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Best Longboard Brand: Which One To Choose?

If you’re new to longboarding, one of the first things you’ll probably ask is, what are the best longboard brands out there? By best longboard brands, one generally means those that:

  • Offer the best value for the money
  • Has the best performance products
  • Builds the most durable and lightweight decks
  • Has the highest quality components
  • Has the best range of boards for your riding style(s)

A quick look at Google Trends over the past year seems to confirm our idea of which longboard brands dominate the market in terms of brand popularity:

The following table shows the top longboard brands sorted by popularity (100 being the most popular):

Longboard BrandPopularity indexCurrent
Riding focus
1. Sector 9 Longboards10023 shapesCarving
2. Arbor Collective9017 shapesHybrid
3. Loaded Longoards7713 shapesFreeride & freestyle
4. Landyachtz Longboards6339 shapesHybrid & freeride
5. Globe Longboards3018 shapesCruisers
6. DB Longboards3016 shapesCruisers & freeride
7. Magneto Longboards2016 modelsCruising
(NA) Carver Skateboards13029 modelsSurfskate

Let’s take a detailed look at each of these brands and some of one or two of their most popular boards.

*This post may have affiliate links, which means I may receive commissions if you choose to purchase through links I provide (at no extra cost to you). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

#1: Sector 9 Longboards brand

Based in San Diego California, Sector 9 Longboards has been in the market for nearly 30 years and has established itself as one of the largest quality longboard brands in the world.

Sector 9 longboards are highly praised for their build quality and their smooth and easy riding. Their completes are considered solid and durable yet reasonably priced – between $130 and $230.

Many Sector 9 brand longboards are also very beginner-friendly.

Sector 9 has its own in-house longboard production workshop within their San Diego headquarter facilities, in contrast to many other brands who choose to outsource production in China.

Sector 9 handles their complete process including R&D and product development within these same US facilities. The longboards are US-made and undergo a tough quality process involving extreme testing such as driving a truck over boards or shooting boards with a gun.

The brands comes out with an impressive number of models each year, catering to all levels of riders and many riding styles. While the brand has always kept a strong focus on carving, it also features some great freeriders and cruiser.

Sector 9 brand decks come with a 120 day warranty against materials or workmanship defects and delamination.

See my Sector 9 brand longboard full comparison guide.

The Lookout bamboo drop-through carving board is one of the most popular longboards from the Sector 9 brand:

sector 9 lookout lei
  • 41.1″ x 9.6″ with 31.5″ wheelbase
  • Midsize directional drop-through with large wheel cutouts
  • Ample foot space & low ride for distance pushing/commutes
  • Wheel cutouts provides high wheel clearance for 69mm wheels
  • Flexy bamboo construction allows energetic & responsive carving
  • Long wheelbase and Gullwing RKP trucks provide stability at speed
  • Stunning graphics

Check out the Sector 9 LEI here.

#2: Arbor Collective longboard brand

Like Sector 9, Arbor is one of the pioneer brands in the skateboarding/longboarding history, with roots dating back to 1995 in Venice Beach, CA – the birthplace of action sports. Ever since, Arbor has been developing highly durable, high performance longboards

The Arbor longboard brand closely follows behind Sector 9 in terms of worldwide popularity and image. Arbor has always kept a strong focus on building truly eco-friendly products, and supports groups that restore forests and nature – the brand has its own foundation.

The Arbor Collective brings together artists, designers, and other people who contribute to the brand’s sustainable approach for making attractive, durable, and environmental-friendly longboards. Arbor brand longboards are affordable, typically in the $140 – $230 range.

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The Arbor Pilsner is one of the most popular boards from the Arbor brand. In brief:

  • 28.75″ x 8.1″ with 15″ wheelbase
  • One of the most popular mini cruisers for city/campus
  • High aspect, wide nose and tail for its size
  • Large kicktail & small nose kick for street slashing
  • Super nimble & portable, smooth riding, tricks, skatepark
  • 129mm Paris street trucks for snappy turns & flips
  • Large, soft, wide lipped 61mm Arbor Bogart wheels

See my full review of the Arbor Pilsner cruiser.

The Arbor Zeppelin, a short directional drop-through, is also a highly popular board in the Arbor brand lineup.

#3: Loaded longboard brand

Next up in our brand popularity list is Loaded longboards, widely considered the single most high-end boards on the market. These boards are built using leading edge technology and materials, resulting in lightweight, indestructible, high performance riding machines.

The Loaded brand is generally associated with advanced shapes and features designed specifically for very technical performance riding. Many longboarders, experienced or newbie, thrive to own a Loaded.

Loaded brand longboards sell at a premium price ($200-$500) compared to other leading brands. Loaded fans, however, feel they always get their money’s worth. The unique features and construction of these high-end boards allow them to push their limits and/or enjoy an unequalled riding feel.

The newer Coyote has quickly rocketed to top popularity within Loaded’s longboard lineup – even though the brand is already packed with best sellers such as the Omakase, Tan Tien, or Dervish Sama.

The Loaded Coyote in brief:

  • 30.75″ x 8.4″ with 17.5″ wheelbase
  • Versatile and super smooth city cruiser & slasher
  • Some speed/freeride DNA
  • Short & wide kicktail, small nose kick
  • Decent concave, prominent wheel flares, foot lock-in
  • Fast city riding, slashing, popping, freeride
  • 129mm TKP or 150mm RKP trucks – depending on riding style
  • 65mm Orangatang wheels

See my complete review of the Loaded Coyote, or check out the board directly on Loaded’s site.

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#4: Landyachtz longboard brand

The Landyachtz brand has been around for over 20 years and also enjoys a very good image in the longboarding community. The brand is younger than Sector 9 and Arbor but has grown into one of the most popular longboard makers on the market.

While their boards are quite affordable for the quality (typically $150-$250), most riders agree Landyachtz builds some of the best most durable boards.

Even though Landyachtz has its roots in hardcore longboard racing, it now has a broad longboard lineup ranging from cruisers, to full-sized commuters, to freeride and downhill boards.

Aside from their quality decks, Landyachtz also designs and produces their own highly-regarded trucks under the Bear Trucks brand, as well as the acclaimed Hawgs wheels brand. This allows Landyachtz to get consistent end-to-end quality for their completes.

The Dinghy uber-popular mini-cruiser is Landyachtz’s all-time best seller:

  • 28.2″ x 8″ with wheelbase 14.6″
  • Very small & portable, super nimble for streets, highly poppable
  • Huge kicktail for the size, small nose kick for tricks
  • Strong concave and pronounced wheel flares for foot lock-in
  • Among the best mini cruisers for the price (around $150)
  • Big (for the deck), soft, smooth 63mm Fatty Hawgs wheels
  • Solid and snappy 105mm Polar Bear street trucks
  • Beautiful artwork choices

Another highly popular Landyachtz brand longboard is the Switchblade – see my review here.

See my complete Landyachtz comparison guide and review.

#5: Globe longboard brand

Globe is one of the largest skateboard and longboard manufacturers and distributors in the world. The brand’s longboard and cruiser lineup is impressive, both in terms of the number of boards it offers but also in variety and style.

Like other brands in this list, the Globe brand name is associated with good quality, craftsmanship, and board durability. Like Arbor, Globe has a special focus on affordable cruisers in the $150-$200 range.

One if the most popular longboard from the Globe brand is the Blazer. even more than the Landyachtz Dinghy, the Blazer is a tiny mini-cruiser – although it also comes in a “Big” and “XL” version. The Blazer in brief:

  • 26″ x 7.5″ with wheelbase 13.75″
  • Big Blazer: 32″ x 9.1″ with 17.5″ wheelbase
  • XL Blazer: 36.2″ x 9.75″ with 21.5″ wheelbase
  • Responsive, carvy, trickable
  • Soft concave, medium kicktail, durable stiff deck
  • Priced $130 to $150 (small version)
  • 130mm Tensor street trucks, loose & responsive, solid for heavy tricks
  • Smooth 62mm / 78A Globe wheels

See my full review of the Globe Blazer here.

See also my complete Globe longboards comparison review and Globe skateboards review

#6: Magneto longboard brand

Magneto is a young, up and coming longboard brand based in Carlsbad, California – the epicenter of skateboard culture. The Magneto tradename was bought back from a UK company by a team of product engineers who have successfully relaunched it in the U.S.

The Magneto brand’s owner company has decades of experience in product development, from airplanes to golf clubs. They focus on creating technologically advanced boards at very affordable prices.

Magneto branded longboards are sold at unprecedented low prices for decent quality products. Their cruisers run around $80, their drop-throughs between $110-$120, and their bamboo completes $110 to $180.

The Magneto Bamboo Cruiser 42″ is one of the brand’s popular longboards:

  • 42″ x 9″ with 34″ wheelbase
  • Symmetrical drop-through, low ride for easy distance pushing
  • Roomy and comfortable yet maneuverable
  • Bamboo + fiberglass construction makes it very strong and flexy
  • Flex + cambered shape = springy feel and energetic carving
  • Small kicks for freestyle and dancing tricks
  • Quality trucks and large, soft, and smooth 70mm wheels
  • Very good value at $130

See my in-depth comparison of Magneto longboards here

Special mention: Carver Skateboards brand

According to our survey, the Carver Skateboards brand is even more popular than Sector 9 amongst the wider longboard community.

While Carver isn’t your traditional longboard brand, it’s certainly the most iconic surfskate name out there. Carver Skateboards has pioneered the surfskate since 1996, and is still the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to surf skateboard.

Although a handful of new competitors have emerged in the surfskate arena in recent years, many riders remain faithful to the Carver brand due to the unbeatable quality and durability of its decks and the strength and versatility of its surf trucks (CX, C7, C5).

Check out my extensive Carver Skateboards review and comparison guide.

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