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longboarding in college

Longboarding In College: A Useful Guide

More and more college students use a longboard to get around campus. Longboarding lets you get to class or to the library much faster than walking, and makes you much more mobile around college without having to spend a...

skateboard vs bmx

Skateboard vs BMX: Which Is A Better Choice?

Skateboarding and BMX are similar – and in a sense rival – sports. Freestyle BMX involves tricks similar to street and park skateboarding. You sometimes see skaters and BMXers riding together on verts and...

skateboard vs scooter

Skateboard vs Scooter: How Do They Compare ?

The skateboard vs scooter faceoff has been going on for ages and rages on as the popularity of scooters grows among kids – and even grow-ups. Pro scooters, aka kick, stunt, trick, or street scooters, are one type...