Longboard for commuting to school

Advice on choosing the right longboard for you
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Longboard for commuting to school

Post by sophia2005 »

I’m a total beginner to longboards but currently interested in using them solely for commuting to school (not really into tricks and such). After doing a little research for commuting boards, I narrowed down my list to Omakase, Coyote, or Poke.
Also, I’m 5’2”, less than 200 lbs and would prefer a smaller board to carry around. I would love your suggestions for what would be great for a beginner like me! And also, my budget is below $500 and I plan to commute by board for a few years.

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Re: Longboard for commuting to school

Post by ridingboardsteam »

Hey, the Omakase is a great option for super comfortable daily commuting because it's really wide and roomy, super smooth, and fast turning for campus alleys and such. The Coyote is also very smooth, easy to ride, and much more compact so more convenient to carry around e.g. to classes. Since you're 5'2 it could be a good fit for you. The Omakase is more comfortable for longer rides though e.g. a couple hours and many miles. Which one you choose also depends on your riding skills, the Omakase is easier for a beginner whereas the Coyote is slightly more advanced due to the smaller deck and larger kicktail.
The Poke is also an awesome board but more technical with a narrower shape (tapered tail and nose), steeper edges, and a bit more flex than the other two. Again, it depends on what your riding level is like.

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