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Choose The Best Surfskate: Ultimate FREE Selector Tool

flow surf skates review

Choosing the best surfskate for you can be an enormous challenge. When choosing a surfskate, you need to ask important questions such as:

  • How tall / big are you?
  • Do you want to cruise boardwalks?
  • Do you mainly want to carve driveways and parking lots?
  • Do you want to pump distance?
  • Are you looking to cross-train for for performance surfing?
  • Do you want to emulate classic longboard surfing?
  • How comfortable are you on a surf/skate/snow/skimboard?
  • How loose a surf truck do you want?
  • What’s your budget?

Heads up! Ridingboards now has a brand new updated surfskate selector that includes DOZENS of boards with their key specs and an advanced filtering system to help you make the best possible choice. Completely free. Check it out here!

Each surfskate and surf truck is completely different and suitable for specific surfskate styles and specific types of rider – there’s no one-size-fits-all!

Besides the truck system, you need to pick the right deck: length, width, wheelbase, shape/tail/nose, style… Should you get a Carver performance shortboard shape with a C7 truck or a YOW classic fish with a C5? A super surfy Swelltech or a flowy Hamboards longboard? A stable and carvy midsize Slide or a blunt-nosed pumpable Flow?

We’ve put together a comprehensive database of the most important surfskates on the market. We’ve also identified a few essential criteria for selecting a surfskate, based on our own experience as well as all the collective experience gained over the years on this website.

Here at Ridingboards, we truly hope this tool will help you pick out the very best surfskate for you! We’ll be continuously adding more boards to the tool moving forward.

Check the boxes that best match your criteria for a surfskate board. The result list below the checkbox section will get dynamically filtered based on your selected criteria. Feel free to go back and change your selections to view different board results, until you narrow it down to your dream board and feel the stoke!

Deck length
Deck width
Deck shape
Tail shape
Nose shape
Surfskate style
Wheel diameter
Search results
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36”x 9.75" (WB 21.5") Wide platform mid rail fits the whole foot. Snub nose and wide 8.5" diamond tail. Aggressive concave. Suitable for riders 5’2” to 6’ tall. 70mm wheels
31" x 9.98" (WB 18"). Longer & narrower deck, long stable wheelbase. Tapered tail for responsiveness and leverage in surf carves & cutbacks. 70mm/78A wheels
29.9" x 10.8" (WB 16.3"). Stubby, round, compact outline. Tight wheelbase, wide foot platform. Super-turny for fast and tight surf carves - the slightest body move it turn. 70mm/78A wheels
30.5" x 9.8" (WB 17"). Popsicle outline, diamond tail. Easy carving, tight turns, quick response. 70mm/78A wheels
30" x 8.5" (WB 20.5") Designed for young surfing groms. Super responsive, tight turning, take anywhere carving mini board. Easy to pump. 62mm/83A wheels
32.5" x 11" (WB 20.5"). Suitable for riders to 181cm tall. Extra concave. Very wide tail so back foot fits entirely on deck. 62mm/83A wheels
33" x 10.2" (WB 21.3") Suitable for groms of all ages. Highly responsive, sharp turning. Bottom turns & cut backs. Wide deck, slight concave, wide kick for easy tail slides. 62mm/83A wheels
35.5" x 10.4" (WB 22.8"). Suitable for riders over 6ft with wider stance. Pumping, deep bottom turns, tight top turns in small bowls. Wider tail & nose. 65mm/83A wheels
32" x 10.5" (WB 17.8"). Fish shape, wide swallow outline. Quick response and smooth surf lines. City slasher. 70mm/78A wheels
30" x 9.34" (WB 17.6"). Progressive-type surfboard shape with tapered tail for effective carving. Longer stable wheelbase for surf commuting & smooth carves at higher speeds. 70mm/78A wheels
30.7" x 10.6" (WB 16.3"). Shorter wheelbase, fat outline, big tail for very snappy and responsive feel. Fast turns, city slashing. 70mm/78A wheels
36″ x 10″ (WB 23"). Retro style, classic surf, easy riding. Long wheel base for easy pumping. Big turns, drawn out lines. S5 truck & 66mm/78A wheels for stability & grip.
38″ x 10.5″ (WB 25″). Classic longboard surfing feel. Cross-stepping, nose riding. Cork top for barefoot riding. S5 truck, 66mm/80A wheels
40″ x 10″ (WB 26″). The longest YOW model. Longboard surfers, beginners. Cross-stepping, nose riding, stylish open turns. S5 truck (stable), 66mm/82A wheels
30″ x 9.85″ (WB 17″) Small board for younger riders. Short wheelbase, S4 trucks, very reactive board for radical turns. 60mm/84A wheels for slides and skatepark.
33" x 9.85″ (WB 19″). Rounded outline for easy to control, stable, comfortable ride. S5 truck. Suitable for younger riders. 60mm/80A wheels
34″ x 10.25″ (WB 19″). Wide platform for kid or adult beginners & riders with bigger feet. S5 truck for stability, smaller 60mm/84A wheels for slides and skatepark.
30" x 10.5" (WB 18"). Classic mini-simons shape, short and very wide, fun, stable and sharp turning, S5 truck and 66mm/80A wheels for high grip & stability.
30" x 10" (WB 16") Practical, agile and lightweight, suitable for city transport. Fits in a suitcase & car trunk. Great for bowl riding. 65m/78A wheels
33" x 10.25" (WB 18.5") fish/longboard shape, wide rounded nose. Suitable for bigger riders. Small kick, 70mm/78A wheels
33" x 10.25" (WB 18.5"). Swallow shape,highest volume of the lineup. For longboarders. Wide turns, cross-stepping, noseriding. For bigger riders .Big 70mm/78A wheels
32" x 10 ¼" (WB 17.5"). classic 70s single fin shape. Wide & full outline, narrowed tail. Designed for easy commuting, stable & reliable pumping and carving. Grippy 70mm/78A wheels
32" x 9.7" (WB 17.5"). Fish shape, extra volume in the front. Wide nose, smooth outline, soft tail. Easy & stable ride for pimping, slides, tight turns. 65mm/78A wheels
32" x 9.7" (WB 17.5"). Wide fish shape, swallow tail, wide nose, soft lines. Stable board, easy sliding, tight turns. 65mm/78A wheels
31" x 10" (WB 17"). Designed for added stability & maneuverability for cruising, carving & pool. 70mm/78A wheels
34" (WB 21"). Compact with a loose feel for progressing to advanced 360 slides and quick snappy turns. Best for riders 4'10 to 5'10. 70mm/78A wheels.
33" (WB 20"). Swelltech's shortest board, good for tight turns, snappy maneuvers, narrow stance riders. Suitable for riders 4'5 to 5'10 tall. 70mm/78A wheels.
40” x 9¾” (WB 23.5"). Wide wheelbase for matching real surfboard stance, providing great cross-training. Suitable for riders 5’8”-6’4”. 70mm/78A wheels.
36”x 9.75” (WB 21.5″), midsized. Mid rail width allows whole foot to fit between the rails. Snub nose and wide tail. Best for riders 5’2” to 6’ tall. 70mm/78A wheels
33" x 10" (WB 19"). Comfortable wide deck, very good rail leverage. Surfy shape with high angle kicktail. Great carving. Olive wood details. 69mm/78A wheels
28" x 9.625" (WB 15.375"). A wide mini made for full-sized riders. CX truck for snappy thruster/quad performance. 70mm/78A
31" x 9.75" (WB 17"). Classic thumbtail template, maneuverable on the flats & speed on the hills. CX for snappy thruster/quad performance. 70mm/78a wheel.
Classic 70s single fin shape. Wide nose, diamond tail. 32" x 10.25", WB 17.5". 70mm/78A wheels. Best for medium-height riders.
30" x 10". 4-fin quattro (4-fin) surfboard shape, short and wide. Wide nose & tail. Slide V3 trucks. 66mm/78A wheels.
35″ x 10″ /WB 22.5″). Classic symmetrical shape- Ample platform, extended wheelbase. No concave. Easy to ride, fast turns due to shape, even with S5 truck. 66mm/80A wheels.
33″ x 9.85″ (WB 19″).Tom Current inspired shape, rounded tail & classic shortboard outline. S5 truck, large soft 66mm/78A wheels for easy carving and strong grip
31″ x 10.25″ (WB 18"). Fun & reactive board for doing very radical turns & for bowl riding. Also suitable for kids. S4 truck for extreme turns, grippy 66mm/80A wheels for control
34" x 9.85" (WB 19"). Suitable for beginners and tall riders. Large WB, fun open turns, efficient pumping. S5 truck gives stability and control in turns. Small wheels for sliding & bowl, 66mm/78A wheels.
34″ x 10″ (WB 18.5″). Wide outline, shorter wheelbase. Radical turns. S5 truck for stability. 66mm/78A wide & soft wheels, high roll speed and grip
32" x 10" (18.5 WB). Classic fish shape, wide nose for ample foot space. Swallow tail. YOW S5 truck. 66mm/78A wheels.
32″ x 9.5″ (WB 16.5″). Performance board with concave, tail & nose kicks for airs, kick turns, & slides. S5 truck. 60mm/84A smaller wheels for big slides and skatepark riding.
29″ x 9.5″ (WB 17″). One of the smallest surfskates in the YOW lineup. Designed for city slashing and for younger riders. S5 truck 66mm/80A wheels for slides and bowls.
33″ x 10.25″ (WB 19.5″). Stubby outline & wWide nose for flowy open turns and cutbacks. S5 truck for stability and sharp turn. 66mm/82A wheels
32" x 9,85" (WB 18.5"). Wide-nose, easy riding. Long bottom & open turns, cutbacks. S5 truck balance and precision, 66mm/82A wheels (speed & slides)
30″ x 9.5″ (WB 17"). One of YOW's smallest boards. Designed for kids and for city slashing. Smaller harder 60mm/82A wheels, snappy S4 trucks for sliding and extreme turns.
31.5″ x 9.5″ (17″ WB). Performance shortboard outline, pointed nose, squash tail. YOW S4 trucks. 66m/78A wheels.
31" x 9.875" (WB 17"). Retro 70s rounded pin shape. Wider nose for extra front foot space. Great for pushing and trimming, easy carving and pumping. 70mm/78A wheels
30.25" x 9.875" (WB 16.75"). Short & wide, stubby classic single fin shape with symmetrical tail & nose. Vintage surf pin striping graphics. Offers high control for carving. 70mm/78A wheels
32" x 9.875" (WB 17"). Performance board with ample foot space. Fits bigger wheels (75mm/78A). Highly maneuverable board, snappy, pumpy. Hyperspoon concave provides high leverage over the rails.
30.5" x 9.5" (WB 17.5"). Double-diamond template for increased foot space. Deep concave, efficient rail-to-rail transitions. All-around board, balanced snap + stability ride. 69mm/78A wheels
28.25" x 9.375" (WB 15.75"). Futuristic fish shape, swallow-diamond tail, wide angular nose. Short and snappy sled for sharp cornering. 69mm/78A wheels
33.75" x 9.875" (WB 18.875"). Mid-sized retro template, plenty of foot space for stable carving & wider stance. Suitable for cruising & pumping. 70mm/81A wheels
31.75" x 9.75" (WB 17.75"). Classic power surfing board, longer wheelbase and narrower pintail template for drawn out lines. 69mm/78A wheels
31.25" x (WB 17.5"). Taylor Knox pro model. Wider spooned nose & tail for full power transfer during deep carves and sharp cutbacks. 69mm/81A wheels
31" x 9.75" (WB 17"). Long-running favorite board. Wide outline, snap & pump with ease. Stable at speed, good for bowls. Large 69mm/78A wheels
30.75" x 9.75" (WB 16.75"). Wide stance, double kick. Progressive board. Shorter and wider outline than the previous version. 69mm/78A wheels.
30.75" x 9.75" (WB 16.75"). Al Merrick's Channel Islands performance shape. Wider tail for back foot leverage. Thin & snappy template. 69mm/78A wheels
29.5 x 9.75" (WB 15.75"). Short and wide outlime, good for snappy surf training, on the borderline with performance. 69mm/81A wheels
29.25" x 9.75" (WB 15.5"). Groveler fish shape for everyday performance. CX or C7 truck. 69mm/78A wheels.
29" x 9.625" (WB 15.5"). Performer board for younger riders. Longer wheelbase and taller trucks (CX) on a slim deck. Versatile, ideal for one board quiver. 61mm wheels
28" x 9.25" (WB 15.75"). Small enough for kids. Fitted with the taller CX truck set. Deep lean, hard carves. 61mm wheels
27" x 9" (WB 14.75"). Grom-sized deck. small fish shape. Softer bushings, lower C5 trucks. 61mm wheels
26" x 8.75" (WB 14.375"). Thin outline, smallest board in the lineup, designed for lighter riders. Responsive, easy to carve. Softer bushings, low C5 truck set. 61mm wheels
45" x 10.6" classic single-fin longboard surf shape. Relaxed cruising & surf carving, dancing. Barefoot-friendly. Surfskate truck, 66mm wheels
36" (WB 22") surfskate, performance surfboard shape. Wide kick with traction pad. 360º truck, surf pumping, carving, extreme turns.
30.9" x 10.4" surf skate (16.9" WB). Wide double-swallow fish surfboard shape. Quality Alpine surf truck comes in 2 versions (turn vs stability)
32" cruiser with classic fishtail surf shape. Surfskate truck is among the most stable, suitable for beginner surf skaters. Great for surf carving, pumping, bowls.
32" surf skate cruiser. Ample deck with wide squared nose. Good option for newer surf skaters. Good quality board made by DB Longboards

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