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What Longboard Should I Get Quiz: Ultimate Selection Tool

longboard selector

This cool tool lets you filter through dozens of longboards including the many ones I have tested and reviewed on this site. I’ve set up tool to use present only a handful of criteria so you can quickly find the boards that match your goals and needs.

When you click on the “Read more” link for a longboard, you’ll be taken to my review pòst for the board. Ride on!

Longboard Selector

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38" (WB 27") drop-through directional shape. Moderate flex (8 plies), super low ride, mellow concave. Beginner, commuting. 70mm Hawgs wheels.
45" x 10.6" classic single-fin longboard surf shape. Relaxed cruising & surf carving, dancing. Barefoot-friendly. Surfskate truck, 66mm wheels
36" (WB 26") midsize directional drop-through built for carving. Low ride for pushing. Gullwing Sidewinder carving trucks, 69mm carving wheels.
39" x 9.5" (WB 30.2") drop-through twin shape built for carving, pumping, freeride. Lightweight bamboo/fiberglass, concave flares.70mm wheels
37.5" (WB 26.5") full-length pintail with resin7 maple construction, flat concave. Cruising & carving. 180mm Slant RKP trucks, 70mm wheels
39" (24.25" WB) cruiser shape with low flex. Small kick, rounded nose. Light freeriding & downhill. Comfy concave & rocker. 69mm Cloud Ride wheels.
38" / 40" drop-through twin cutout shape with flex and camber. Built for energetic carving & low stable pushing. Atlas trucks, Cloud Ride wheels.
39" symmetrical cutout dropped topmount shape. Low ride for distance push, foot lock-in for freeride & slides. Super stong deck. 70mm wheels
38" / 42" narrow symmetrical topmount cutout. Camber & high flex for energetic carving & pumping. Lightweight, 5 flex options. 75/85mm wheels
36.5" midsize symmetrical cutout with micro drop down. Ample platform, topmount. Low-riding, great for pushing, freeride, slides. 70mm wheels.
47" (32" WB) advanced symmetrical dancing & freestyle deck with large kicks and hig-performance construction & flex. 65-70mm wheels.
36" x 9.5" (WB 26") advanced stiff compostite deck for freeride, freestyle, downhill, commuting. Wide kick, W concave for slides. 70mm wheels
32" x 9.5" (WB 15.25") hybrid deck with large double kicks. Stiff 7 plies, designed for street riding, verts & pool, nimble city slashing. 58mm wheels
38" / 40" drop-through twin cutout shape for everyday cruising & pushing. Low ride, cambered. Ultralight Atlas trucks, 69mm Cloud Ride wheels
36" (WB 26.3") directional drop-through cutout shape. Full maple carving board, double-kingpin truck, 69mm 78A wheels. Salty Timbers art.
36" (WB 27") downhill bullet shape. Super-stiff, thin, light composite (carbon). Very stable, low-riding, adequate foot lock-in for speed. 70mm wheels.
30.5″ (14.25″ WB) street-size double-kick, square nose. Designed for park and bowl, tricks, city commuting. Bob Marley theme. 61mm wheels.
31.5" (WB 14.25") street-inspired double-kick cruiser, large kicktail. Built for street and skatepark riding. City commuting. 61mm wheels.
31.5″ (16" WB) 1980s cruiser shape designed for skatepark/bowl & city slashing. Large kick for bowls and quick turns. 61mm wheels
37.5″ (28″ WB) directional cutout drop-through shape. Bamboo flex and double-kingpin trucks for exceptional carving. High-traction 69mm wheels.
34" narrow cruiser (WB 20.5"), small functional kick. Bamboo & maple, Bob Marley graphics. Sharp turning trucks, grippy 61mm wheels.
39.5" topmount symmetrical freeride shape with large wheel cutouts & wide platform (WB 31"). Low riding, dropped, deep concave, twin kicks.
37.5" midsize directional cutout drop-through shape (28" WB). Responsive & fast-turning, designed for carving, pushing, moderate freeride.
42" stylish full-size pintail cruiser with attractive bamboo finish and clear colored stripes. Smooth riding for cruising and carving. 69mm wheels.
38" double-drop twin shape (29" WB) for cruising, pushing, distance, some freeride. Low ride commuter, comfortable & affordable. 70mm wheels.
39" roundtail surfboard shaped cruiser. Functional kicks & concave for kick turns & curb hopping. Wide platform & agile commuting. 69mm wheels
46" bamboo & fiberglass topmount twin deck. Moderate flex, large kicks. Dancing, carving, freestyle. Cambered profile. 70mm wheels
30-35" street-insprired double-kick skateboards. Old school shape with bigger wheels for shredding city or park. Good for street tricks & freeride.
41+" (WB 31") directional drop-through bamboo deck, moderate flex. Responsive carving, distance pushing, dancing. Sturdy for bigger riders
36.5" x 10" (27.5" WB) wide twin drop-through. City commuting, carving. Medium stiff & concave for freeride, smooth sliding. 70mm Hawgs wheels
41" drop-through twin shape (41" WB) designed for freeride and downhill. Short kicks, foot pockets & concave for secure speed and sliding.
36" (WB 22") surfskate, performance surfboard shape. Wide kick with traction pad. 360º truck, surf pumping, carving, extreme turns.
Drop down platform with drop-through mount, choice of 36"/39"/42" length. Low-riding for easy pushing, ultra-stable at speed for sliding.
39" symmetrical dual kick, 26" WB. Lightweight, durable, stiff deck. Technical rocker & contour for speed & sliding. Large kicks for freestyle.
38"/40" twin shape double drop platform. Super-strong, low-riding, deep concave. Very responsive. Freeride, long-distance pushing.
33" hot surf-style cruiser, fishtail shape. Nice kick with tailpad for quick turns and curb hops. Slight concave, lots of pop. Urban slashing, pool & park.
34" city slasher with long 20.5" WB, significant kicks. Strong bamboo + fiberglass build. Rocker, concave, contours. Very surfy, carvy, trickable.
30.9" x 10.4" surf skate (16.9" WB). Wide double-swallow fish surfboard shape. Quality Alpine surf truck comes in 2 versions (turn vs stability)
45" symmetrical topmount deck, 28.5" WB. Hollowtech version is the most lightweight and flexiest dancer deck on the market. Super flat, big kicks.
30" x 9.25" mini-cruiser for nimble urban commuting around college or neighborhoods. Lightweight, portable, technical enough for tricks.
41" x 9.5" symmetrical drop deck. Low riding for distance pushing & commuting, stable for carving hills and learning to slide. Sturdy for heavier riders.
42" by 9" symmetrical drop-through cutout shape, bamboo & fiberglass construction. Low riding, stable, push friendly for distance.
38.4" flexible drop-through twintip with cambered profile and 28.25" WB. Advanced composite construction, exceptional carving & pumping experience.
36" pintail flexy deck with 26" WB. Responsive & pumpable Grizzly Bear trucks, smooth 70mm Hawgs wheels. Great for cruising and carving.
32" cruiser with classic fishtail surf shape. Surfskate truck is among the most stable, suitable for beginner surf skaters. Great for surf carving, pumping, bowls.
38" x 9.9" drop-through directional shape with 29" WB and strong rocker. Easy pushing, very stable at speed, easy sliding, comfortable commuting.
32" x 9" wide hybrid cruiser shape with long 15.5" WB, big tail & nose kicks. Tricks focused, street slashing, hardcore street tricks. 60mm wheels.
26" mini-cruiser with 13.75" WB, 62mm wheels. Very agile and surfy for tight city cruising, Nice kicktail for kick tricks.Also an XL version. Cool designs
32" directional drop-through cutout shape, 23" WB. Compact, for tight city cruising, pushing, easy carving. Stylish, maple or bamboo
40" twintip with big drop, 32" WB. Massive, stable, low-riding platform, concave with secure feel. Great for beginners, heavier riders, distance pushing, hills.
28.5" mini-cruiser, 8" wide, 14.6" WB. Super popular, very nimble, quick turns, uber-portable, big wheels. Huge kicktail, low concave. Cool graphics
33" x 10" fat directional cruiser. Short, super-wide, stable and nimble. Awesome board for crusing, commuting, and freeride.
30.75" street-sized directional cruiser with long 17.5" WB. Meaty kicktail, special concave, XL wheels. Designed for city slashing & tricks.
32" surf skate cruiser. Ample deck with wide squared nose. Good option for newer surf skaters. Good quality board made by DB Longboards
48" advanced twin-shaped dancer, 32.75" WB. Designed for both footwork & freestyle tricks. Advanced flex, smooth carves, concave, large kicks & wheels.
39" drop-through twin shape, 27" WB. Legendary board, high-quality construction, unparalleled flex and comfort. Great carving, commuting, freeride, freestyle.