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Best Hybrid Skateboards: Everything You Need To Know

Best Hybrid Skateboards: Everything You Need To Know

There are many types of skateboards to choose from these days. If you are looking for a skateboard that can do what a longboard, a cruiser, and a standard double-kick skateboard can do, then a hybrid skateboard is what you need.

Hybrid skateboards are designed for multiple skateboard disciplines. They’re typically 29 – 34” long by 8 – 10” wide decks with double kicks and 13 – 15” wheelbase. Hybrids usually come with TKP trucks and softish 55 – 65mm wheels with 78 to 80a duro for solid grip. 

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What are hybrid skateboards best for?

Hybrid skateboards are best for skaters who want one all-around skateboard that they can use for riding park, street, cruising around town, and sliding downhill spots. They’re also a good option for beginners who cannot decide what type of board to get as their first setup. 

You can use a hybrid skateboard for doing flat-land tricks, such as ollies, flip tricks, shove-its, manuals, and more. 

However, most hybrid skateboard completes weigh around 10 lbs. which is somewhat heavier than a standard skateboard, making ollies and flips more technical.

Hybrid skateboards are heavier because they are equipped with wider 150 to 160mm trucks and larger 55 to 60mm wheels, which is what makes them better for cruising on rough terrain and more stable for riding fast. 

Because of its components, you can also use a hybrid skateboard for freeriding hills and busting out slides. 

Hybrid skateboards are equipped with a double-kicktail deck, meaning you can easily perform blunt slides on hills and float through road imperfections when cruising on sidewalks.

With regards to skate spots, hybrid skateboards are designed to skate parks, neighborhoods, plazas, pathways, hills, and more, due to their versatility. 

Note: if you’re not sure whether a hybrid is what you need for your riding style(s), check out How to Choose the Right Longboard for Me for an overview of what to look for in a longboard based on riding style.

Features of Hybrid Skateboards

Now, let’s talk about what makes hybrid skateboards versatile by discussing the different features and components, including the deck size and shape, the trucks, and the wheels. 

If you see a slightly wider, double-kick deck equipped with larger wheels, it likely qualifies as a hybrid.  

Deck Shape and Size

Hybrid skateboard decks closely resemble a standard popsicle double-kick deck. However, the shape can vary depending on brand and model. 

For example, some options have a symmetrical shape with identical kicktails, while some hybrid decks feature a more directional shape. 

For example, the Landyachtz ATV Perfecto has a double-kick deck with a slightly truncated nose– closely resembling a cruiser shape. However, it still qualifies as a hybrid skateboard because of its 14.37-inch wheelbase and fully functional kicktails.   

Most hybrid skateboards feature a 13 to 15” wheelbase, which is the standard wheelbase length for cruisers and regular street decks. It’s suitable for performing tricks but long enough for a more stable ride.

In addition, some hybrid decks have a more noticeable concave to keep your feet in place when riding fast. Some also have deeper wheel wells so you can carve and really lean onto your side for sharp turns. 

Hybrid skateboards trucks

Hybrid skateboards are generally equipped with traditional kingpin (TKP) trucks that span from 130 to 170 mm. 

Because hybrid skateboards are a mix of cruiser and skateboard, the truck sizes vary to match the width of the deck. You can adjust the tightness of hybrid trucks to your liking, e.g. to allow digging deep into your turns. 

Hybrid skateboards with larger wheels above 60mm in diameter often come with ¼-inch risers to avoid wheelbite. 


Hybrid skateboards generally come fitted with softer and larger wheels. The durometer is usually 78 to 80a, and typical wheel diameter is 55 to 65mm with a wider 30 to 40mm contact patch. 

The larger wheels allow hybrid skateboards to roll smoothly on rough surfaces such as asphalt and rough concrete. 

Although most hybrids are equipped with centerset wheels, some models like the Arbor Shakedown Foundation have wheels with a 2.5mm offset, similar to longboard setups. 

Offset wheels allow riders to break traction easier when throwing slides and speed checks when riding downhill or freeriding. 

#1 hybrid skateboard: Landyachtz ATV Slim Jim High Kick

The Slim Jim High Kick is part of the Landyachtz ATV line of hybrid skateboards and cruisers. This is reflected in its components, as well as the cool deck graphics by artist Sebastian Curi. 

This ATV is 31” long with a width of 8.43” and 14.375” wheelbase. It features a medium concave – close to a regular skateboard.

However, instead of setting it up with wider Bear 155mm trucks– Landyachtz decided to ship the ATV with Polar Bears 130mm. The gap is filled with Chubby Hawgs wheels boasting a 40mm contact patch. 

The size of the trucks and wheels cover the gap and fleshes out the sides, which makes the appearance more on-point. 


  • Deck Material: Canadian Maple
  • Deck Size: 31” x 8.43” 
  • Wheelbase: 14.375”
  • Trucks: Polar Bear 130mm 
  • Wheels: 60mm 78a Chubby Hawgs

What is it good for?

The interesting choice of narrow trucks and wider wheels make the Landyachtz ATV Slim Jim High Kick an excellent choice for skating tight spots and pathways. 

This hybrid is also versatile enough for skating sidewalks, skateparks, ditches, and most types of terrain.

Check out the Landyachtz ATV here on Amazon or here on Evo

#2 hybrid skateboard: Arbor Collective Shakedown 34”

The Arbor Shakedown Foundation features a 33.75” deck with a 9” width and 15.75” wheelbase, making it a more stable choice than a street deck for riding fast when cruising. 

It is slightly longer than the other hybrid skateboards on this list, which makes it excellent for cruising and freeriding – with a little bit of street skating. 

The Arbor Collective hybrid skateboard sports a shaped nose and tail and a medium concave, allowing your feet to move freely for positioning before throwing slides and performing flat-land tricks. 

This deck features a sleek geometric design and spray grip– staying true to the Arbor surf and skate theme.   

The deck also comes with deeper wheel wells with enough clearance for the large 61mm wheels. The 169mm Paris Street Trucks allow for some nice and smooth carving. 


  • Deck Material: Canadian Hardrock Maple with Palisander Wood Finish Ply
  • Deck Size: 33.75” long and 9” wide
  • Wheelbase: 15.75”
  • Trucks: 169mm Paris Street Trucks
  • Wheels: 61mm 78a wheels 

What is it good for?

This hybrid skateboard is a larger board than most others on this list, making it lean toward cruising and freeriding. 

But because of its shape and fully functional kicktails, you can still perform ollies and flips– although it may require a bit more skill and effort. 

See the Shakedown here on Arbor’s website

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#3 hybrid skateboard: Sector 9 Gravy Semi-Pro Barge

This complete is probably the most versatile hybrid skateboard option on this list. It features a double-kick shape, medium concave, and components that makes it suitable for street tricks, bowls, slides, and cruising.

This Sector 9 deck is 31.5” long by 8.8” wide with a 14.25” wheelbase. It’s fitted with Gullwing Shadow Trucks with an 8.”5 axle– very closely similar to most street and park skateboards.

However, one of the things that sets this board aside from standard street decks is the larger 61mm 78a Nineballs wheels – if fitted with 52 to 55mm wheels, you might mistake it for a regular street deck.


  • Deck Material: Canadian Maple
  • Deck Size: 31” long and 8.8” wide
  • Wheelbase: 14.25”
  • Trucks: 8.5” Gullwing Shadow Trucks
  • Wheels: 61mm 78a Sector 9 Nineballs 

What is it good for?

The Sector 9 Gravy Semi-Pro Barge is a super versatile deck, probably the best for doing a little bit of everything. Whether you want to ride ditches, banks, skate parks, sidewalks, hills, this hybrid skateboard has your back. 

Check out the Gravy here on Sector9’s site

#4 hybrid skateboard: Madrid Combi 32.5” Hummie

Last on the list is the Madrid Combi 32.5” Hummie. The shape of this hybrid is almost symmetrical, and because of its subtle shape and street concave, it is easy to mistake it for a standard popsicle street deck.

The Combi comes with 8.5” Standard Calibers renowned for street and park skating. However, the complete comes with softer and larger 59mm 78a Cadillac White Walls (vs hard 99a street wheels), which qualifies it as a versatile hybrid.

What makes this setup stand out is the full top graphic and the ultra-clear grip tape which make the board look stylish from top to bottom.  


  • Deck Material: Maple
  • Deck Size: 32.5” long x 8.625” wide
  • Wheelbase: 14.5”
  • Trucks: 8.5” Caliber Standard Trucks
  • Wheels: 59mm 78a Cadillac White Walls

What is it good for?

This hybrid skateboard setup is another jack of all trades. It is a well-rounded skateboard suitable for most disciplines. In particular, it’s a good choice for beginners who can’t decide what skateboard discipline they want to start with. 

See the Combi hybrid here on Madrid’s website