofy and want to ride regular (or vice versa). 

Likewise, the best way to ride regular when you are goofy is to position your bindings both at the same angle. For example, you can configure both your bindings at 15° to make it more comfortable riding in a switch position. 

What binding angles are good for goofy/ regular?

The binding angles depend on what you are most comfortable with, regardless of whether you are regular or goofy. 

Many riders are comfortable riding with a 15° angle for the front foot and a straight 0 or 90° angle for their back foot – which is a similar stance to riding a skateboard. 

However, beginners both goofy and regular will generally find it easier to learn with both bindings set at 15°– with the front binding facing a little towards the nose, and the left binding facing a little towards the tail. 

This configuration makes the snowboard more versatile for riding different stances and gives the rider better leverage and control over the board no matter what position they are riding.

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Is goofy or regular better for snowpark?

When snowboarding at a snowpark, goofy and regular stance can work just as well, there isn’t one better than the other. It all depends on the stance you are most comfortable riding in. 

That said, some people have a hard time turning left or right. If you are not as comfortable with either left or right turns, take a good look at the hill while you are on the lift to avoid those hard turns. First focus on practicing your weaker turns on straight and wide hills with fewer turns. 

Turning frontside, i.e. left turn for goofy and right turn for regular, is easier than backside turns. So if you are regular, a snow park with more right turns would be a lot easier for you. Conversely, snow parks with more right turns are typically more comfortable for goofy riders.

However, that is only assuming you are more comfortable turning toeside. Some people find it easier to turn backside (heelside) than toeside. If that is the case for you, you should be more comfortable turning left if you are regular and right if you are goofy.

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