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skateboard vs bmx

Skateboard vs BMX: Which Is A Better Choice?

Skateboarding and BMX are similar – and in a sense rival – sports. Freestyle BMX involves tricks similar to street and park skateboarding. You sometimes see skaters and BMXers riding together on verts and...

skateboard vs scooter

Skateboard vs Scooter: How Do They Compare ?

The skateboard vs scooter faceoff has been going on for ages and rages on as the popularity of scooters grows among kids – and even grow-ups. Pro scooters, aka kick, stunt, trick, or street scooters, are one type...

Landyachtz ATV review

Landyachtz ATV Review

If you’re a street skater who commonly cruises across town on your street deck, or if you’re a longboarder looking to hone your street tricks skills, then you need to take a closer look at Landyachtz’s...