Globe Skateboards Review: How Good Are Their Street Boards?

Globe skateboards review

Globe is a leading global producer and distributor of skateboards and boardsports equipment, street fashion, and footwear. The company distributes and sells in over 100 countries. It is run by the same team of skateboarders, surfers, and snowboarders who created the brand back in the 90s, even though today it has grown into a multinational, multi-brand skateboarding empire.

Globe produces and/or distributes skateboards under the Globe name and many other owned or licensed brands including Enjoi, Blind, Almost, Darkstar, Girl, Flip, Chocolate, Thrasher, Andale, Pro-tec, M/SF/T.

In this post, I’ll do a review Globe skateboards and look at 10 great completes in the Globe lineup.

Note: this article focuses exclusively on street skateboards. Check out my other post for in-depth reviews of Globe’s longboards and cruiser skateboards.

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How good are Globe skateboards?

Globe skateboards are well-regarded in the skateboarding community. Their skateboard completes are generally priced between $90 and $110 and offer decent quality for the price. They are usable boards, not cheap “Walmart” type boards. Skaters appreciate the quality and looks of the Globe street decks.

Globe’s skateboard decks are made by DSM, a historical, leading skateboard factory. DSM has been building quality decks for years for World Industries, an early skate company created by skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen that later became Dwindle Distribution and is now part of the Globe group. Most experienced skateboarders agree that decks made by DSM are strong, durable, and with good performance.

Globe’s skateboard decks are pressed using epoxy resin glue which is superior to water-based glue (the industry standard) making the decks lighter, stronger, and less prone to delamination and warping. Every deck is pressed individually, resulting in a consistent concave across the decks. In contrast, multiple deck pressing leads to varying concaves amongst decks. The single deck pressing process was pioneered by Rodney Mullen.

Globe’s decks are CNC precision shaped, which guarantees every single deck produced meets the exact specifications.

Globe skateboard completes

Like most other large skateboard brands on the market, Globe’s skateboard completes are affordable yet they offer very decent components including trucks, wheels, and bearings.

Globe completes come with Tensor (TKP) skateboard trucks – Globe’s own trucks brands. The Tensors – like their RKP sibling Slant Trucks – are built using premium aluminum and magnesium alloys and include Grade-8 kingpins and high-rebound bushings. They come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects and breakage on normal usage.

Are the Globe skateboard completes any good?

The completes are particularly well-suited for newer skateboarders looking to improve with their riding skills and learn basic skateboard tricks before moving on to more hardcore tricks in the street and at the skatepark.

Based on actual skater experience, doing high-impact jumps and kick tricks on a Globe stock skateboard setup, you may end up seeing some curving in your trucks. Thus, once you get to a more advanced level, you may want to upgrade to higher-performance trucks. You may also swap your stock wheels for harder wheels, and upgrade your bearings. Your Globe deck, however, will likely continue to support your evolution.

To summarize, Globe’s skateboard completes offer good-quality decks and decent entry-level components for beginner to intermediate level skaters. More advanced skaters can upgrade to higher-performance trucks, wheels and bearings for more harcore street and ramp riding.

Let’s now turn our attention to some of the best complete skateboards in the Globe lineup.

Globe G2 Typhoon Skateboard review

Globe G2 Typhoon skateboard review

The Globe G2 Typhoon skateboard is slightly under 32″” long by 8″ wide with a 14″ wheelbase. Like all Globe skate decks, it’s made of 7 plies of hardwood single pressed using epoxy resin, resulting in a durable lightweight deck with good pop. The G2 has a full concave. About half of the deck’s top side features some really cool graphics depicting a skeleton walking amongst wind-swept palm trees. The palm trees are also found on the deck bottom on top of a brown background.

The Globe G2 Typhoon comes with responsive and durable 5.25″ Tensor allow trucks with a hollow kingpin and 53mm Globe wheels with a hard 101A durometer for reactive street riding and tricks. See the G2 Typhoon here on Amazon.

Globe G2 From Beyond skateboard review

Globe G2 From Beyond skateboard review

The Globe G2 From Beyond skateboard featured beautiful artwork on its bottom with transparent colors and raised ink details. A scorpion with palm tree leaves at the tip of its tail lies in an oval with colorful orange and pink fades surrounded with flower motives. The deck has a blackish background with a glowy finish for the most part, though the tail section has similar colors to the central oval.

This deck is 31″ x 7.75″ (wheelbase 13.8″), so a smaller deck compared to the Typhoon above. It boasts a similar classic popsicle shape and full concave. The G2 From Beyond comes with narrower 5.0″ Tensor trucks – to match the smaller deck width – and slightly smaller 52mm (101A) wheels. This deck here is available here on Amazon.

Globe G2 In Flames skateboard review

Globe G2 In Flames skateboard review

The Globe G2 In Flame deck has dramatic, doomsaying holographic foil prism art between the trucks on top of vintage washed, worn-out looking black and purple shaded wood. The graphics depict a smoke stack with flames and the circular mention “we’re all going down in flames”. Below the circle is a bunch of lines that humoristically read “1-800-we’re-screwed”.

This deck is also 31.6″ by 7.75″ with a 13.8″ wheelbase. The complete comes with 5″ Tensor trucks and 52mm wheels (101A). Check out the Globe G2 In Flames skateboard complete on Amazon.

Globe G1 Full On Skateboard review

Globe G1 Full On Skateboard review

The Globe G1 Full On has a very cool charcoal and red color gradient on the bottom side between the trucks, and a charcoal background on the tail and nose. This is a larger deck at 32″ x 8.0″ with a 14″ wheelbase. Like other Globe skateboard decks, the G1 is a great board with strong durable wood and very nice pop. The grip tape is very grippy.

The complete comes with 5.25″ Tensors and 52mm Globe wheels with a 99A durometer – slightly softer than the previous boards for more comfortable cruising on this bigger deck. Check out the Globe G1 Full On complete on Amazon.

Globe G1 Argo Skateboard review

Globe G1 Argo Skateboard review

The Globe G1 Argo is another great-looking deck with gorgeous satin black and brown wood color shades on the bottom – sober black grip tape on top. Like the other boards, it’s a classic popsicle shape street deck with double kicks, a tail slightly wider than the nose for direction, and strong concave.

The G1 Argo is available in 32″ x 8″ (14″ wheelbase) and comes with 5.25″ Tensor trucks and 53mm 99A Globe wheels for the complete. You can see its price here on Amazon.

Globe G3 Bar Skateboard review

Globe G3 Bar Skateboard review

The Globe G3 Bar black version has a stunningly elegant style and dimensions 31.6″ x 8.0″ – with a 14.25″ wheelbase. The G3 Bar also comes in a stylish Carbon Silver version slightly larger at 31.875″ x 8.125″ (14.25″ wheelbase), perfect for bigger riders with larger feet.

A third version of the Globe G3 Bar is the Opal version which comes in a smaller 7.75″ deck size. The larger versions come with Tensor 5.25″ trucks and 53mm wheels, vs 5.0″ and 52mm wheels for the smaller Opal. This Opal Amazon setup also has upgraded Magnesium Slider Red Tensors and higher-end Amphetamine bearings.

The G3 also comes in a Pearl version which features pearlescent inlays and edge details like on guitars and guitar picks. These additional versions, however, ship out of Europe. Check out the Pearl here on Amazon Spain.

Globe G3 Bar pearl slick skateboard

Globe Goodstock Skateboard review

Globe Goodstock Skateboard review

The Globe Goodstock has a gradient navy colored, matte finish bottom with a Globe logo in navy letters on a pink rectangle. The deck top is fully covered with opaque black grip tape end to end. This Goodstock deck comes in size 7.875″ size with a 14″ wheelbase. See the navy version on Amazon.

The Goodstock also comes in red color and small size (7.75″) with the 5″ Tensor trucks and 52mm wheels.

Globe Victims of Paradise Micro Skateboard review

Globe Victims of Paradise Micro Skateboard review

The Globe Victims of Paradise Micro complete skateboard is a small deck for kids at 28.2″ x 6.5″. The cool artwork features a blue fade dye background and a colorful central graphic depicting the image of paradise – a tropical island, a colorful sunset, palm trees, and tropical flowers.

This deck has a really short wheelbase and comes stock with smaller 4.75″ trucks and 51mm wheels best suited for smaller riders. It has a deeper concave for improved comfort and grip, foam grip to help soften impacts, and soft bushings for easier riding and turning.

Globe Victims of Paradise Micro skateboard
Foam grip

This is a great quality complete for a younger kid wanting to get into (real) skateboarding. Check out the price for Victims of Paradise Globe skateboard complete on Amazon.

Globe Endless Bummer Skateboard review

The Globe Endless Bummer complete is a smaller 29.8″ x 7.375″ deck with a short 12.75″ wheelbase. This is another very cool skateboard designed for younger riders. The graphics are colorful, featuring a skeleton in a tropical type setting on a green and natural wood background. The name is a funny distorted reference to “Endless Summer” and the surf culture.

This board has a mellow concave for easy cruising, 5.0″ Tensor trucks that fit its width, and 51mm wheels on the softer side (95A) which is best-suited for a smaller, lightweight rider. See the price for the Globe Endless Bummer skateboard on Amazon.

Final words

Globe’s complete skateboards are a good option if you’re a beginner or intermediate skater looking to get back into the sport. Globe decks are quality pressed, lightweight, and durable. The components that come with the completes are great for mellow riding and simple tricks. Overall, most skaters agree Globe’s boards are reliable and good value for the money.

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All product shots (incl. featured image) courtesy of Globe

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