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Loaded Boards Selector Tool: Find The Right Longboard For You

Most longboarders agree Loaded Boards makes some of the highest-quality and smoothest riding boards on the planet. Their longboards are highly technical, and choosing the right model for your needs can be a challenge.

This previous Loaded comparison guide (with chart) dives deep into the Loaded Boards lineup and how to choose the best Loaded longboard for you. The guide is based on essential criteria such as riding style, deck length, shape, flex, and mount type.

I’ve now built all that information (plus price) into the selector below to make it easier to pick the right Loaded Board for your needs. Use the selector as a starting point to narrow down your options, then go then back to the comparison guide to dig deeper if needed. Ride on!

Loaded Longboard Selector

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Symmetrical shape with large cutouts, 31.5" WB. Cambered deck with energetic flex (5 options), sidecuts. Mild concave. Carving, commuting, pumping board. 75mm In Heats or 85mm Caguamas. From $305
Single-kick city shredder, compact cruiser shape with wide nose, wheelflares, sophisticated concave. 17.5" WB. Stiff rockered flex, beefy kick.City commuting, freestyle, freeride. 65mm Fat Frees. $199
Lightweight, compact, race-inspired shape built for fast freeride & big downhill. Topmount. WB 24.5-26". Stiff rockered deck. No kicks. W concave, wheelflares. 43º trucks, 80mm Kegel or 73mm Cage
Wide cruiser for carving, commuting, freestyle, freeride. 20.75-22" WB. Stiff, strong rocker & wheelflares, mild concave, uplifted edges, short and wide kick. 75mm in Heats or 70mm Stimulus. From $266
Topmount directional, wheel cutouts, lightweight. WB 20.75". Solid tail & nose kicks. Rockered, concave & lifted edges, mild flex. Carving, pumping, freestyle. 70mm Stimulus or 4Prez. From $296
Directional shape for fast freeride/slides, downhill, & tech freestyle. 24.5-25" WB. Wide kicktail, rocker, wheel flares, stiff flex. Strong W concave. 43º trucks. 69mm Kilmer or 80mm Kegels. From $336
Technical double-kick deck also designed for freeride & downhill. WB 20.75-22". Lightweight, beefy kick & nose, mild concave, subtle wheel flares. 69mm Kilmers or 85mm Caguamas. From $323
Directional cutout shape, topmount, cambered with strong flex. WB 26.5-27.4". Large kicktail & subtle nose. Carving, pumping, surf-style shredding, some freestyle tricks. 70mm Stimulus or 4prez. From $315
Symmetrical drop-through cutout. Cambered, energetic bamboo flex. WB 28.25". Small kicks, variable concave. Freeride, carving, pushing, freestyle. 80mm Kegels or 75mm Durians. From $346
Symmetrical dual-kick topmount, 24.5-26" WB. Lightweight & stiff rockered deck. W concave & wheel flares. Freeride, freestyle, dancing. Performance material. 43º trucks, 70mm Stimulus or 62mm Skiffs. From $332
Symmetrical drop-through, large cutouts & dual kicks. WB 27". Cambered, bamboo flex, mild concave. Carving, advanced freestyle, commuting, pumping, freeride. 65mm Fat Free or 70mm Stimulus. From $317
Large symmetrical performance deck for freeride/downhill & freestyle (WB 28.25"). Rockered, stiff, wide concave & grab rails for slides, twin kicks. Low ride height. 70mm Stimulus or 75mm inHeats. From $488
Drop-through twin shape with large wheel cutouts & dual kicks. WB 31.5". Carving & pumping, dancing & freestyle, low ride height for commuting. Cambered deck with flex. 75mm In Heats or Durians. From $325
Symmetrical shape with large cutouts, 35" WB. Cambered deck with energetic flex (5 options), sidecuts. Mild concave. Carving, commuting, pumping board. 75mm In Heats or 85mm Caguamas. From $305
Large symmetrical topmount dancing & freestyle deck (31.24-32.25" WB). Lightweight & flexy Bamboo/basalt/cork. Rockered with concave. Kicks & grab rails. 70mm Stimulus or 65mm Fat Free. From $427
Spacious symmetrical topmount deck for advanced dancing & freestyle. WB 32.75". Large dual kicks. Damp flex, rockered profile, mild concave. Strong & lightweight. 70mm 4President or Stimulus. $396