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Best Mastercraft Surf Boat

Best Mastercraft Surf Boat

If you’re looking for a Mastercraft surf boat that generates a nice surf wave with good push and length, you have quite a few options depending on your budget.

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Mastercraft X20, X23, X24 surf boats

The classic Mastercraft 20-foot X20 and X23 have long held the top spots in the wakesurf boat category.

The X24 “SurfStar” is the most recent successor to the Mastercraft X23 and XStar. It has a new surf-specific hull design that creates one of the best waves around with up to 4300 lbs of ballast controlled through the Gen 2 Surf System and FastFill ballast system – with the ability to instantly transfer the ballast from side to side.

Mastercraft X30 surf boat

Boats with wave shapers and built-in/hidden auto-ballast systems are going to be much pricier. If, on the other hand, you’re willing to manually install weight in compartments to shape your DIY surf wave, you can reduce reduce your budget dramatically e.g. around $40K (see this post).

The older Mastercraft X30 (now replaced by the XT23), e.g. 2015 model, can offer a very clean, easily set up wave by adding 1100 lb bafs in the lockers. The X30 is an excellent boat with lots of room, much more than the shorter X20.

The stock wave on the X30 is good but can be greatly improved with some updated bags (e.g. Wake Makers 910’s) and a few sacs of lead, resulting on one of the best waves across Mastercraft boats.

Mastercrafit X2 and XT20/21 surf boats

The 2013 or newer Mastercraft X2 is a very versatile boat with a decent wave for family wakesurfing fun and a lot of storage space. The XT20 and XT21 are much deeper and heavier than the X2.

Mastercraft NXT surf boats

A 2015-2016 NXT22 can also offer a good wave for around $60K with updgraded bags in the rear and a bit of lead. These boats didn’t come stock with a ballast and surf system, so you need to manually fill external bags to get a good surf wake.

The NXT are affordable and great for relaxed wakesurfing during a family day out on the lake, even though they’re slightly narrower than the X-series and a bit less less upscale.

Mastercraft XStar surf boat

The XStar can produce a good surf wave with the right ballast e.g. full stock ballast + 1100lbs in the rear port locker + 750lbs in front of the spotter seat + and 180lbs in the bow. The stock pumps are used to fill and drain the bags. Adding 5 to 7 people inside the boat creates a nice wave (tall but rather close to the boat) that can be surfed for miles.

Mastercraft X25 – X55 for wakesurf

Among older Mastercraft boats, the X55 produces one of the largest surf wakes. The X45 is easy to set up and creates quite a big wave as well. Next up is the X25, also easy to set up.

The X35 generates a nice wake but requires more time to set up – the X45 is much easier to set up and has a better wave on the left side.

However, X45 requires a lot more ballast weight than the 35 and 25 to affect the wake, as the latter boats, although shorter, have deeper V-hulls that respond more to ballast weight. 

An example set up for the X45 includes 400lb sacs in the back locker and on the floor in the bow, with factory ballast filled, and a 1100lb bag on the back seats. The resulting wake lets you surf as far as 20 feet behind the boat.

Mastercraft XT23 surf boat

On the XT23, which replaces the X30, replacing the stock Gen2 sacks for the larger Wake Makers 820/910’s will much improve the surf wave. If you keep the stock ballast, the Surf Mellow factory setting seems to work better than Steep as it makes the wave longer with more surfing room and down the line riding further away from the boat. 

Whichever Mastercraft surf boat you choose, however, keep in mind that on a shallow lake the wave will never be that great compared to a deeper, 15’+ lake.

Mastercraft surf system

Newer Mastercraft come equipped with the Gen 2 Surf System which allows you to control ballast, speed, and shaping device angles from a single control to create customized surf waves.

You can easily adjust the wave for each rider level, preferences, board type, and boat side (left or right). The generated wave is clean and can have the desired push and length, and the settings can be saved to reproduce the same wave later.

The Mastercraft Gen 2 system is rivaled by the Malibu Surf Gate system. Both systems generate long waves that let surfers surf as far as 18 feet behind the boat. Mastercraft’s Gen 2 wave, however, tends to have more push than the Surf Gate for a given wave size.

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Wednesday 12th of January 2022