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The 10 Best Longboard Brands On The Market (Ranked)

The 10 Best Longboard Brands On The Market (Ranked)

If you’re new to longboarding, one of the first things you probably ask is, what are the best longboard brands out there?

In this post I look at longboard brands that offer the best value for the money, have the best performing products, make the most durable and lightweight decks, use the highest quality components, and have the best range of boards for your riding style(s).

The following is our longboard brands leaderboard based on our own experience and other riders’ feedback:

#1. Loaded Longboards16 boardsCarving, freeride, dancing/freestyle view
#2. Landyachtz Longboards39 boardsHybrids, freeride/downhill, cruisers view
#3. Arbor Longboards22 boardsHybrids, cruisers view
#4. Globe Longboards28 boardsCruisers view
#5. Sector 9 Longboards37 boardsCarving, hybrid, freeride view
#6. Magneto Longboards24 boardsCruising boards, LDP view
#7. Madrid Longboards42 boardsCruisers, hybrids, downhill, freeride view
#8. DB Longboards26 boardsFreeride, hybrids, dancing view
#9. Dusters Longboards33 boardsCruising, carving view
#10. Atom Longboards7 boardsCruising, LDP view

UPDATE: although I haven’t included it in this list, Santa Cruz Skateboards is an iconic brand in the history of skateboarding, and also builds high-quality cruisers and longboards.

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1. Loaded Boards

loaded longboards

Loaded longboards is widely regarded as building the most high-end longboards on the market. The company uses cutting-edge technology and materials, resulting in lightweight, super strong, beautiful-looking, high-performance riding machines.

The Loaded brand is generally associated with innovative shapes and features designed specifically for very technical performance riding. Many longboarders, experienced or newbie, thrive to own a Loaded.

Loaded has a special focus on carving and LDP, freestyle and dancing, freeride, and more recently urban commuting slashing.

Loaded longboards typically sell at a premium price ($200-$500) compared to other leading brands. Loaded fans, however, feel they get their money’s worth. The unique features and construction of these high-end boards allow them to push their limits and enjoy an unequaled riding feel.

Some Loaded models have been around for many years – some over a decade with regular updates, and still as popular as ever, e.g. the Tan Tien, Dervish Sama, Vanguard, Icarus, Bhangra (dancing).

Newer hits include the popular Coyote (city cruiser), Omakase, Ballona (first mini-cruiser), Mata Hari and Tarab (dancers).

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Loaded also owns the Orangatang Wheels brand which makes some of the best-regarded longboard wheels on the planet.

2. Landyachtz Longboards

landyachtz longboards

The Landyachtz brand has been around for over 20 years and enjoys a very good image in the longboarding community.

The brand is younger than Sector 9 and Arbor but has grown into one of the most popular longboard makers on the market.

While their boards are quite affordable for the quality (typically $150-$250), most riders agree Landyachtz builds some of the best most durable boards.

Even though Landyachtz has its roots in hardcore longboard racing, it now has a broad longboard lineup ranging from cruisers, full-size commuters, to freeride and downhill boards.

In addition to quality decks, Landyachtz also designs and produces their own highly-rated trucks under the Bear Trucks brand as well as the acclaimed Hawgs wheels brand.

As a result, Landyachtz is able to ensure consistent end-to-end quality for their completes.

The Dinghy uber-popular mini-cruiser is Landyachtz’s all-time best-seller:

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3. Arbor Longboards

arbor longboards

Like Sector 9, Arbor is one of the pioneer brands in the skateboarding/longboarding history, with roots dating back to 1995 in Venice Beach, CA – the birthplace of action sports.

Ever since, Arbor has been developing highly durable, high-performance longboards. The Arbor longboard brand closely follows behind Sector 9 in terms of worldwide popularity and image.

Arbor has always kept a strong focus on building truly eco-friendly products, and supports groups that restore forests and nature – the brand has its own foundation.

The Arbor Collective brings together artists, designers, and other people who contribute to the brand’s sustainable approach to making attractive, durable, and environmental-friendly longboards.

Arbor brand longboards are affordable, typically in the $115 – $260 range.

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The Arbor Pilsner has long been a highly popular board in the Arbor lineup.

4. Globe Longboards

globe longboards

Globe is the largest skateboard/longboard manufacturer and distributor in the world. Their longboard and cruiser lineup is impressive both in terms of model range and variety.

Globe longboards are known for their quality material and craftsmanship and for their durability. They maintain a particular focus on cruisers with a broad range of sizes, shapes, and styles.

Similar to Arbor, Globe makes many affordable cruisers in the $150 – $200 range. Despite the competitive price, many Globe cruisers are simply beautiful and smooth riding.

The Blazer is Globe’s best-selling 26″ mini-cruiser (smaller than the Landyachtz Dinghy).

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5. Sector 9 Longboards

sector 9 longboards

Based in San Diego California, Sector 9 Longboards has been in the market for nearly 30 years and has established itself as one of the largest quality longboard brands in the world.

Sector 9 longboards are highly praised for their build quality and their smooth and easy riding. Their completes are considered solid and durable yet reasonably priced – between $130 and $230.

Many Sector 9 brand longboards are also very beginner-friendly.

Sector 9 has its own in-house longboard production workshop within its San Diego headquarters facilities in contrast to many other brands that choose to outsource production in China.

Sector 9 handles their complete process from R&D to product development to manufacturing within these same US facilities.

The longboards are US-made and undergo a tough quality process involving extreme testing such as driving a truck over boards or shooting boards with a gun.

Sector 9 comes out with an impressive number of models each year, catering to all levels of riders and many riding styles. While the brand has always kept a strong focus on carving, it also features some great freeride boards and cruisers.

Sector 9 brand decks come with a 120-day warranty against materials or workmanship defects and delamination.

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The Lookout bamboo drop-through carving board is one of the most popular longboards from the Sector 9 brand:

sector 9 lookout lei

6. Magneto Longboards

magneto longboards

Magneto is a young, up-and-coming longboard brand based in Carlsbad, California, a historical area in the skateboarding culture.

The Magneto tradename was bought back from a UK company by a team of product engineers who have successfully relaunched it in the U.S.

Magneto Boards has decades of experience in product development, from airplanes to golf clubs. They’ve been focusing on creating technologically advanced boards at very affordable prices.

Magneto branded longboards are decent quality products sold at unrivaled low prices. They are particularly well-suited for beginners and relaxed riding. Their cruisers run around $80, their drop-throughs between $110-$120, and their bamboo completes $110 to $180.

The Magneto Bamboo Cruiser 42″ is one of the brand’s popular longboards:

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7. Madrid Longboards

madrid longboard brand

Madrid Skateboards was created in 1976 in Huntington Beach, CA, and has since become an important part of the history of skateboarding.

Over the years, Jerry Madrid helped iconic skateboard pros of the 1980s create their own innovative and cutting-edge skateboard lines. Madrid also produced concave molds for major industry players like Santa Cruz and Skulls skateboards.

Nowadays, Madrid’s skateboards and longboards are still handmade in the U.S.A, at the company’s Huntington Beach facility. In contrast, most other skateboard manufacturers use CNC machines.

Madrid skateboards were featured in Steven Spielberg’s “Back to The Future” mid-80s blockbuster, and more recently in the 2016 Netflix TV show “Stranger Things”.

Madrid also participated in the creation of the Vans x Madrid Flypaper Sk8 Hi Pro, one of the most popular skate shoes in history, which Vans successfully revived in 2016.

Besides street decks, Madrid’s has a rich longboard lineup with a wide variety of styles, including a wide range of mini-cruisers, some of them reissues of 1980s hits.

Madrid also has a good selection of drop-through, topmount, and drop-down longboard shapes, pintails, as well as a series of technical downhill/racing boards.

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8. DB Longboards

db longboards

DB Longboards was founded in 2003 by three high-school friends who were making handmade longboards and skimboards in a garage in Tacoma WA, and then started making skateboards after moving to Washington state.

After finishing college, in 2010 they moved to their current 6000 sq ft production facility South of Seattle, WA. DB Longboard’s founders and employees all live the board sports lifestyle. A dedicated team of riders is constantly testing the boards on the steep mountain roads of the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

DB Longboards is one of those longboard brands reputed for making high-end quality boards with innovative technology. DB’s CoreFlex construction, for example, combines a strong, lightweight, and flexible bamboo core, layers of triaxial fiberglass, epoxy resin, waterproof HD plastic, and urethane.

This results in decks that are strong and lightweight with a very lively flex feel and great resistance to water, impact, and scratches. In short, durable, high-performance products at relatively competitive prices.

What sets DB Longboards apart from other quality longboard brands such as Landyachtz or Loaded? DB Longboards has its own personality and look and feel with a particular focus on freeride and downhill – a natural consequence of the mountainous environment they live in.

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9. Dusters Longboards

Dusters California makes high-quality longboards and cruisers with a very unique look and feel.

Besides building very functional boards for all types of riding, from cruising and commuting to park and pool to freeride and downhill, Dusters puts a very strong focus on highly polished fit and finish.

Dusters collaborates with different groups when creating their product lines, including renowned street, graffiti, and contemporary artists. The result is an astounding, colorful, even dreamy range of designs for their longboard collections, a lot of them rooted in the surfing, skating, and rebellious spirit of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Duster’s lineup comprises 30+ boards half of them cruisers and mini-cruisers, half a dozen pintails, around 10 drop-through and directional longboard shapes, and a dancing/freestyle board.

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10. Atom Longboards

Atom Longboards, based in Colorado Springs CO, has been around since 2005. The brand thrives to offer the most affordable longboards on the market (cheaper than the historical brands) while maintaining quality raw materials and construction.

Atom focuses on longboard cutout shapes (drop-throughs, drop-downs) and a couple of pintails priced in the $90 – $125 range, as well as a few downhill models priced between $190 and $250. No cruisers in their analog lineup.

Atom also offers a range of affordable e-boards and all-terrain boards (ATB).

The brand is able to offer good value for money, keeping prices low without sacrificing quality, by selling direct to their customers and avoiding unnecessary marketing costs.

Riders who buy Atom boards are generally happy with the products. Atom longboards are particularly well suited for newer riders, particularly since most of their longboards are full-size 39″ to 41″ low riders.