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Are Skateparks Good For Kids?

Are Skateparks Good For Kids?

If you have kids interested in skateboarding, you may be wondering whether you should have them ride at the skatepark. 

Skateboarding is an extreme sport but skateparks are the safest place for kids to skate. As for the community, people at skateparks are usually kind to children, making most skateparks generally safe for kids. 

A skatepark is a safe place for skating and honing skateboarding skills. As long as kids are taught proper skate etiquette, they should be able to get along with other people just fine. 

Aside from learning skateboard tricks and promoting exercise, skateparks also have other benefits for kids.

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Skatepark benefits for kids

Although skateboarding and other extreme sports are still considered counterculture and underground territory, this sport has many of the benefits traditional sports have for children.

Many people still have negative beliefs about skateboarders being outlaws. However, one of the benefits of having skateparks in cities is that they provide a safe place for people of any age to practice skateboarding without needing to break into backyard pools, running from security when skating street spots, and putting other people at risk.

Aside from learning how to skate or improve their skills, here are some of the benefits of skateparks for kids:

Skateboarding promotes a healthy lifestyle

Skateboarding is a physical activity that requires constant movement and balancing on the board, which makes it an excellent full-body workout. 

This can make skateboarding at a skatepark greatly beneficial for kids and adults alike. According to the US Surgeon General, obesity is the most pressing problem that the US is facing, and skateboarding can definitely help prevent obesity in children.

Skateboarding can often be dangerous on the streets due to car traffic and pedestrians, which often makes skateparks the best place for kids to ride. 

Skateparks can reduce illegal behavior

Although skateparks and skateboarders are often stereotyped as outcasts, the skateboarding community offers young people a sport they love. 

Skateparks typically give them a safe place to play, keeping them away from illegal activities and drugs. 

Skateparks can help build kids’ social skills

While many kids spend an insane amount of time on their phones these days, skateparks offer a social alternative. 

Not only do skateparks benefit kids’ health by encouraging them to skate, they can also help build their social skills and help them make friends within the skateboarding community.

When a skatepark is built, a community develops around it. Kids who are struggling with their social skills because of anxiety and other problems can gain confidence in making friends. 

Most skateboarders are usually kind to kids and beginner skaters, which is a good thing for kids with socialization issues. 

Skateparks are good for kids’ mental health.

Skatepark riding is a unique activity that combines physical fitness, coordination, and balance, requiring clear thinking. 

Such a combination of skills stimulates the brain and brain cell growth. Activities that require a good sense of balance simulate both hemispheres of the brain. This also contributes to making skateparks great for kids development. 

Are skate parks dangerous for kids?

Skateparks are just like any basketball court, swimming pool, and soccer field– which means that skateboarding is also a sport and skateparks are the best and safest place for kids to hone their skills. However, since skateboarding is an extreme sport, the safety lies with the individual. 

Kids can be reckless when skateboarding, which makes them a danger to themselves and other skaters. For example, if they do not pay attention to their surroundings and keep on skating without looking if there are other skaters doing their line, they can easily get hurt.

Are skatepark communities friendly to kids?

Not all kids are outgoing and confident to talk to other kids at school, but when it comes to skateparks, kids and teenagers tend to get along well due to the shared passion.

No matter if your kid is popular at school or introverted, skateboarding at a skatepark can be a bridge between them and other kids of all kinds.

As a group, skaters are generally very understanding. Teenagers and adults who skate at the park will generally go out of their way to guide learning kids. 

If your kid is reluctant to go skating because there are too many people at the skatepark, try choosing a quiet time to take him/her there. The best time to ride at the skatepark in peace is early in the morning.

Do skateparks help kids’ social life?

According to research, skateparks can play a significant role in a child’s development, including their social and interaction skills. 

Anyone at any age can make friends at a skatepark, even without trying intentionally. Skaters will typically cheer for you and motivate you to skate better even if they don’t know you. 

For example, if a kid is learning a trick, other skaters at the park will push them to land the trick and help them with expert tips. 

If the kid eventually lands the trick, skaters will root for him/her, which is often the first step for making friends at the skatepark. 

How old should a kid be to go to skateparks?

Some kids can learn how to ride a skateboard as early as 3 years old. However, kids aged 10 and below should typically be accompanied by parents or a guardian at the skatepark. 

Kids 8 or older will generally be fine riding at the skatepark as long as they wear protective gear and learn the proper flow of how skaters behave. 

If a young kid is independent enough to skate with friends or alone, they could probably go to the skatepark with friends without a guardian as long as they are taught proper skate etiquette. 

They should know how to take turns with other skaters, not to snake runs, and not to get in the way of other skaters’ lines. 

If you have a kid that you’d like to drop off at the skatepark, you need to make sure that your kid can follow the rules, so that the skater community will be nice to them. 

Do skateparks keep kids from studying?

For any teenager or kid, doing any activity excessively can affect their studies, including playing video games, watching TV, or spending hours on their phone. Skateboarding is no different. However, a kid’s time spent at the skatepark is generally limited. 

Kids can only skate after school as authorities will not allow children at the park during school hours. Kids can only skate until the sun goes down, encouraging them to go home and study after dark. 

If you are worried that your kid will hang out with other skaters rather than study, it is up to you to set some rules. Skateparks alone may not be blamed for a kid losing interest in school, parents need to show the right path. 

Smart parents will often reward their kids who do well in school with skating time and/or new skateboarding gear. 

Can girls safely hang out at the skatepark?

It is generally safe for girls to hangout at the skatepark. Usually, skater boys are amazed by girls who can skate well. 

If you’re afraid that your daughter may be too young to skate alone, you may go with her to the park or ensure she goes there with reliable friends. 

If you are a girl who wants to make friends with other skaters, regardless of gender, you should definitely try to skate with them. If you are not very good yet, chances are other riders will help you improve. 

Tips for kids at the skatepark

Skateparks are safe for kids. The environment is generally friendly and relaxed, helping them build their skateboarding skills. 

If you have a kid and you want them to skate at a skatepark, make sure they follow these skatepark tips for kids:

Learn skatepark etiquette

Older and more experienced skaters do not appreciate running into kids as they don’t want to get hurt or get someone else hurt, especially kids. 

That is the reason why learning the flow of skating at the park and waiting for their turn is essential when at the skatepark.

Skateparks are not playgrounds

People go to the skatepark to skate. If a kid is there to run around and do horseplay, it is better not to take them there. 

If you are bringing a kid who doesn’t skate to a skatepark, make sure they do not get in the way of other skaters. 

Do not sit on skatepark features

Skateparks are filled with stairs and ledges, but these are not meant for sitting. Make sure your kid does not sit and get in the way of skaters trying to use these features. 

Avoid the skatepark when it’s too crowded

If you want your kid to skate freely at the skatepark without getting in anyone’s way, it is best to choose a time when it is not too busy, like early in the morning. The best time for skating at a skatepark is usually during 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Skateparks can get really crowded in the afternoon, so it’s not the best time for kids to be learning. 

However, if your kid gets really good at skating, the afternoon is the best time to skate with other skaters because they can push each other to excel in the sport.

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