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How To Choose A Good Boardwalking Longboard

How To Choose A Good Boardwalking Longboard

Boardwalking (aka “board walking”) is a longboarding style that involves cross-stepping and spinning on a longboard. The goal of a board walker is to achieve the best style and flow while doing big carves on the edge of grip.

Boardwalking is often used alternatively with longboard dancing. The dancing longboard style, however, involves an increasing amount of freestyle kick and flip tricks in addition to boardwalking and carving. Thus, boardwalking can be considered a subset of dancing, referring to the walking aspect of longboard dancing.

Choosing a longboard specifically for boardwalking can be different from choosing a mixed freestyle and dancing deck. Boardwalking essentially requires as much walking space as possible and good flex for easy and reactive carving when stepping up and down and on the rails of the board.

A freestyle-oriented dancing board, in comparison, may have stiffer flex and larger, more aggressive kicktails for doing kick tricks. It also needs to be more resistant to withstand heavy jumps and hard landings/crashes when doing board flips and kick tricks, compared to a pure boardwalking longboard.

The Rayne Whip is one of the best boardwalking longboards on the market. See this video for some awesome boardwalking moves on the Whip:

Let’s take a closer look at this great boardwalking longboard.

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Rayne Whip Review

Rayne Whip review

The Rayne Whip 47″ is an impressive deck designed specifically for carving and flowing in style. 47″ long by 9.5″ wide, it has a huge 30.5″-31.5″ adjustable wheelbase and foot platform. The Whip has tons of moving space, making it easy to do cross-steps, peter pans, and other boardwalking hops and pirouettes without getting hindered by a constrained foot platform.

Rayne Whip review

Check out the price of the standalone deck or the Whip complete on Amazon.

The Rayne Whip’s huge deck is made of a blend of bamboo and vertically laminated triaxial fiberglass construction. Fiberglass reinforces the bamboo core, making the Whip extremely lightweight (compared to wood) and stronger than steel.

Unlike maple decks, the Rayne Whip will not sag or lose its responsiveness over time because of the fiberglass. The deck will keep its flex characteristics forever. The deck’s medium firm flex is engineered with boardwalking and dancing in mind – the shorter versions of the Whip have stiffer flex, see below.

via Gfycat

The Rayne Whip is fully symmetrical which makes it easier to walk the deck in both directions and backward. The deck is round-edged on the kicks for better resistance to shocks – impact against obstacles can often occur when carving fast while boardwalking on your longboard.

The Rayne Whip is slightly rockered and has a subtle drop near the truck mounts which creates small foot pockets at each end of the foot platform. The pockets provide reference points that help you know where you are at all times when boardwalking, though without interfering with walking and cross-stepping moves.

Rayne Whip rocker and concave

The special concave on the Rayne Whip is also designed for an optimal boardwalking experience, flat in the center (“taco” type) and turned up slightly and linearly towards the deck edges.

The artwork on the Whip is sturdily tattooed into the deck so no amount of boardwalking or other types of abuse will cause the graphics to fade away or get damaged.

Rayne Whip 44″ boardwalking longboard

While the Whip 47″ offers the ultimate standing platform for peforming endless boardwalking tricks, the Whip 44″ with its 9.5″ width and 28″ wheelbase allows for more of a mixed style also involving some flip tricks.

The 44″ version makes it easier to add no-complys, shuvits, and 180s to your walking tricks compared to the huge 47″. It provides a nice middle ground between the latter and the essentially freestyle-oriented Whip 41″. Check out the Rayne Whip 44″ here on Amazon.

Note that the Whip 47″ is generally better-suited for heavier riders above 200lb. Althouth the Whip 44″ will work fine as well for these types of riders, its deck may bottom out e.g. when landing hard jumps.

Rayne Whip 41″

Rayne Whip kicktail
Functional kicktail

The Rayne Whip 41″ is the best size for riding primarily freestyle and easily performing agile flip and kick tricks such as no-complies and ollies. The board’s compact size allows you to really leverage the Whip’s pop resulting from the fiberglass construction and the big functional kicks. Being the smallest, the Whip 41″ is the most lightweight of the three.

You can certainly do boardwalking maneuvers on the 41″ Whip but it will be generally be limited to fast and nimble footwork with a narrower stance. With its shorter wheelbase, the 41″ has a firmer flex. This makes it more comfortable for other riding styles such as freeride and cruising but less carvy and comfortable for serious dancing and walking while carving.

See the Rayne Whip 41″ price on Amazon.

Final words

Boardwalking is a foundational aspect of longboard dancing. You can learn more about boardwalking tricks in this section of my post on longboard dancing.

Choosing the right boardwalking longboard is essential to enabling quick progress. The Rayne Whip is a fantastic choice for this style. If you’re interested in a more general dancing and freestyle kind of blend, also see my post of the best longboards for dancing – not specifically for boardwalking.

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