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Best Burton Snowboard: Which Board Should You Choose?

Best Burton Snowboard: Which Board Should You Choose?

This post may have affiliate links, which means I may receive commissions if you choose to purchase through links I provide (at no extra cost to you). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Burton has been known for their production of consistently radical boards since Jake Burton created his first prototype in 1977. Choosing a Burton snowboard can be a hard decision, and research on which board will fit your individual needs is key. 

Here is a summary table of the Burton snowboards we found to be the best for each category.

Best forBurton modelShapeRiding styleFlexRiding levelPrice
Beginner (jump to section)Burton Ripcord Flat TopDirectionalAll MountainSoftBeginner Intermediate$399.95
CarvingBurton Free Thinker CamberTwinFreestyle, Freeride, All Mountain Medium – StiffIntermediate Expert$599.95
PowderBurton Family Tree Straight Chuter CamberFreeride DirectionalPowder, All MountainMediumExpert$799.95
Park & mogulsBurton Blossom CamberTwinFreestyleMediumIntermediate$579.95
Icy conditionsBurton Custom X CamberDirectionalAll MountainMedium – StiffExpert $799.95
WomenBurton Feelgood Flying VDirectional TwinFreestyle   All MountainSoft – MediumIntermediate – Advanced$579.95
Heavy ridersBurton Deep ThinkerDirectionalFreeride, All mountainMedium – StiffIntermediate, Expert$599.95
SpeedBurton Flight AttendantDirectionalFreeride, Powder, All MountainMedium – StiffIntermediate, Expert$579.95

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*This post may have affiliate links, which means I may receive commissions if you choose to purchase through links I provide (at no extra cost to you). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Best Burton snowboard for a beginner: Burton Ripcord

Burton Ripcord Flat Top snowboard: beginner and Intermediate riders looking to progress will easily fall in love with this ride. 


The Burton ripcord is unique in shape with a 5mm taper, making the nose slightly wider than the tail. This makes for smooth turns without the worries of hooking an edge on accident.  

Burton’s Flat Top with Easy Bevel results in a flat based board starting from outside of each foot for balance. The Easy Bevel adds early rise, making it nearly impossible for you to catch your edge. 

Riding Style

An All Mountain board that rides like a twin with a directional focus.

The soft, nimble design of the Ripcord maintains plenty of pop while securing control. Reduced weight in the tip and tail make it easier to flow down the mountain. 


A playful personality combined with directional flex.

Cruising through varying terrain is no problem due to the edge contact to the snow. The soft flex empowers you to crank down on this board for maximum control. 

Out of a 1 – 10 scale, 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest, this board is a 1-2.

Riding Level

Beginner – Intermediate riding level. 

To wax or not to wax your snowboard isn’t a question. Burton used their Extruded Base on this board, making maintenance minimal.

Easily keeping speed and showing off your new tricks are aspects beginners frequently love about this board.

The Biax Fiberglass used for construction contributes to softening the board, providing a torsional flex that is easy to initiate. Learn to jib and tail press is a lot easier with this board.

What makes this board the best for beginners

This snowboard is great for beginners mainly due to its forgiving flex and overall playfulness. 

Another perk is Burton’s The Channel mounting system, which makes it easy to adjust your stance as you progress. 

The Ripcord ensures fluid transitions while offering stability, a directional shape, and amplified pop.

This board offers a good balance of strength and lightness due to its construction around Burton’s simplest Core, the Fly 900G Core. 

Check out the Ripcord here on Evo ($399.95)

Best Burton snowboard for carving: Free Thinker

The Burton Free Thinker by Danny Davis is not only an excellent board for park, its stiff personality and camber profile also make it our top choice snowboard for carving. 


The Free Thinker’s true twin shape is combined with a camber profile for making sharp contact with the snow. 

This board enables you to enjoy a balance of popping out of the pipe and carving at high speeds down the run in sheer confidence.

The steep side cut of this board grips the snow and creates maximum edge hold, making this an awesome board for hard chare carving. 

Riding Style

The Free Thinker is considered a freeride, freestyle, and all mountain board. 

Riders looking to test their skills on steeps and groomers while initiating their edge will have no issues. Even when you find deeper snow, this board transitions quickly to keep you afloat.


The Free Thinker holds integrity through a symmetrical flex from tip to tail. 

Just like in the Blossom, Super Fly II 700G Core is the result of coming wood that is equally strong as it is light to maintain response.

The toe and heel edges are equipped with additional edge hold with stiffer zones around the feet that force energy out to the tip and tail. Connectivity from board to foot is noticeable on all snow surfaces.                                   

Out of a 1 – 10 scale, 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest, this board is a 5-8.

Riding Level

Intermediate – Expert riding level.

Many features of the Burton Custom transfer over to the Free Thinker, making this board optimal for riders ready to soar out of the take off and command the hill. 

The WFO base is constructed out of high-density sintered materials that deeply soak up wax. The pores on this board infuse wax deeply, giving this board power in all conditions. 

Riders who are in need of quick stance variations will find Burton’s The Channel Mounting system an optimal feature. Setting yourself up by matching your stance with the terrain will expand your riding. 

What makes the Free Thinker the best board for carving

Confident reliability in a snowboard is crucial when it comes to performance. No matter the conditions, Burton’s Free Thinker delivers. 

The Free Thinker harnesses pop and natural transitions from edge to edge and tip to tip, making it highly versatile.

The two layers of 45 degree Carbon Highlights Fiberglass are sandwiched between the topsheet and core, as well as the bottom sheet and core. Complete torsional twist feels natural and reduces overall weight. 

Check out the Free Thinker on Evo ($599.95)

Best Burton snowboard for powder: Family Tree Straight Chuter

When the snow begins to pour from the sky, grabbing the Burton Family Tree Straight Chuter camber snowboard can make for a memorable day or riding.  Many riders focusing on big lines rely on this board. 


The Burton Straight Chuter is a directional camber board. Camber from the tail to the front foot creates an aggressive ride, while a slight rocker in the nose helps keep you above the snow.

Paired with the Freeride Directional shape, the longer nose adds a setback camber feel with a sidecut that is centered. 

This helps bridge the twin freestyle stance while pointing it straight with the response of a directional board when you put it on edge. 

An 18mm taper from nose to tail enhances control through any terrain.

Riding Style

The Straight Chuter is a powder specific board that can handle all mountain terrain.

Not a first pick to ride at a resort if you’re looking to carve or make precise turns, though. The deep side cuts on this board perform best after dropping a big line and pointing it straight down the mountain. 


The Straight Chuter holds a medium stiffness.

The directional flex allows you to feel pop out of the tail while the nose is more hard charging and aggressive.

The WFO Base Burton utilizes consists of recycled sintered material that has special wax infused within its pores, amplifying speed no matter where you are.

Out of a 1 – 10 scale, 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest, this board is a 4-7.

Riding Level

Expert riders.

Not made for the shy, this solid snowboard can be pushed to extremes. Steeps, high speed, and unquestionable terrain choices are ideal with this board in hand. 

The Dragonfly 600G Core Burton paired with Multizone EGD reduces the weight without sacrificing the hard-charging nature of this design. 

What makes this board the best for power

The Burton Straight Chuter is made to go far and wide when the snow is deep. Riders who aren’t afraid to lay an edge or go straight at high speeds will enjoy what this board has to offer.

The longer and thicker nose shape allows this board to break through any surface or conditions. The set back stance gives you a snappy feel without losing directional integrity.

Strapping into this board will serve you on powder and all mountain adventures.

See the Family Tree Straight Chuter on Evo ($799.95)

Best Burton snowboard for park, jumps, moguls: Blossom

Calling all park riders – the Burton Blossom Camber is your new best friend. This is an excellent board for riding through the park.


The Blossom is a True twin shape that helps keep you balanced whether you’re riding regular or switch. This board has the ability to keep you stable after a jump, spin, or bumpy terrain.

The tip and tail are low profile which sheds excess weight and prevents the board from slipping out. 

Burton’s Frostbite edges, points on the boards edge that extend it outwards, holds solid traction underfoot gluing you to the snow. 

Riding regular or switch is just as straightforward on this board. It keeps you stable whenever you’re practicing riding switch or attempting to hit a landing switch. 

Riding Style

The Blossom is specifically designed for the park as a freestyle board, but is also enjoyable on the entire mountain. 

It’s an awesome board for jibbing and charging.


The Blossom has a medium, stiff and dynamic torsional flex. This gives you quick and responsive movements no matter how hard you take off or land. 

The Carbon I-Beam Burton used among their Triax fiberglass layering also ensures a reactive and structured snap along the length of the board.

This snowboard’s functional design is soft enough to throw around while still maintaining its composure.

Out of a 1 – 10 scale, 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest, this board is a 3-6.

Riding Level

Intermediate – advanced riding level. 

Riders who are experienced snowboarders and are comfortable with challenges on the hill will likely enjoy this board for its stiff and aggressive personality. 

Burton uses its Super Fly II 700G Core, a meticulous placement of certain woods to reduce weight and increase strength.

In addition, their specialized Dualzone EGD manufacturing places woods perpendicular to the other at the nose and tail for total edge grip.

The quality of wood grain used to achieve strength along the board while keeping weight under control is a game changer for hard chargers. 

These features also add increased edge hold, durability, and kickback.

What makes the Blossom the best Burton board for park, jumps, moguls

The Burton Blossom Camber’s freestyle specific design was constructed by Burton’s new age riding team. The details behind this symmetrical board allow for precise popping over the entire mountain.

Experienced riders are often impressed by this freestyle specific board. It gives them the confidence to attempt even more challenging tricks. 

The Blossom is lightweight and combines reliable traction and snappy reflexes. In short, it’s a really great board for trees, groomers, and/or moguls.

See the Burton Blossom here on Evo ($579.95)

Best Burton snowboard for icy conditions: Custom X

The Burton Custom X is certainly Burton’s highest performing board no matter what terrain you challenge it with.

Ice, huge landings, deep powder, this board is designed to handle extreme conditions.


The Custom X is an all mountain directional board.

A longer nose channel with responsive pop and a shorter tail ensures solid control to conquer any terrain. The camber bend activates sturdy, explosive turns that evenly grip into the snow.

Riding Style

The high performance materials utilized in the Custom X contribute to this snowboard’s all mountain, freestyle, and freeride capabilities.

The active Frostbite Edges are specially designed for ice. These edges extend out from the sidewall, and often help riders feel glued into their turns. 

A stiff and snappy board that shines under demanding high speeds and big mountain terrain. 


A high performance board requires high performance stiffness. This twin flex board delivers a symmetrical experience regular or switch.

The 45 degree Highlights High Voltage Fiberglass design by Burton adds superior torsional flex along the board.

The carbon strands that complement the five layers of fiberglass in the Custom X keep this board lightweight yet solid

Out of a 1 – 10 scale, 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest, this snowboard is a 6 – 9.

Riding Level

Expert level of riding.

The Burton Custom X claims the badge of most aggressive board in their lineup.

A Dragonfly 600G core with Multizone EGD optimizes this board by incorporating end-grain woods in high-striking areas. Ultimately minimizing weight where it’s not needed while keeping vigor.

What makes the Custom X the best board for icy conditions

The Burton Custom X cuts into the ice without hesitation. Stiff and assertive, you’ll never question the capabilities of this board. 

The high performance features make it versatile and capable of soaring over any and all terrain. Due to its pro-caliber ingenuity, this is a one-board quiver.

This board will deliver all mountain fun while never losing a battle against your terrain choice.

Check out the Custom X on Evo ($799.95)

Best Burton snowboard for women: Feelgood Flying V

The Burton Women’s Feelgood Flying V snowboard comes complete with all of Burton’s best technologies to make it comparable to the Burton Custom. 

Available in two board bend styles for Women, so you can choose which fits your riding style best.

The Flying V we’ve selected here has more of a twin board design with rocker and camber sections throughout, while the Feelgood Camber embodies the full traditional camber feel. 


The Burton Feelgood Flying V is a directional twin board designed with a slightly set back stance. A longer nose increases float while maintaining control in the tail.

The edges boats Burton’s Frostbite edges. Riders often find the extended spots of the sidewall provide extra grip when setting an edge while maintaining a flowy ride when cruising. 

Riding Style

The Feelgood Flying V is a supreme candidate for riders looking to tackle freestyle and all mountain terrain.

Flying V reinforces rocker between and outside of the feet for intentional turns with enhanced liveliness. 

Camber underfoot provides edge control and powerful turns along this symmetrical board.


The softer flex on this board combined with the rocker and camber profile feels harmonious. Often giving riders the opportunity to push their boarding abilities. 

Out of a 1 – 10 scale, 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest, this board is a 3 – 6.

Riding Level

Intermediate – Expert riding level. 

Women looking for a board that can do it all look to the Feelgood Flying V due to the advanced core properties.

The Super Fly II 700G Core, Squeezebox, and Dualzone EGD technologies created by Burton reinforce the board’s lightweight and durable core.

These features involve light woods with integral strength, areas of thicker core sections, and perpendicular placements for optimal energy transfer.

What makes the Feelgood Flying V the best snowboard for women

Burton’s Women’s Feelgood Flying V snowboard is a complete daily driver. Truly an all mountain board that can deliver both aggressive control and buttery freedom.

This board will match an array of riders. From the park, trees, groomers, the Feelgood will likely satisfy your needs. 

This balanced and versatile board steers easily whatever direction you take it.

See the Burton FeelGood Flying V on Evo ($579.95)

Best Burton snowboard for heavy riders: Deep Thinker

The Burton Deep Thinker is a board with varying width sizes to accommodate heavier riders. It’s casual pow shape offers a larger surface than others.


The Deep Thinker is a directional, all mountain board. 

Camber underfoot and rocker in the nose provide a stable ride that can transition quickly to set an edge or float above the snow.

The 7mm taper from the nose to tail will help heavier riders find a comfortable, set back stance. This stance set up saves energy so you have more power to steer the board.

Riding Style

Inspired by Danny Davis, this is a true balance of being able to charge the mountain with playful stability. A freeride, all mountain board that utilizes camber in the tail and rocker in the tip. 

The Dualzone EGD used by Burton in this board combines two zones of wood grain. These two zones run perpendicular to the other along the toe and heel edges to increase edge strength. 


The Deep Thinker is a medium stiff board that delivers optimal power and snap.

Linking toe and heel sides turns is fluid with Burton’s construction of a softer nose and rigid tail. 

More versatile than the twin version of this board, the camber emphasizes the dynamic turn capability.  

Out of a 1 – 10 scale, 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest, this board is a 5-8.

Riding Level

Intermediate – Expert riding levels.

Larger riders will find confidence in the torsional twist of the 45 degree Carbon Highlights Fiberglass.The tip to tail carbon layer allows for a riders weight to flex the board where they need it.

An everyday board that can easily handle powder, groomers, and crud.

What makes The Burton Deep Thinker the best board for heavy riders

The available wider widths and set back stand make this a great choice for heavy riders. Floating above the snow or digging in the edge will be equally as effortless.

The sintered WFO base is also used on this board. Keeping speed will never be an issue due to this board’s ability to soak up wax.

Heavy riders often feel inspired to push themselves on the Burton Deep Thinker as they cruise around the mountain with ease.

Check out the Deep Thinker here on Evo ($599.95)

Best Burton snowboard for speed: Flight Attendant

The Burton Flight Attendant has a need for speed with its stiff yet lightweight design.

A directional camber board that is superior in beating everyone down the mountain. This is a best selling board that plays well all over the mountain.

This board challenges you to push it past your comfort zone for total connectivity. High tech features supply it with impactful edge control, float, and speed.


The Flight Attendant is a freeride directional board.

What makes this board different is the setback camber stance and centered sidewall. Although it’s a directional camber board, when it’s centered it reenacts a twin, freestyle feel.

It looks directional and rides well switch, while riding like a twin in the hardpack. The tapered tip to tail makes this an easier board to spin.

Riding Style

All mountain and freeriders timelessly pick up the Flight Attendant for its consistent design.

The Super Fly II 700G Core targets certain points on the board to use lighter woods that are longer lasting. Playfulness is not compromised. 

Additionally, the Squeezebox technology reinforces balance through thicker, more dynamic core sections and thinner, more malleable sections. The rider has full control of overall burst out of this board.


The Flight attendant is a stiffer snowboard. 

Energy from the rider to the board is quickly transferred from the feet to the tip and tail for a confident ride.

The Triax fiberglass encourages you to drop without hesitation. Response upon landing is precise and reliable.

Out of a 1 – 10 scale, 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest, this board is a 5 – 8.

Riding Level

Intermediate – Expert riding level. 

The superior precision of this board is experienced on all varying snowpacks. 

Dualzone EGD edge grip technology lines the heel and toe edges with two zones of wood that sit perpendicular to the other. The purpose of this core design is to add edge grip strength at varying speeds.

What makes this the best board for speed

The Burton Flight Attendant is a lightweight and impressive board.

Whether you choose to test its abilities by soaring off of big jumps or crushing groomers, it’ll be hard to keep up with. 

A reinforced core with specialized detail reinforces its stability under heavy impacts and hard-charging edge changes.

The Balanced Freeride Geometry makes this board feel like a true freestyle twin while riding flat. Yet, it actively evolves once it’s back on edge to respond to tight turns and intended force.

See the Flight Attendant here on Evo ($579.95)

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Frequently asked questions

Is the Burton Custom X a good beginner board?

The stiffness of the Custom X makes it a less than ideal choice for beginners. 

Is Burton Custom good for powder?

Yes, it holds a 7/10 tested success rating in the powder. 

Where are Burton custom snowboards made?

Burton’s custom snowboards are made in Uttendorf, Austria (KEIL)

Can you ride Burton Custom switch?

Yes, the Burton Custom is a directional all-mountain board. 

What’s the difference between flying V and camber?

Camber has been the foundational make of snowboards for the past 40 years. Introducing dominant edge control and rigorous turning, it’s a favorite among experienced riders who are able to push high speeds and carve hard.

Flying V is a hybrid of both camber and rocker.

Rocker is the opposite curvature of camber, offering a playful and lively ride. The camber underfoot of this style of snowboard gives you support and rigor while complementing the softer feel.

Beginner and park riders often move towards rocker boards due to their easy mobility.