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Best Sector 9 Longboards: Comparison Guide [2022 lineup]

Best Sector 9 Longboards: Comparison Guide [2022 lineup]

Based in San Diego California, Sector 9 Longboards has been in the market for nearly 30 years and has established itself as one of the largest quality longboarding companies in the world.

Sector 9 makes an impressive number of models each year catering to all levels of riders and all riding styles. Sorting through their lineup to decide which board best fits your needs can be daunting, so the goal of this post is to help you pick the right Sector 9 board for you based on your specific needs.

This is my personal shortlist of Sector 9 longboards for each riding style:

Best for ModelRating
sector 9 ledgerBest for beginners and easy cruisingLedger 404.1/5
sector 9 hopper divideBest for short commutesHopper 27.5″4.3/5
Best for city & skatepark shreddingCascade 30.5 4.6/5
Best for surf-style & pumpingFT Point 34″4.5/5
Best for carvingShoots 33.5″4.9/5
Best for distance commuting Lookout 41″4.2/5
Best for freerideBintang 38″4.3/5
Best for freestyle & dancingSweeper 36″3.9/5

The above is just a shortlist. for a complete overview of the current Sector 9 lineup, I’ve compiled a comprehensive comparison chart (Google Sheet) which recaps all the key characteristics of all the cruisers and longboards in the Sector 9 lineup:

View the full chart directly in Google Sheets.

OK, so let’s deep dive into each of the awesome Sector 9 boards, starting with what I call the easy cruising category.

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Best Sector 9 longboards for easy cruising

Sector 9 pintails are midsize or full-size, maple or bamboo longboards with a long and narrow shape and tapered tail. Pintails are great for pleasant relaxed cruising and carving on smooth surfaces like bike paths or a boardwalk.

Pintails are very responsive and carvy due to their topmount design. The pintail shape allows for relatively large wheels making for a comfortable and cushioned ride.

Pintails have reduced foot platform and no kicktail. The shape gives it a special riding feel that varies depending on the amount of flex.

  • Pros: easy cruising and carving, and easy pumping for bamboo decks
  • Cons: less versatile than a cruiser, no kick for hops, narrower foot platform

Sector 9 Ohana Offshore 39.5″

sector 9 ohana offshore

At 39.5″, the Ohana Offshore is a full-size pintail shape – albeit with a swallow tail. Its 26.5″ wheelbase makes it a nice and stable ride for distance cruising. The hybrid bamboo/maple construction gives the deck some amount of flex for responsive carving and easy pumping.

The Ohana comes with 9″ Charger trucks that fit well with the 9.4″ wide deck. The Chargers are RKP trucks known for their smooth, responsive, and fluid ride. The soft 65mm Nineball wheels add to that smoothness with solid grip and shock absorption.

The Ohana deck has stunning color graphics on both sides (clear grip tape on top) with an island-style dancing skeleton and a breaking wave on a bamboo veneer.

Check out the Ohana Offshore here on Sector 9’s website ($209)

Sector 9 Ledger 40″

Sector 9 Ledger Mosaic

The Ledger is a true full-size (40″) pintail cruiser. With its large 27.75″ wheelbase, responsive Charger RKP trucks, and either 65mm Nineballs or 67mm Lumithane wheels, this is a very comfortable and responsive board to cruise and commute on for hours on end.

The full maple deck makes for a stiffer board. This , combined with the wheelbase, offers good stability at speed. The colorful blue, orange, and yellow Josh Smith surf graphics on the bottom wood veneer gives this board an outstanding look.

See the Shoreline Ledger 40″ or the Ledger Mosaic on Sector 9’s website ($159 – $159)

Sector 9 Maverick 44″

Sector 9 Maverick crag

At 44″ with a 30.5″ wheelbase, the Maverick is the biggest pintail in the Sector 9 lineup. Like its swallow-tailed little brother the Offshore, this flexy bamboo (with some maple for the Moonlight version) is designed for energetic carving and pumping with tons of foot space for comfy cruising and commuting.

The Maverick comes equipped with responsive and smooth turning Charger longboard trucks which add to the carving experience. The super large and soft 70mm Nineball high quality wheels roll fast and smooth over all sorts of cracks & bumps.

The Moonlight version has beautiful natural bamboo looks with impressive artwork by Nate Reifke depicting an ocean wave and mountain background in the moonlight. The Crag version features stunning minimalist artwork that lets the natural beauty of the bamboo shine through.

See the Maverick on Sector 9’s website ($209)

Best Sector 9 mini cruiser for short commutes

If you need a board for quick runs to the store or cruising between campus building, look for a Sector 9 mini-cruiser under 30″. They are very nimble and quick turning due to their topmount design, short wheelbase (14″), and TKP Mission trucks.

These Sector 9 mini-cruisers are highly portable and can fit inside or on top of your backpack. They’re lightweight to carry around and easy to stash in a closet or under a desk. They’re easy to pop and hop curbs on.

  • Pros: convenient, portable, nimble, quick turning, easy ollies & kick flips
  • Cons: not ideal for big riders, less stable at speed, tiresome for longer distances

Sector 9 Bambino 26.5″ mini-cruiser

sector9 bambino combo

The Sector 9 Bambino is a gorgeous looking, surfboard-shaped mini cruiser, ideal for everyday inner city or campus commuting.

The 14″ wheelbase is comparable to a traditional street deck, making this cruiser super quick and nimble, and easy to pop thanks to the big (relatively speaking) kick. It’s small and portable, easy to carry and stash away.

The Bambino is built from hard maple wood with caramelized bamboo layers on the top and bottom sides. It comes in two versions, the Zag and the Combo, both with extremely attractive graphics.

sector 9 zag bambino
Bico Bambino

The Bambino comes fitted with the nimble Sector 9 Mission TKP (street) trucks and big (relative to the deck size) 61mm wheels for smooth riding on rough pavement – in contrast to traditional street skateboard wheels.

Check out the Zag and Combo versions of the Bambino mini-cruiser on Sector 9’s website ($129)

Sector 9 Hopper 27.5″ mini-cruiser

The Hopper is also a compact cruiser that works well for nimble sidewalk surfing but also for bowl and skatepark. Surfboard-shaped, it’s slightly longer than the Bambino.

This board comes with narrower street trucks (7″ vs 8.4″ for the Bambino) and smaller 58mm wheels, better-suited for street tricks, pool, and ramp. Although smaller, these wheels are soft enough for comfortable city riding.

Like the Bambino, the kicktail on this cruiser is highly functional for quick turns and kick flips. The narrow Mission trucks provide the kind of response needed for extreme turns and flips in a bowl, preventing any foot rub.

Check out the Hopper Divide ($149) and the Hopper Handplant ($149) on the Sector 9 website

Sector 9 Jammer 28.5″ mini-cruiser

sector9 jammer divide

The Jammer Divide is very similar in shape to the Hopper though slightly bigger at 28.5″ x 7.875″ with a longer 14.75″ wheelbase and wider nose.

It comes fitted with larger 8.375″ Gullwing Mission trucks (vs 7″ for the Hopper) and 61mm Nineball wheels (vs 58mm for the Hopper). The Jammer is a good alternative for bigger riders and those with larger size shoe.

See the Jammer Divide here on the Sector 9 website ($145).

Best Sector 9 hybrid cruiser for city & park

Sector 9 city cruisers in the 30″ – 33″ range are ideal for slashy urban riding combining street tricks with tight sidewalk commuting. These boards have good abilities for street tricks yet are much comfortable than traditional skateboards for city cruising.

These cruisers have wheelbases between 14″ and 16″ (shorter for snappier turns, longer for more stability at speed), varying aspect ratio (narrow vs stubby), and different types of kicks (single vs double).

They are also better-suited than mini-cruisers for longer city rides and for bigger riders.

  • Pros: fun, agile, and pop-able for street tricks and bowl sessions
  • Cons: not so comfortable for long city commutes

Sector 9 Fat Wave 30.5″ hybrid cruiser

The Fat Wave is a “fat” stubby board (30″ x 9.8″), an 80’s-inspired surf-style shape with the widest aspect ratio of the whole Sector 9 lineup.

The wide and comfortable standing platform, the long stable 16″ wheelbase, and the short but wide kicktail give you the confidence to pull extreme tricks in the pool and on the ramp.

The Gullwing Pro III traditional kingpin (street) trucks are specially optimized for park and street skating. The 61mm Nineball wheels have rounded lips for tricks and sliding, yet are soft enough for street cruising.

See the Fat Wave Mosaic 30.5″ on Sector 9’s website ($159)

Sector 9 Cascade 30.5″ and Chop Hop 30.5″

sector9 ninety five ray collins

The Cascade is a hybrid street/cruiser boards for city slashing and street/park. Similar to some regular street skateboards, it’s sized 30.5″ x 8.375″ with a 14.25″ wheelbase.

The newer Chop Hop Noh is very similar in shape and setup to the Cascade though with with slightly more width (8.625″) and wheelbase (14.85″). It features incredible graphics from artist Jor featuring an urban samurai warrior:


The Cascade and Chop Hop decks are stiff with 7-ply maple construction and double kicks for easy ollies and kick tricks. The 8.5″ Gullwing Shadow street trucks are well-fitted to the decks and are specially designed for skatepark.

In contrast to traditional street decks, these decks can take bigger 61mm wheels without wheelbite, making regular cruising pleasant even on rough terrain.

Check out the Cascade ($175), and Chop Hop Noh ($159) on Sector 9’s website.

Best Sector 9 for pumping & surf-style

This category of boards may be considered Sector 9’s own take on the surfskate. These setups revolve around a punchy combination of a flexy deck construction and uber-responsive double-axis or TKP trucks for surf-style carving in the streets.

Sector 9 Splash Snapback 30″

sector 9 splash snapback

The Splash Snapback has a special cambered fiberglass + maple construction which makes it super springy and pumpable for surf-style riding. In a way, it’s a surfskate without a special surf truck – it comes with the Gullwing Mission street trucks.

The Snapback has a 20.6″ wheelbase, very long for its 30″ length. This combined with the high flex gives this board a special energetic carving feel for down-the-line surf-style pumping.

The cruiser is surfboard shaped with a slight kick for kick turns and efficient carves. It has beautiful flashy pink and blue graphics and black and white stripes on the bottom side.

See the Splash Snapback 30″ on Sector’s website ($182)

Sector 9 Rosin Ricochet 33.4″

sector 9 rosin ricochet

The Rosin Ricochet is to some extent a larger and pintail-ish version of the Snapback, with the same cambered thin-laminate fiberglass + maple construction which gives it that awesome flex.

This board has a bigger kicktail though, and comes stock with the Gullwing Sidewinder trucks. These combined with the flex make the Ricochet an incredible carver and pumper.

The 58mm wheels and 18″ wheelbase (slightly shorter than the Snapback) also makes this board very trickable and slideable.

Check out the Rosin Ricochet here on Sector 9´s website ($215)

Sector 9 FT Point 34″

Fortune FT Point

The FT Point is a 34″ bamboo cruiser deck with a significant kicktail, 21″ wheelbase, and amazing bamboo looks and artwork. The bamboo & maple material makes them lightweight and durable.

The bamboo layers and long wheelbase give these boards a subtle flex for a very responsive carving feel. The wider nose allow for easy foot placement on the front truck, adding to the leverage for tighter turns.

These flexy midsize bamboo cruisers come with Mission street trucks and relatively small 61mm wheels for a snappy and surfy, punchy ride.

sector 9 Stranded Strand

See the 34″ FT Point ($189) on Sector 9´s website.

Best Sector 9 longboard for carving

Sector 9 cutout shaped drop-through longboards are designed primarily for carving . The drop-through design makes these boards low riding and stable at speed.

These midsize (33″-36.5″) Sector 9 boards come with the renowned double-kingpin Gullwing Sidewinder trucks which allow for specially deep and smooth carving. They’re great for riding bike trails and down moderate hills.

  • Pros: comfortable foot platform, great carving experience
  • Cons: no kicks, bulkier to carry around, taller trucks raises the ride

Shoots 33.5″ bamboo drop-throughs

sector 9 lucky shoots

The Lucky Shoots and Shoots Full Moon are short-length directional drop-throughs designed primarily for effective carving. The bamboo & maple hybrid construction gives them an energetic flex for responsive carves and turns.

The drop-through design makes these boards low riding. This combined with the long-ish 24.4″ wheelbase make for a very smooth, stable at speed, and responsive riding experience.

The super smooth and turny double kingpin Sidewinder trucks add to the insane carviness of these boards. The big and soft 69mm Nineball wheels provide the necessary grip for hard carves and fast rides.

Both the Lucky and Full Moon versions of the Shoots directional drop-through have amazing bamboo looks and surf-inspired artwork – the Full Moon version features pen and ink drawings by French artists “The Minimalist Wave”.

Check out the Lucky Shoots and the Shoots Full Moon (both $199) on Sector 9’s website

Unagi 34.5″

sector 9 unagi gordon

The Sector 9 Unagi is a 34.5″ surfskate-type urban cruiser with a huge swallow-shaped kicktail, a tapered back for back foot leverage, and a nimble medium 17.25″ wheelbase.

This full maple board comes fitted with the super-turny double-kingpin Sidewinder trucks and a set of smaller but soft 58mm wheels. This combination makes for a super snappy and trickable sidewalk surfer.

The surf-shaped deck features beautiful artwork on the bottom depicting a powerful wave barrel.

See the Unagi Gordon, the Nectar Unagi, and the Ray Collins Unagi on the Sector 9 website ($179-$199)

Sector 9 Striker 36.5″

sector 9 striker aina

The Striker is a 36.5″ directional drop-through carving longboard with a 23.5″ wheelbase. Its bamboo + fiberglass construction makes it super lightweight with significant flex and lively response in turns.

This combined with the Sidewinder trucks results in ultra responsive carving. This board is similar in shape to the Shoots, though bigger and wider. It’s also flexier due to the fiberglass layers vs maple.

Unlike the Shoots, the Striker has a true kicktail, making this board highly maneuverable and even suitable for some freestyle. The low-riding drop-through mount also makes great for distance pushing and for riding down moderate hills.

Check out the Streak Striker or the new Striker Aina on Sector 9’s website ($219)

Sector 9 Fractal Kirin 36″

The Fractal Kirin is similar to the Striker but with a stiffer all-maple construction and no kick. It’s slightly smaller at 36″ x 9″ with a slightly longer 23.6″ wheelbase. That along with the stiffer feel makes it more stable at higher speeds.

The Fractal Kirin also has breathtaking urban samurai-themed graphics by artist Jor. Check it out here on Sector’s site ($199).

Best Sector 9 longboard for long distance commuting & carving

Full size drop-through Sector 9 longboards with large wheel cutouts are best-suited for distance commuting. The drop-through mount and the Charger TKP trucks make these boards ride low to the ground, making pushing a lot easier.

The wheel cutouts allow for wheelbite-free clearance with bigger softer wheels, which in turn make for a fast roll and a smooth ride over obstacles. The directional shape and drop-through mount provide stability at speed.

  • Pros: large platform, low ride for pushing, fast wheels, stable at speed
  • Cons: low portability, large wheelbases make for slower turns

Sector 9 Lookout 41″

sector 9 lookout lei

The Lookout is Sector 9’s ultimate bamboo commuter board, with an ample and comfortable foot platform, directional shape, and drop-through design for a low ride and easy pushing.

The bamboo deck provides just the right amount of flex for high energy pushing and carving. The large wheel cutouts grant the board ample clearance to accommodate the large 69mm Nineball wheels without wheelbite.

This board’s huge 31.5″ wheelbase and the Gullwing Charger RKP trucks bring the stability at speed and responsiveness needed for longer road commutes. The Lookout Lei has stunning island-vibes graphics from Hawaiian artist and waterman Kenny Vidinich.

See the Lookout Lei 41″ on Sector 9’s website ($199)

Best Sector 9 longboard for freeride & downhill

Symmetrical Sector 9 longboards (38″ – 40″ long) with large cutout shapes and concaved decks are built for freeride. The wide foot platform near the tips and the uplifted rails provide good foot lock-in for confident sliding.

The wheel cutouts on these boards reduce the risk of wheelbite in tight turns leading up to a slide. The symmetrical deck allows for switch riding.

The drop-through design keeps the ride low to the ground which results in better stability downhill and better control throughout a slide, even though a bit more effort is required to break traction compared to a topmount.

Pros: stable at speed, low risk of wheebite, low ride, good control in slides
Cons: less responsive at speed than topmount, more effort to initiate slide

Sector 9 Bintang 38″

sector 9 abyss bintang

The Bintang 38″ has a fully symmetrical cutout shape with drop-through mount. It’s a solid and durable 8-ply deck designed for freeride, sliding, and switch riding.

With a wheelbase of 29″ and a low ride, this board is very stable for bombing hills. A wide 9.25″ foot platform and medium concave give you the confidence to carve at speed and try technical slides.

The downhill and carving focused Gullwing Charger RKP trucks give you responsive-yet-stable turning. The drop-through ride height also makes this board a good pusher.

The Bintang comes stock with 65mm wheels that provide solid traction, high roll speed, and comfortable shock absorption over cracks and bumps.

See the Bintang Abyss 38″ ($209) on Sector 9’s site.

Sector 9 Paradiso 40.5″ and Dropper 41″

sector 9 paradiso monkey

The Paradiso and Dropper are both symmetrical cutout drop-throughs designed for a mix of distance pushing/commuting and confident freeride/downhill. The Dropper has a slightly longer and narrower shape at 41″ x 9.625″ vs 40.5″ x 9.75″.

sector9 dropper mosaic

Besides the aspect ratio, one main difference between these two drop-throughs is that the Dropper has a double kick, making it suitable for some freestyle and dancing.

As a result of the kicks, the Dropper’s wheelbase is shorter than the Paradiso at 29″ vs 31″. This and a slightly stiffer build (9-ply vs 8) makes the Paradiso a bit more stable at high downhill speeds, while the Dropper wins for mixed freeride/freestyle riding styles.

Both boards come equipped with flowy and responsive Gullwing Reverse RKP trucks and large 70mm Nineballs for speed and comfort on long commutes. Both of these boards feature amazing graphics from new artist collabs.

Check out the Dropper Mosaic ($229) and the Paradiso Monkey ($199) on Sector 9’s site.

Best Sector 9 longboard for freestyle & dancing

Longboards designed for freestyle and dancing have a large foot platform, a stiff deck for responsiveness in kick and flip tricks, double kicks, and a long enough wheelbase for some stability when cross-stepping while carving.

Sector 9 Sweeper 36″

sector 9 rooster sweeper

The Sector 9 Rooster Sweeper is a 36″ double kick topmount cruiser well-suited for freestyle riding. This sturdy 7-ply maple deck with TKP trucks and smaller wheels is a great board for ollies and flip tricks.

The medium 17″ shorter wheelbase, the street & park-focused TKP Gullwing Shadow trucks, the decent concave, and the 61mm wheels, all contribute to making the Sweeper a highly trickable and power-slideable cruiser.

The Rooster Sweeper’s relatively large (36″ x 9″) foot double kick platform also allows for some dancing footwork and pirouetting.

This deck has a gorgeous teak wood bottom veneer and incredible artwork born from a collab with Chomp Brand.

Check out the Sweeper Rooster 36″ doùble-kick cruiser on Sector 9’s website ($185)

Are Sector 9 longboards good? what riders say

Riders generally agree the Sector 9 lineup has something for all rider levels. Their products are considered good value, affordable yet high quality at the high end.

The Sector 9 wheels that come with all Sector 9 completes are also highly rated. The Nineball wheels are actually sought after in their own right, independently of the completes, which is unlike most wheels out there.

Sector 9 longboards are highly praised for their build quality and their smooth and easy riding feel. They’re considered solid and durable at reasonable prices. Many of them are also very beginner-friendly boards.

One thing some riders cringe about is the excessive conspicuous “Sector 9” brand name in board graphics. People also have negative comments about the brand because of the company’s large size.

Where are Sector 9 longboards made?

Sector 9 have their own in-house longboard production workshop within their San Diego headquarter facilities, where they relocated their complete operation a few years ago, in contrast to many other brands who decided to outsource production in China.

Sector 9 handles their complete process including R&D and product development within these same US facilities. Thus the longboards are US-made, and undergo a tough quality process involving extreme testing such as driving a truck over boards or shooting boards with a gun.

Sector 9 decks come with a 120 day warranty against materials or workmanship defects and delamination.


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